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  1. Guess i'll wait for the complete edition then.
  2. I'm pretty sure i won't get this plat lol. I'm a completionist. But i suck at race games. But i don't care to be honest. I need this game. I just want to play it for fun. So many great memories.
  3. DLC is very grindy! And it's boring as hell. Maybe i will finish it one day. Maybe not. Story-wise it's a big let down. Really liked the main game. But the season pass ain't worth more than €10 to be honest. The value for money isn't there
  4. No rank 100 trophy plz.
  5. This was hands down on of the most boring grind I've ever done in a game. It requires a LOT of perseverance and determination. I used the award xp glitch. But unfortunately they patched it No matter what method you use. it will take you 40-50 hours of grinding. And you will get bored quick.
  6. Looking forward to the guide. Thanks for the effort. πŸ‘
  7. Is there DLC planned for the future ?
  8. Ya, according to some people on playstationtrophies they patched it. Glad i got the trophy out of the way. Thank you for the 20% XP bonus Rockstar. Helped a lot
  9. Whole week (including the weekend) ? Sold the game a while back. Maybe i'll lend it from a friend. So i can finally get this boring ass rank 50 trophy.
  10. I'll hope they add a mercenary mode. I'm not asking for more.
  11. Can you give an indication when it will be ready? You should take your time. So i don't want to put any pressure on you I'm just curious. I remember gamefaqs from back in the days. I will give it a check.
  12. What is the best guide at the moment of writing ? I'm cleaning my backlog. And want to start with Persona 5 next week. I'm pretty new to turn based RPGs. And don't want to miss any important trophies. So a good (spoiler-free) guide is vital. Anyone ?
  13. It's releasing tomorrow and there's still no update/trophy list ? Thats pretty rare nowadays.
  14. Wait for a Double XP weekend or something. The grind is not worth it (at least not at the moment). I only need the Rank 50 trophy. But it's just to boring.
  15. Hopefully they make some more DLC for the game. We need a Miles DLC. Normally i'm not a big fan of paid DLC . But this game is addicting as hell. The already released DLC is a bit weak on the story side. But overal i think Insomniac did a great job.
  16. Looking forward to the guide. I used your Fallout 4 guide. And found it really helpful. Keep up the good work ! πŸ‘
  17. Just received it ($1000). Now it's time for some shopping πŸ˜ƒ
  18. - Syphon Filter Remake - Resident Evil 3 Remake (Starsssss) πŸ˜€
  19. Looking forward for the new DLC. When can we download it ? I need my Spider-Man fix. πŸ˜€
  20. Ya,i think just playing the Showdown Series is the best (and most enjoyable) way to level up. Repeatedly shooting cops, blowing up fishes, playing the last mission 100 times.... It will get boring really fast. I can't see myself doing this for 30-50 hours, over and over again. Let's hope for a double XP weekend around Christmas/New Year. 😬
  21. Finally got my mvp trophy. Now on my way to rank 50 (i'm at rank 18 at the moment. The grind is gonna be real. 😝
  22. Hopefully they will not patch the Disputed Territories method. Still need 1 MVP for the trophy lol. It's an easy method to get this trophy. But you need good team mates. If you get killed to much, while camping. Someone else will be the MVP. It has happened to me a few times.
  23. So if i'm buying the Ultimate Editon today. I'm still eligible for the cash gift ? It's on sale in my area. So maybe i will sell my normal copy. And buy the Ultimate Edition. Really hate the economy system in RDR2!
  24. Electric Web + Resupply suit power is the way to go. Died 2 or 3 times (hammerhead fronts can get tough at times), but other than that it wasn't THAT hard. The main game was way too easy. A little challenge is always a nice thing. P.S. Found the last (DLC) boss quite enjoyable.
  25. Just bought this game + the season pass for €20 (shipping included) on Ebay. What a steal. Don't think it will get cheaper than this. Looking forward to the story content. Up to now, the released DLC content have been disappointed. Wouldn't pay the full price for it, try Ebay and get it for cheap if you can.