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  1. lol at that point i shouldn't even bother transferring my save. if I'm reading that right. bear with me I'm a lil high right now.
  2. I'm just now reading up on this whole thing. so if i transfer my saves over will all the trophies i have collected auto pop minus the 2 trophies mentioned before?
  3. been a while. got another update
  4. Well after months maybe even years of absence I've updated my plat list. Again as always If you can think of a way to spruce it up by all means let me know
  5. I'm BAAAAACK!!!

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    2. Nasty_Rory


      Really? it took you 8 days to come up with that? Going to have to be a damn good hug....

    3. spidey0115


      i know I'm a slacker lol

    4. Nasty_Rory
  6. Wow its been a while... Im back guys. lots of changes coming up
  7. I would say Dust: An Elysian Tail. Thats next on my finish up list
  8. A ton of Foo Fighters lately expecially off their new album
  9. a water with some grape drink mix in it
  10. Heres my most current pic. This is my wife and I celebrating out anniversary up in Chicago
  11. can you update my card pls. I know its been awhile but my comp has been down and i just got a new one
  12. I backed one of my buddies dice games he invented. Its called Roll for it. Fun little game
  13. Got a new computer!!! I'm back on!!!