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  1. Hey Guys!!! Some of you may know me. Most may not though. Let me introduce myself for those who may not. The name is Spidey. I'm 34 years old. I live in Joliet, Illinois, which is about 30 min south-west of Chicago. I have three little gamers in training. I'm a huge movie nut. That I'm a gamer. Ive been gaming since the Atari 2600. Now when It come to trophy's. Ive have had my ups and downs. I have stooped low to get a plat as you will see below but that was when I first started. but at least its only one game. Now I'm not so much of a trophy whore. Now I play the games I want to play and try to plat it. If I cant oh well I don't sweat it. Well enough of the talky talky lets get down to business. My First Plat WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 As a wrestling fan I had to get at least one of them on here. The plat was not that hard to get it was just more time consuming. especially with the turnbuckle challenges. They drove me nuts but I pushed through them and got my first platty My Favorite Looking Plat Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions OK maybe I'm being a little biased but I think this plat is pretty fucking cool looking. I honestly had low expectations for Shattered Dimensions. Lets be honest there are not many good Spider-Man games out there. But this game blew me away. The four different voice actors who have played Spidey over the past 30 yrs was a great nod to Spidey fans. I had a blast with this game. Story was awesome, Trophy's were pretty looking, and last but not least it was Spider-Man. P.S. I loved the Spider-Ham cameo at the end My Second Favorite Looking Plat Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 It was a tough decision between this plat and the Spider-Man plat. Just like Spidey, I'm a huge Star wars fan. I loved the fact the plat is the Jedi spirits of Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan. All the other are good looking too. This one did not take me long to get, but I had a blast getting it. FYI if you get this game buy the dlc. Punting Ewoks is worth the price of it. The Lego Plats Indiana Jones 2, Star Wars 3, Batman 2, Marvel Super Heroes, Batman 3 I don't care what people say about them I love the Lego games. They are funny, fun, and addicting. Yes you will see duplicates on here. I did rebut some on my PS4 and replay them There will be more to come. My God of War Plats One of the best series in Playstation history. Rivaled only by one other. This series blew me away. The creators took these games to places games never went and succeeded. From GOW to GOW3 it was a epic ride. Hopefully Ill pick up the Origins collection soon and have all the GOW pats. My Uncharted Plats Like I said in my GOW section. The GOW series is rivaled only by one other in my opinion and this series is it. The Uncharted series has been one epic ride. Hands down one of if not the best series to be brought to the Playstation. I can not say enough great things about this series. If you haven't played any of these your are a fool. Go out and get them now. The Yeah I Went There Plat Terminator Salvation 11 gold trophies and a Plat. Can't be that bad right?? Heh. Although its not on the level of ET. The game is not that great. Its a very easy plat. If you can stomach through it. Controls suck and its very buggy. This also falls under my Quickest plat with the time of 3 days 19 hrs and change And the Rest Burnout Paradise Well I'm not that big into car games but the Burnout series caught my attention a few years ago. Ill Be honest it was the awesome carnage you can create in the Crash mode. This game took me a while to plat. I have no PS eye so I needed a little help with that little trophy. Other than that I had a blast with it Resident Evil 5 Part of me love this game. Part of me was a little disappointed. I'm a big fan of the RE series. Although 4 did take a step away from the norm, I think 5 took a huge leap. More actiony than Survival-horror. Don't get me wrong its not a bad game but if this was titled something other than RE5 this rant wouldn't have been here. Assassins Creed 2 I picked this up having never played the first one and was blown away. Wasn't really hard getting the plat for this one. The feather trophy wasn't as bad a everyone says it is in my opinion. Story was great I cant wait for the 3rd to come out. Hopefully its soon. Trine 1&2 A buddy suggested this to me. It was a fun little game. Although Making it through the last level without tested my patience damn near put my controller through my TV. The physics in this game is exactly like lbp so that also made for some irritating times. The second wasn't too bad either. For the most part It was the same as the first. All in all fun times with both. Dead Nation This one on Normal was tough. I grinded through it and 10 months later I finished her off. Ill be honest though I waited for the update that included checkpoint restarts. Before that if you died it was back to the beginning of the level for you. If it was for that update I don't think I would have this plat. NCIS Well this game is what it is. A game for the fans of the show. Its you're basic point and click game. With actor form the show David McCallum and the occasionally guest starring Robert Wagner there was no on else to reprise there roles I loved the stories and how thy tied together. Defiantly worth playing if your a fan of the show. The Sly Cooper Trilogy Having never played any of the Sly Coopers while it was on the PS2 I figured what the hell when I saw Sly 1 for free on Playstation plus. Needless to say I enjoyed the hell out of this game. Sly 2 changed things up ab it and I liked it Glad to see you can play as Bently and Murray as well. working on the third one now hopefully ill have it done soon. The Walking Dead Game of the freeking year in 2012. As a huge fan of the show and the books there was no way. I was going to missout on playing this game. I had high expactations for this game and it blew them out of the water. The choises you had to make, the things done to you and the other charitures, the story. I could go on about this game but I shall cut it short. The only gripe I have is the genaric plat that you see above. Resogun This was my first plat for my PS4 I had a blast with this game. It reminded me of Gradius 3 for some reason. and now that they added some awesome dlc and online challenges i still play this game. Defiantly worth the free that I paid for it. Thank you Playstation Plus. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition This was a fun little Metroid like platformer the story was fun. All be it yes it was frustrating at times but what game isn't. I love the eastereggs that were thrown into this game from Metroid to Mario Bros. the list goes on and on. This was defiantly a solid game. Dust: An Elysian Tail This was a surprise for me. I didn't expect much out of this game but.. The animation, story, RPG elements in it. I was blown away. Im surprised i didn't hear anything about this game sooner than I did. Definitely a must if you are into RPGs The ones I'm working on. Well there is a list of games I am working on I will update that at a later date until then heres a video of Rick Astley Well guys thats it for now. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. If you have any ideas to improve this list or you need any help with the game I have on here. Shoot me a message Thanks again.
  2. been a while. got another update
  3. Well after months maybe even years of absence I've updated my plat list. Again as always If you can think of a way to spruce it up by all means let me know
  4. I'm BAAAAACK!!!

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      Really? it took you 8 days to come up with that? Going to have to be a damn good hug....

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  5. Wow its been a while... Im back guys. lots of changes coming up
  6. I would say Dust: An Elysian Tail. Thats next on my finish up list
  7. A ton of Foo Fighters lately expecially off their new album
  8. a water with some grape drink mix in it
  9. Heres my most current pic. This is my wife and I celebrating out anniversary up in Chicago
  10. can you update my card pls. I know its been awhile but my comp has been down and i just got a new one
  11. I backed one of my buddies dice games he invented. Its called Roll for it. Fun little game
  12. Got a new computer!!! I'm back on!!!

  13. Hey guys and gals. Just joined a gym for the first time. Just wondering if there are any tips or anything I should know before I go in there.
  14. And asides from a towel and water what else should I bring?
  15. Pretty much lol
  16. Just looking to lose weight and kinda tone up. Already 20lb away drone where I want to be that. But also looking to get rid of the gut and love handels
  17. Only going to be going 3 times a week. Does it make a diffrence?
  18. Welcome Judith hope you enjoy your stay. Plenty of nice people to go around if u have any questions. Make sure you vote In BDKSimba post in the off topic area. Hope o see u gaming some time
  19. Joliet, Illinois. 8:22 AM CST I'm still trying to wake up after being up for an hour. Thinking about that caffeine. Just chilling watchin Tv and browsing he forums.
  20. Isn't the Gc one a remake of MGS 1
  21. The get glue one you don't need cable for. Just check in whenever
  22. There's an app called viggle. You get points by checking in to tv shows. You get enough point an u redeem them for rewards. And there is get glue. U check in to shows or movies and sometimes u are rewarded with digital stickers. U accumulate enough stickers u can recieve physical ones.
  23. lol damn I thought I posted mine on here here goes... FYI I did add Assasins creed 3 and Resident Evil 6 to my collection