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  1. Hi guys! Is there a big difference between supersampling on fullhd tv (from native 4k game) vs real 4k tv picture? Because I see a very big difference between 1080p games and 4k supersampled(downsampled) games on my 1080 tv. And I am afraid that I will not notice such a difference after I purchase 4k tv, because the supersampled 4k picture on my 42-inch fullhd tv already looks way better than 1080p picture.
  2. I doubt it. I remember when I got platinum in Bloodborne in December 2015, the percentage was about 22-24% already. Maybe it's because BB was exclusive, one of the first and biggest and highly acclaimed, so people often were buying it just because of this facts, they didn't know that the game is rather difficult, so that's why there were more casual gamers in the statistics. While with Sekiro you can play it anywhere, so many prefers to play or at least try it on PC by obvious reasons, and therefore more dedicated players were buying it on PS4.
  3. I'm just wondering why Sekiro has 28.92% Platinum and Bloodborne has only 21.79%. When the majority of people say that Sekiro is harder, AND there is no online help in it...
  4. But it is not about you or anybody, it's about many people whose opinion on buying the game relying on such scores. And companies know about it. I always thought that user score (not critics) is the most objective and honest score of the game, but now I doubt it, and it is sad. Sorry for my English.
  5. First day - 8.4. Yesterday - 8.2. Today - 8.8.