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  1. Too bad that they forgot to add a platinum trophy for this game: Now all your base are belong to us. The Japanese descriptions seem to be okay, the German ones too, although they are slightly different. I wonder why they messed up the English ones so much.
  2. It didn't work for me too. A created a room and played more than 10 battles with the same player and nothing happened. So it seems that you will have to create a room, play a single battle, exit the room and then create a new one.
  3. For me the game loads as usual, but after the update it takes about 40 minutes(!) instead of 1-2 seconds to defeat a single monster.
  4. I'm playing the Japanese version of the game and it was no problem to group up with friends from Europe. The ping was as horrible as you could expect from such a distance, but it worked out. Also at some time I experienced a problem that every time I tried to start a match the game displayed "waiting for other players" and crashed about 30-60 seconds after. I only got it solved by completely deleting and redownloading the game.
  5. I live in Japan and have played with German players without any issues, so cross-region play seems to be no problem. I'm not sure, but maybe it could be a connection error because of strict NAT-type settings?