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  1. proud of this game besides being great, its one of those plats with multiplayer on it that I was able to get without boosting for shit or trying to find people to help me
  2. You want to find out what mine is, click the damn link, I put them in order for you For those who said fuck that shit tell me now homie
  3. Some Welcome to Houston sign I found in Google Images
  4. I liked all of them, but overall the one I found most useful in most situation is video, funny cuz I didn't really like it at first Order 1. Video 2. Neon 3. Smoke 4. Concrete
  5. This one is personally my favorite
  6. Whoever is thinking about doing this shit, don't it sucks ass shit will definitely ruin the good experience you had in the main game
  7. keeping the community clean, one report at a time my salutes to you Quink 666
  8. its either when a bear was chasing my ass, I think he was killing me but I popped out a knife out of no where and stabbed him on the neck Or when I was a zombie, this wasn't really scary but damn it was so damn weird that I still remember it. I was walking on a spooky ass mansion with other zombies, then a fine Jill Valentine looking bitch came and started killing us like a damn ninja. I was only one left. She got me by the neck with the knife touching my throat and said, I'll show you a good time if you wait while I put this up. This female went to an item box and started leaving some random shit. Then she came back, pulled out my nasty zombie dick, and started sucking me off, I woke up.
  9. Seems like a great route to take Thanks for this
  10. I agree, thing is I already have UC3 for the PS3 which is already platted
  11. You wanna know my top 10? I got them all listed on my site, with description and everything
  12. I don't buy used games unless they are from the n64 which I don't even buy anymore
  13. I'm not into PC Gaming, but when I was a kid I and got my first working computer, it game with a selection of games. The ones I enjoyed were the Harry Potter games and another game called Soldier Of Fortune
  14. I am thinking about getting the UC3 MP trophies. I have never started but have an idea of the types of annoying trophies it has (Grinds and luck based crap). Thing is, before going on and joining random session, I would like to know if there is a smart way to tackle these. I took so long getting UC2 completed cuz I was all over the place For those who already got the 100%, what would you recommend someone just starting as the best way to approach the DLC of this game to make it more bearable and efficient
  15. Check out the website I made, let me know what you think


    1. SkyesUnholy


      I fucking love the descriptions xD


      Maybe leave the most recent post as a full post and minimize the amount of the content from the previous posts to a minimum on the home page. The loading time will be a nightmare on not-so-great PC's/laptops. You don't want to provide inconvenience to readers/users :)

    2. OneDeepMexican


      Thanks Man, glad you like it

      Appreciate the feedback as well, I'm new to the website creating game.  Today, I'm planning to put out another review and try to make it where you only see one post per page to make it easier.