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  1. Any reason why this DLC is cheaper than Far Harbor? It's obviously newer and I was told it would have around the same amount of content.
  2. #198 Sound Shapes platinum being #199
  3. Need for Speed: Prostreet
  4. Would love it and hate it. Be nice to not constantly be obsessing over unearned trophies and spending so much time playing in general because of them. Would miss them if they went though and would feel like I wouldn't be getting as much value for money when purchasing a new game.
  5. Ah apparently not. But that's what it is anyway.
  6. In Pro Clubs you customize a player model (for example making it look like you, picking its preferred position, choosing its traits) and you can join a team created by another FIFA player who also has their own 'Pro' player. The manager of the team would have picked the crest, kits, and also named the club. Once you and your teammates have picked a position to play in (obviously the maximum of players is 11 at a time) you can play against other pro clubs and try and climb yourselves up the divisions (much like head to head seasons) and train your pro's stats up (heading, finesse shots, slide tackling etc). The main difference being that instead of playing with all 11 players, you will be assigned solely to your own player. I've probably forgotten a few things as it's been a few years since I actually played properly but Pro Clubs never seems to change a lot throughout the evolution of FIFA. Best bet of finding out is to grab a few friends though as it is a mode designed for that.
  7. Nothing about having our rank visible to other players? I don't understand why limit it to the only ranked game mode.
  8. Rarity: 5.07% Game: The Escapists Trophy name: Free Man! I certainly am a free man cause this game was an absolute bastard sometimes. Escaping all 6 prisons, then flooding 50 toilets, and then crafting every item was the biggest pain in the ass. Shame that this is no longer an ultra rare as well.. Ah well still enjoyed it though!
  9. I have issues with closure and addiction. So going after trophies quenches my dopamine-thirsty brain.
  10. Wolf Among Us is interesting and an easy platinum.
  11. It's not in the game. Cyan Purple Red Yellow Green These are the ones you need to obtain (late post I know)
  12. It's good. And no you don't, each Fallout game has a separate story line.
  13. The one with the jet-ski's was a f***ing nightmare on Crushing. It was supposed to be this dramatic drive down the river narrowly avoiding bullets and such but instead the difficulty forced you to timidly hide behind anything you could. Kind of broke the immersion a little bit
  14. Question: I'm on my "crushing" playthrough and I've reached chapter 8 but for some reason when I look at "chapter select" chapter 6 is registered as being completed on "moderate" instead of "crushing". Can I come back to it after I've completed the remainder of the game on "crushing" and expect the designated trophy to pop up? I think I'll be OK but I thought I'd check so I can restart the game completely if the trophy wont show.
  15. Need help with 'Brothers in Arms' and 'Changing Lanes'. Will be happy to return the favour. PSN: greevesh