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  1. MAG was online only, the servers have been shutdown, don't bother. Kane & Lynch 2's online mp is version locked (digital and physical), be careful.
  2. Ps2 / GC / X1 is best gen. 5. Twisted Metal Black 4. Katamari Damacy (And We Love Katamari too) 3. Okami 1. Silent Hill 2 1. Shadow of the Colossus Numbers 1 and 2 are interchangeable, SH2 and SotC (original) are my favorite games ever and I can't pick one. The Fatal Frame series (Project Zero, Crimson Butterfly, The Tormented) gets a special mention too, just as good as the old Silent Hills and REs, although not as popular.
  3. 5 years have passed, friend. Currently at $1.50 too. Just bought it, I guess I'm going to regret it later. But 15 URs for less than 2 dollars is hard to pass.
  4. Anyone else read his comment in Cl4ptrap's voice? Specially the fake laugh. "SOOOO LONELY..."
  5. For anyone else wondering: Yes, the Parkour challenges are very hard, but very doable. Just keep trying, you'll eventually get them. Also, don't be intimidated by the length of the later challenges, I found those to be the easiest since they're so long the game is nice enough to throw several extra seconds at you (the longest one I actually first tried with like 20 seconds to spare!) The shorter, the harder; the longer, the easier. There's one called "Tornado" I think? That one was the harder for me. It's the shortest too I think. No room for error.
  6. Gameplay wise it was by far the best of the series. I had so many classes at max rank. The variety was insane. A hammer wielding 3 meter tall Krogan Warlord? Check. A holographic shield wielding Paladin capable of parrying projectiles and bitchslapping enemies? Check. A glass cannon Quarian capable of infecting and nuking everything? Check. A massive Geth Juggernaut? Check. And many more. Dang, the memories... EA being EA could just milk the MP but they're THAT stupid. So even EA sucks at being EA.
  7. To me: Strike 1: Refusing to completely overhaul ME1, the one that has aged the worst and not including all the DLCs (don't care what the reason is, fact is, not all the ME1 DLCs are included) Strike 2: Removing the multi-player portion of ME3. After the disastrous ending, the online kept me hooked for months, trying the many amazing mp exclusive builds like the N7 Paladin was probably the best thing ME3 had to offer. Strike 3: Potential removal of features? Trophies? Awful day one surprises maybe? It's not that trophies are everything, but they snowball together with all the other issues. If you want to see it as "wOw yOu dOnT wAnNa bUy iT bEcAuSe tRoPhIeS, LmaO sToP wHinNiNg aBoUt tRoPhIeS" then be my guest, but that's a very narrow minded position.
  8. The beautiful and extremely talented Faye Dunaway: Show me a compulsive liar!
  9. Silent Hill 1. SH2 is my favorite game ever, and every now and then I go back and replay 2 and 3, but I just don't feel the same about 1. It has aged... weirdly... I mean, it still holds up to this day, but taking into consideration the excellent care 2 and 3 put behind their creature design and lore, it's really hard to go back to fighting fucking pterodactyls. The voice acting was never great neither. I've said it before, SH1 needs a remake. You have a MGS avatar so I guess we're on the same boat here. Konami will never remake SH1 / MGS1, and even if they announce a remake, I'd be quite worried about its quality. So I guess SH1 is doomed to forever stay in 1999.
  10. On point title, since the only reason I decided to play these awful games was because they were free with plus and they had trophies. I would have NEVER bought any of these abominations: 3. Game of Thrones (Telltale) Telltale's dated and predictable storytelling at its worst (I did like TWD1 and TftBL a lot, btw) They decided that in order to make a GoT game, randomly killing off main characters was enough. 2. Truck Racer It's no Big Rigs, but it definitely is a stinker. This spot could be switched for Monsterjam Battlegrounds, but believe me, none is as awful as the next game. 1. Space Overlords At this point hating and taking a dump on SO might seem like beating on a dead horse, but I don't care, I'll continue to shit talk it until I play something as shockingly awful. Or God forbids it, maybe something... worse? Is it even possible to make a worse game than this? This turd makes Ride to Hell, Rambo or Terminator Salvation look like competent games. Got 12 ultra rares out of it, do, so at least there's that.
  11. PRAISE THE GUN! Remnant: From the Ashes From the Ashes Very interesting take on the beloved soulsborne formula, that despite being a good game overall, falls short on several important aspects. This is a "what could have been?" scenario for sure, and it's quite frustrating to see it never reaching its true potential. That paired with a plethora of technical issues (like the constant lag, even when playing in offline mode) make this a good, albeit somewhat disappointing entry in the crowded soulslike "genre". One of my biggest issues are the boss fights, they just revolve around dealing some damage to the boss until they start spamming trash mobs non-stop. It makes me think the developers truly hate solo players like me. I definitelly recommend getting one buddy to help you out, and I don't mean this because of difficulty, I mean this because it will definitely make dealing with all of the spam far less annoying. Trophy wise, it was a nightmare for me. Most of the trophies were very easy but 2 came close to making me ragequit: "Precious" and "Not so Lucky". Fucking fitting trophy title, eh?. Since the whole game is randomized, getting these two items was a neverending nightmare for me, I was just not having any luck. I dedicated an entire day just re-rolling the campaign / adventure mode and nothing, not even one of them. It probably took me 18 hours just to get these luck based trophies and it definitelly made me hate the whole randomized nature of the game. Game rating: 7/10 Platinum Difficulty: 5/10 Time to platinum: 40 hours (greatly luck dependant) Also completed the Subject 2923 DLC and it definitely is a meaty expansion, well worth your money, and the final DLC boss was quite the amazing boss fight. The best one in the game by far. Not interested in the other DLC, it seems to be just a challenge mode. Subject 2923 DLC rating: 7/10 100% Difficulty: 5/10 Time to 100%: 10-15 hours GIMME MOAR SOULSLIKES!
  12. Almost 2 years later, I necropost and post some of my favorite icons. Shovel Knight Hollow Knight Okami Transistor Slain: Back from Hell Odin's Sphere Leifthrasir Lords of the Fallen TERA (too bad its low quality only) I tried to post different ones that haven't been posted before. I know the thread is dead but I hope at least there's one person interested about pretty trophies in the future stumbling across this thread. I was looking for a thread like this, too bad it died too soon.
  13. That's right, Aerith, we did it. One of the best plus months gave me a reason to finally (hehe) try one of gaming's classics that I've been ignoring for pretty much 2 decades. The game might not be faithful to the original but now I'm definitely pumped for trying the 20+ years old original. At first I started greatly disliking the combat, but turns out I wasn't giving materias the attention they required, and since this is a common topic (game being too difficult) we can all say for certain that most players are not putting too much thought into build preparation. It's not a matter of "git gud", it's a matter of learning how the game works. I only started caring about materias halfway through the game and it was smooth sailing from then on. Even hard mode was a breeze. However, the game is also flawed: The game is bloated and a filler fest. Just to give you an idea, the original has an average length of 40-45 hours if you only focus on the main quests, meanwhile, the remake has an average length of 30-35 hours, also only focusing on the main quests yet according to veterans FF7R only covers 10-15% of the original's story. At first I was hyped to see FF6, 7, 8, 9,10 remade so I can finally play them, but it seems it will take them an entire decade just to complete FF7R. The fact that the developers themselves have stated they don't know how many parts this is going be tells you everything you should know. Disheartening. All in all, this was a good experience with excellent combat, great characters but waaaaay too many slow walking sections (chapters 3, 8 and 9 alone are like 9 hours of slowly walking to the next objective). Game rating: 7/10 Platinum Difficulty: 5/10 Time to platinum: 70 hours "yOu oWe mE a PizZa"
  14. What I did: Maxed the 2 elemental materias, and linked them to fire on Cloud's and Tifa's bracelets. What this means is that it will not only negate all fire attacks, they will heal you instead. You know where this is going right? Ifrit will massively heal you, so I kept Tifa fisting Bahamut's asshole with Ifrit aggroed behind me, and despite my Tifa being sandwiched she kept tanking all of poor Bahamut's vain attempts at draining my hp since his brain damaged boyfriend, Ifrit, kept healing me instead. Don't let your guard down, since Baha can still kill you and periodically heal the party with Aerith and/or Cloud and keep fisting Bahamut with Tifa. Keep Cloud slashing Baha and close to Tifa, since he'll be healed by Ifrit as well. Megaflare: Easy, once Cloud's limit is filled save it for once the countdown reaches 1, then just use it and it will stun him, canceling Megaflare. Ifrit: Once you delete Bahamut, just keep Ifrit distracted with Cloud / Tifa and just run around with Aerith, casting her MP stealing ability to get a lot of MP back, since poor Ifrit is helpless against fire infused Cloud and Tifa. Kill him once your MP stealing needs have been satisfied. Poor bloke. Humiliated and disgraced. Pride and Joy itself will also use a lot of fire attacks, healing you, so just spam away from behind (target one leg) until it dies. Very easy boss, just keep revive ready in case it grabs any of your characters. Also, Tifa and Cloud can switch roles, I just like Tifa's moves more.
  15. Saying that they're "helping developers" because said developers wouldn't make any money otherwise (without partnering with Rata) is such a brainlet take. If anything, Rata is hurting new developers with this awful, aggressive business model. These games don't get any coverage nor publicity other than in trophy sites or the occasional expo (which, btw, if you've seen clips on YouTube, you'll know it's a ghost town), their YouTube trailers average 1k views with the ocassional very rare trailer that surpasses 5k. Their games are also completely ignored by all of the major gaming sites, I don't remember seeing one of the big guys (IGN, GameSpot, etc...) reviewing or even mentioning a Ratalaika game, except for just the usual game listings. The vast majority of people that buys their games only do it for the trophies, and if I was a new developer struggling to make a name for myself, putting effort in my work, I would take people only playing my game for the trophies as great offense. Not to mention there's no name to make there, since you're just ignored by the media and your game is buried under all that shovelware. Is this the "good publisher" some claim Rata is? Has Sony ever advertised a Rata game before? I mean, they've actually advertised trash like Life of Black Tiger, yet I don't think I've ever seen a Rata game in the spotlight. Ratalaika doesn't deserve any praise. They're awful publishers with an awful business model.