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  1. Wait, it actually fucking works?! Thanks a lot, man, I thought it was impossible via smartphone.
  2. Thanks for the clarification! Here's my list: 1. Pac-man Championship Edition 2 (1.41%, 0%) 2. Downwell (2.02%, 16%) 3. Super Meat Boy (0.23%, 0%) 4. Unravel Two (1.64%, 0%) 5. Jotun (1.76%, 0%)
  3. Hey guys, want to join, but have a question. Is there a time limit after I post my list? Because I'm not really that good with gaming schedules. I will most definitely get sidetracked and play other stuff or not play anything at all. What if it takes me one whole month to give a tiny update? No problems with that? Edit: Wish I joined earlier, damn, got 10 URs the past 6 months. I'm honorary Tier 3, lol. Hopefully I can at least reach Tier 3 for realsies before the year ends.
  4. As a huge fan of both Bloodborne and Silent Hill, I've learnt (the hard way) to be skeptical and indifferent whenever these rumors take place. But of course, the fanboy in me desperately wants them to be true. Keep also in mind, Bloodborne was co-developed with Japan Studios, and they're mostly gone. So, well, I just don't know how to feel here.
  5. In the end, tho, once you get the platinum, you'll feel like you did next to nothing when compared to what it could have been. I get anxious just thinking about the developers making EVERYTHING required for the platinum. For instance, don't know if you're aware of this, but there are secret levels with insane unlocking requirements. And yeah, agree with you. The game shines when it isn't trying to be hardcore. Sadly, it's almost always trying to be hardcore. I'd say good luck, but it's not like you'll need it, heh, you'll crush this.
  6. Woah, this is great, didn't know this was a thing! Can you add me to the highest rank? I have all of them, even stacks. Thanks!
  7. Granted, it spawns in your anus. I wish I could speak every language known to man.
  8. No offense to all those "what happened to I believe in generations" guys mad at a potential ps4 version, but if the biggest next gen exclusives (GoWR, HZD2) have already confirmed last gen ports, then it's stupid to feel betrayed if "small" (in comparison) games like Demon's Souls and Returnal make it to last gen. If anything, only keeping these smaller niche games next gen exclusive is a brain damaged move, one would think they'd want as many players as possible to try Returnal, and keep actual console sellers like GoWR ps5 exclusive. Makes no sense to me. On a side note, Jesus Christ, Demon's Souls is going to get 5 stacks if that is true. I only platted it once, feel like making a Demon's Souls Platinum collection now.
  9. Persona 4 Golden. Been wanting to play that one for a long time, don't own a Vita, I guess I'll just get it for PC... Also, you were an onion before, now you are a turkey?
  10. I'm a huge Fatal Frame / Project 0 fan and this is the worst of the franchise. Like, by far, don't get your hopes up. It released several years ago to mediocre reviews. It would be awesome to get Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Remastered. That one was the last good FF and was never released in the west. Here's hoping we get all Project Zero, Crimson Butterfly, The Tormented and Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Remastered. That would be one kickass platinum collection.
  11. Just leave the speedrun for last, after doing Akumu you'll unlock a one hit kill weapon that will allow you to steamroll through the whole game in like 2 hours. Edit: oh wait, you mean making several saves to get random trophies and then reloading? Doesn't matter, just make hardsaves before attempting the trophies and then reload. But even with those trophy detours, you can still make it in time without the need of reloading.
  12. He often derails his conversations, but he was right initially. You put it as if only one side does that when in reality both sides do it, not just the elitists. The Shovelware Defense Force (I'm copyrighting this 👌) will immediately check your profile in hopes of pointing out that you played some shitty game before and therefore you are not allowed to call their beloved 🐀 game trash (even if it actually is trash. That's just how their 'logic' works) So without any bias, just go defending or shitting on trash games, it doesn't matter (or both for maximum profit) that's the most profitable for profileviewcoin.
  13. In that case, Sarah's quote from Days Gone: "Promise to ride me as much as you ride your bike horse" would have some VERY nasty connotations... Deacon, you sick mofo...
  14. "Ohhhhhhh............*sniff*.............ohhhhhhhhhh............." - Malady Divinity: Original Sin II Deity Rarity: 2.49% M'lady Malady: This is one of my favorite games ever, what else can I say. The story, the lore, the characters, the visuals, everything is top notch, the game almost achieves perfection to the point I can't really think of anything bad to say about it. Maybe how unfair it gets a couple times? But even that just means tiny nitpicks. Difficulty wise, this is a hardcore, full blown dark fantasy RPG, the game itself is hard, its trophy list isn't. Just like (wait for it!) Dark (oh yeah) Souls (OMG IS DIVUHNITY 2 THE DAAK SOLS OF TACTICL RPGEES??!?1), so once you get the hang of it, no trophy will pose any troule, not even Honour mode, which, btw, can be cheesed with cloud saves. The very confusing quest layout and labyrinthic nature of the first game has also been addressed, getting lost is no longer a huge issue. The RNG and many of the one hit kill moments from the original have been reduced as well, resulting in a somewhat easier but much more enjoyable experience. The reduced difficulty isn't because they are "trying to appeal to casuals" or whatever, it is because the wrinkles from the first game have been ironed out. Despite all my praising, however, this is a hard game to recommend, this franchise is not very welcoming to new players and will often overwhelm, confuse and frustrate newcomers. Unlike Dark Souls (again?!) doubts which can be solved by a quick Google search, certain mechanics and choices from this game will remain confusing even after watching several long videos. I say, I recommend it, just be aware it is not going to hold your hand like the usual AAA RPG. Divinity: Original Sin 2 has ruined many other games for me, at one point I was eager to try Pillars of Eternity or Torment, now I just don't care, lol. Just like certain other franchise *cough* Soulsborne *cough* has ruined many other games for me. Looking forward to Baldur's Gate 3, tho, since it's being made by Larian Studios as well. On an unrelated note, this is my 250th platinum as well as my 40th ultra rare platinum. Game Rating: 10/10 Platinum Difficulty: 6-7/10 Time to platinum: 80 - 90 hours As I already showcased, this ugly thing is the platinum image: When they have this beauty in the list: What a blunder. The plat is called "Deity" too, who the fuck is in charge of the trophy list? Hey did you know you can find a bonfire in the sewers?? And you can take the coiled sword from it?? Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the Dark Souls of tactical RPGs confirmed.
  15. Wonder how they're going to translate certain PC exclusive "features". Maybe a blue screen? Many bizarre trophy moments that could be implemented. Hopefully they won't half ass this port. It would be amazing to have the platinum screenshot be a glitched "M" screenshot. I'm definitely playing this again, but I'm not paying anything above 10$. I mean, its a free PC game...