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  1. Sales dropped 85% in Japan in the second week. The game was 50% off in Vietnam the second week. In South Korea there were reports of stores giving the game away for the purchase of Animal Crossing In UK, a F1 game surpassed its sales in the third week (lol), until Ghost of Tsushima was released and crushed both. Keep in mind tlou2 WAS the biggest exclusive the ps4 was saving for last, one of the most Hyped games ever, as Hyped as Cyberpunk 77. Fanbase divided. Game universaly mocked. The boycott worked perfectly I'd say, haha.
  2. Demon's Souls > The whole Tenchu franchise. There are already countless soulsborne fans begging for a Demon's remake since it's the one that it's the most elusive (ps3 exclusive, servers down already) We're amidst the soulsborne craze, but if they decide to remake the Tenchus then that would be a start I guess? I mean, they are property of From Software so I guess they'll be working on Demon's Souls or King's Field or Armored Core (all of which I'd prefer over Tenchu) eventually?
  3. Hi, hcmode, I've never played Driveclub before, but I bought the season pass when it was on sale before it was taken from the store, now I'm planning on buying the physical version of Driveclub, will I be able to access all the DLCs that way? Or I'll be having your same problem?
  4. Can someone help me with these two trophies? (One Better and Certifiable) Please? Already asked the ps4 and Reddit RL communities but those seem to be for trading only, they don't help others. Edit: Got the trophies, thank you very much, man.
  5. The remake doesn't really capture the essence of the original, Fumito Ueda had a vision and he shaped his 2006 masterpiece around it. Bluepoint did a phenomenal job making the old game rise and shine, but in the process removed some of it's characteristics: they removed the bloomy/gloomy yellowish tint and greatly turned down the brightness. This is most notorious when talking about the edges. I know that Ueda was (and still is) busy at the moment (when Bluepoint was working on this) but they seriously should had asked for his guidance, this isn't an Ueda work and it shows. It still is a phenomenal remake (9/10) but the original is and will always be my favorite game ever. Also, some other veteran fans complained about the changes in Wander's design but I'm completely fine with it.
  6. Yes, the quests can glitch, but it has a fix, you need to quit the game (not to the game menu, you need to quit by holding the ps button and select close application) quickly before a save point is triggered. It happened to me with Davey, I got him his "medicine" but there was no dialogue prompt, so I started trying different things inside the Medbay but nothing worked. I decided to quit the game and when I loaded back, the dialogue option was back. If you trigger a savepoint (quitting to the game menu, using the medbay core, the crafting station, leaving/entering the medbay, picking an item) then the glitch will stay permanently. I was lucky I didn't do any of those.
  7. Why is the platinum so popular? Is it very easy?
  8. GTA5 PS3 My ps3 died when I was level 74, saves were saved locally (f u, Rockstar) so not doing that awful online grind from scratch, f that. Rip, I was so close. One plat I'll never get.
  9. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves (ps3) My favorite Uncharted game which I had already platinumed in my first account but never got the chance to plat it again with this one. Did platinum the Ps4 Remaster, do, but I'll never get the chance to plat U2 PS3 again. Rip.
  10. The fact that you can actually use items in Babel mode lowers the og Catherine difficulty by at least 3 points. (If everything else is the same as the original) Rapunzel was easy (just long) and only a couple nights were very difficult to gold on hard. (Mainly the last one) Got Catherine Ps3 as my 100th plat, I'm thinking about making this my 200th (25 plats to go, by that point it will be on sale too) Don't be afraid to re-plat this, I'm not, in fact, I'm boosted by confidence.
  11. I just hope they end it. AC Odyssey has too much copy paste filler, take the filler out and it'll probably take 40 hours to 100% (DLC included), but so far I'm 80% done (working on Atlantis DLC) and clocking at 109h. It's a tedious drag that should have ended looooooooong ago. I even took a 3 months long break but apparently I'm still unmotivated, will have to force myself to 100% this one.
  12. Wouldn't that be $80, tho? I mean, yes, he's wrong and could had easily achieved the mp trophies legit like I did in 3 days but as far as I remember each online pass was $9.99, so that isn't "a few dollars".
  13. Rest in peace, then. In two days I got my clan to 40, won a match of survivors (for the trophy) and finished the Hunter journey trophy. Just missing the Firefly Journey trophy and 5 days to do it. You still have enough time if you decide to buy it /play it on a friend's console.
  14. Trashy month. However, I *might* like Horizon. Currently dealing with the nightmare that is Trackmania Turbo, once I'm done with that (months from now, of course) I might need an easy racer like this to relax. As for PES, yeah, that's a hard pass.
  15. Comments like that makes us trophy hunters look bad tbh.
  16. This looks really easy, no Golden Boy trophy, and I've seen a video of Joker doing one of the Babel levels and apparently you can now use items. If that's the case this is going to be a walk in the park.
  17. Well, I'm assuming this is boostable, so i guess if one person focuses on unlocking some and the other player focuses on unlocking other DLCs weapons, we can "trade" weapons and get all DLC golds. Right now I have ALL 19 In the Name of the Tsar weapons unlocked, so if someone has ALL 10 Apocalypse weapons PLUS ALL 9 Turning Tides weapons, we can get all 3 golds (They shall not pass is too easy)