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  1. What is ps4 doesn’t get new trophies?
  2. Has anyone played all levels and still haven’t unlock the level trophies? can one help?
  3. Leaving this here
  4. I’m at 10,847, but I worked at a game store back in the day so they let us borrow a lot of things and also I just play games. I was getting that numbers down, but fuck it to much worry.
  5. Point and click for 2 plus hours and listen to iBaddriver
  6. I was just able to buy the dlc and download it, but it’s not letting me start the dlc. Do you think it’s locked until midnight? Or another update?
  7. I’ll take the spider that bite Peter Parker, and alive.
  8. Forget the trophy list how’s the gameplay. I remember having so much fun with super monkey ball.
  9. The free trophy isn’t popping for me but all the others have. Has anyone else had this happen? I tried the trophy on my alt account and it popped. I tried deleting my save but no good it’s on their servers can’t un do it.
  10. Same thanks i got code F2hj pank ljrx
  11. What I did to fix that issue is I stayed online, manually changed the time, and saved/backed up save game. closed the app and enter rest mode on my ps4 what happened was date was reset to correct time and date and in game all time rewards were reset so I was able to claim daily rewards by only going forward a day or week.
  12. I would say that the trophy list pretty much tells you what is required to do to earn them.
  13. Can you help me out?
  14. Yeah i had the problem too. So i just made sure those would get to the point the more i did it the easier it got.
  15. I took the growth hormone pill so I can see the board better then just follow the audio cues. Just get to 100 which isn’t that bad