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  1. Gallipoli Operation can not be played. Why is that? every other operation works...
  2. Thank you very much. Many of us were less of hope, that it would be fixed. I am also surprised positively that a community manager read our posts. Maybe next time writing a comment earlier here (or on your official website) that you are aware of the whole breach issue would have prevent us from grope in the dark. I think many of us like the game so you make a lot of us happy with your work - so thank you again! 🤗
  3. Square Enix refers to PSN if DLC stuff doesnt work. And the terms and conditions of PSN say, that if you have activated a download (after the installation), you have no guarantee anymore to receive your money back. So they are now able to earn money for nothing legally :-)
  4. Right spoken! Also I think its the best we can do. If my new ticket wont get a response, i will send them every week a new one. In the end not everybody of SE can be a „customer-ignorant“.
  5. "It was so sudden, I was managing my inventory in between missions, not doing anything special and bam, lost it forever. So I don't believe it would do any good asking for a reset of your profile if you already have the issue" Sorry for that.
  6. Hey guys, think about the possibility, square enix has problems with the upcoming sony update changing the online-id. The beta version shall come out now, but the main update shall come 2019! Maybe we have to wait... but contacting the support and also the sony support (because of the items you can still buy for nothing) might be the only thing we can use killing time.