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  1. @CookiestMonsterr you legend thank you so much!
  2. My advice is to join a five race league that is scheduled to start in the morning, with AI level at 20. When the first race starts join the lobby and you will probably find that you are the only human driver and therefore win the race easily. There is an attendance part to getting a medal though, I've been in a few league before, won two of the five races, finished top but not popped the trophy. I am now in a new league which I will make sure I enter every race to get the trophy.
  3. Am I right in thinking the Leviathan raid will be vaulted soon? If so I wonder if they will edit the trophy list or just make it impossible to plat
  4. Anyone else getting their arse kicked by the World Rallycross Championship? I’m fine at the rally events and even Rallycross in the my team section. But I just can’t stay on the track in World RX, even though I’ve played around with all the assists and everything.
  5. I had a quick look yesterday and couldn't even see the Audi Quattro on there, is it only available to buy on certain days?
  6. This isn't happening for me either unfortunately. Does this effect the ability to get 100%? If this taxi trophy has glitched I don't want to do everything else and not pop the 100% trophy!
  7. Are there any missable trophies in the base game?
  8. Nice video - the shortcut is very handy. Wish I had seen this before spending an hour on it last night! I managed to do it in 1:17 without using the shortcut. A few tips - Get hard on the brakes for the first sharp right turn that descends down near the chopping boards. You shouldn't be anywhere near the purple and pink saucers like the video above. Get tight to the apex of the corner. The above will mean you hit the boost pickup before the chopping boards, and you will have a better line through to the next couple of corners. Boost when you straighten up on the green chopping board. If you're lucky you will now pickup another two boosts which you can use to zoom past the frying pan. Keep very tight to the apex for the next corner, I probably wouldn't boost around this corner like the video above, but instead wait until you're through the shortcut and on a straight bit of track. Good luck!
  9. Time to jump back on the horse after three years and tidy up this platinum. I've been playing 55 hours and i'm up to 55%.