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  1. It can be a bit slow getting into a game, come out and try again a few times to see if that works. Once you're in a game it should be fine
  2. I've got PS4 and PS5 version on disc. I'm going to play it through and unlock the trophies on PS5. If I then delete that and reinstall the PS4 version will it autopop the PS4 version?
  3. Skill rating or safety rating? Or both? I’m gold which is why I’ve asked for someone who is already gold. But if we need to be same safety rank as well I will need someone with a B safety rating
  4. I am Gold skill rating but still need three or so clean races to get to safety rating A. Does anyone here have a gold rating and still have the game installed? If so I'd really appreciate a few minutes of your time just to finish off the safety rating trophy. I just can't find anyone in the lobbys
  5. Sorry I should have been clearer, its the "Going the Distance Together" trophies I was wondering about.
  6. World Touring Car 800: 24 Heures du Mans Racing Circuit: 5,000 Cr -> 70,000 CrWorld Touring Car 800: Monza Circuit: 5,000 Cr -> 70,000 Cr Is this a typo or has the Cr really gone UP from 5,000 to 70,000?
  7. Is there any way to see how many miles you are currently at with the Going the Distance trophy?
  8. Others will be able to give more detail, but I remember being part of a heist where I was a helicopter pilot for most of it and sailed through without taking damage!
  9. How have you found getting golds on the later licenses? I've managed to get the first two licenses all gold but nervous about the rest!
  10. 99% sure all the trophies can be done with AI rather than public matches
  11. One quick question before I scour the trophy list and internet - are there any missable trophies? I'll be starting this soon
  12. @CookiestMonsterr you legend thank you so much!
  13. My advice is to join a five race league that is scheduled to start in the morning, with AI level at 20. When the first race starts join the lobby and you will probably find that you are the only human driver and therefore win the race easily. There is an attendance part to getting a medal though, I've been in a few league before, won two of the five races, finished top but not popped the trophy. I am now in a new league which I will make sure I enter every race to get the trophy.
  14. Am I right in thinking the Leviathan raid will be vaulted soon? If so I wonder if they will edit the trophy list or just make it impossible to plat
  15. Anyone else getting their arse kicked by the World Rallycross Championship? I’m fine at the rally events and even Rallycross in the my team section. But I just can’t stay on the track in World RX, even though I’ve played around with all the assists and everything.