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  1. I am going to start the insanity trophy. After reading all your posts, i still have questions. Do i have to get all the characters or can i go to the last mission with just some of them? in the worst ending possible (everybody dies) the trophy pops? thanks hunters
  2. Thanks. I wrote to EA support...let’s see what they say
  3. I bought a DLC for the game, but when I connect the game it says that the servers are temporally unavailable.. and I tried it one week ago, having the same problem. does anybody know if they are closed forever? or a solution? thanks!
  4. Hy everybody! Do you think that the trophies: lord of the rings and the hunt is my mistress need internet connection, and so they won’t be achievable after the 31st of december?
  5. Does anybody know if this trophy will be achievable after rhe 31st of december? Will the servers close and make impossible to do it, or if you have a ps plus you can do it? i don’t know. thanks!
  6. Thanks man. Your strategy was very helpful. I got the trophy!
  7. In order to get perfect knight day 2, is it necessary to get all the riddler trophies and AR missions again in new game +? Or just finish the main story for the second time. thanks!
  8. Yesterday I tried to get the Uber trophy. After having played all the game in the middle difficulty, I change to Uber mode at the beginning of the last chapter, and after finishing the game I didn’t got the trophy...why?? Thank you!
  9. I recently finished Akumu mode, and I can confirm is really difficult and tough..specially chapter 6 as you mentioned, but with patience you can finally reach it. If someone tried Dead space 2 in the mode you could only save 3 times in all the game, may agree that is more difficult. At least in akumu you save the game at every checkpoint. In total I died 419 times....
  10. I have some platinum left because of 1 fu**ing trophy... DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS - Blight-queller: Kill 1000 enemies BY YOURSELF! I killed more than 1000 but with the help of the members of my team. What a stupidity a game that you must get your members stop to kill you alone all the enemies.... INFAMOUS: - Rockhound: find 100% of the shards... I have 1 left...who knows which one...