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  1. One of the starting trophies that were close to get 100% is from Sly 1. Literally, the trophy pops before you reach the main menu. But still, out of 132,676 owners, 62 are missing the trophy: http://psnprofiles.com/trophy/469-Sly-Cooper-and-the-Thievius-Raccoonus/10-Sucker-Punched
  2. Yes, if you want to get 100% because of the DLC trophy to get to level 70. I finished the game at level 49, but for 70 you are required to get more 7 million REP, and that takes a lot of time.
  3. Just finished the game. Can't believe they made that ''ending'' with a lot of cliffhangers just for us to wait for Season 2. Every decision was bad. I know it's Game of Thrones, but still, we should be able to control at least some of the situations. And what the hell is the North Grove anyway?!
  4. Football: Fluminense FC.
  5. The Truman Show.
  6. AC: Unity. Finishing it before i start other game.
  7. None. Even though i see some assholes here and there at Rocket League.
  8. The Uncharted series.
  9. - 20 platinums. - Get a few PS2 games to play on PS4 and platinum DSII and Bloodborne before Dark Souls III comes out. - Stay with at least 90% completion along the year. - Play a game out of my comfort zone. - Continue playing the awesome Rocket League.
  10. Got Dishonored: Definitive Edition!
  11. I hope they make way more DLC than DriveClub. I have other games to play, but i just can't leave Rocket League for some reason, everytime i turn on the PS4 i just play RL, great game. Also, every DLC they bring, the maps are always free, just the cars and some other stuff are paid.