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  1. So, I submitted a ticket on December 16th, 2018 to try to get a resolution on the "Favor of Torm" trophy. After several back and forths with support, and me basically saying "I'm starting to regret spending money on this game", I finally was told this weekend (Mid-February) that they acknowledge I'm well above what the trophy requires (300B Torm) and that they are hoping to have a fix within the next 2 weeks. So if you're like me, and hoping for some fixes, rejoice!
  2. W. Clement Stone - 11:33. I believe this is supposed to be Isaac Asimov
  3. Easily Distracted I believe it does have to be crows specifically. Quick Draw This will come naturally if you're playing a decent amount. eventually your damage will be very strong at this level once you've gained enough of the blessings. I don't remember doing anything specific, but I honestly just ignored this trophy, as I knew others would take much longer and that this one would come naturally at some point. (Speed potions will help too. once you're getting pretty consistently into the higher levels, try popping a speedup around level 95 so that the level 100+ levels only last a few seconds each.
  4. I have to agree. Especially if you're big on completion %. I struggle with this game more than I did with: J-stars, Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X, Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite, etc... I don't know if I'm just missing some kind of vital strategy to succeed, or if I'm just terrible or trying to overthink the game, but it honestly just feels very off to me.
  5. Can also confirm that Decimation (11+ kills in a match) is fixed. Got my platinum last night. Woohoo!
  6. Honestly... I'm struggling a little, which is throwing me off quite a bit. I platted J-Stars Victory VS+ with no problem, but this game seems to be on another level IMO. I just finished chapter 2 out of 9, and a few of those fights I felt like I had to be very careful, even then I had to retry multiple times. I'm not sure if I'm just underleveled or if I have just lost my edge, but I can see myself struggling to plat this one.
  7. Ha! I saw you in chat asking multiple times before he finally answered.
  8. Starting to get into streaming.  Please check out my Twitch and throw me a follow!

  9. Any idea if the VR medals would also count towards the 25? I don't think I have a shot at getting 15 of the Campaign medals...
  10. Any idea if the VR medals would also count towards the 25? I don't think I have a shot getting 15 of the campaign medals...
  11. definitely not 25, I have 28 already
  12. So far I have: 1. Awarded for shooting down 50 rival aircraft. 2. ? 3. ? 4. Awarded for sortieing in multiplayer mode more than 25 times. 5. Awarded for sortieing in multiplayer mode more than 50 times. 6. ? 7. ? 8. ? 9. Awarded for being the MVP in Team Death Match. 10. Awarded for receiving the performance evaluations "Hide and Seeker" (used the clouds to avoid missiles the most times), "Cloud Hermit" (spent the most time in the clouds), and "Cloud Assassin" (destroyed the most enemies in the clouds), three times or more.
  13. Do you have any experience with Deluxe editions? Anthem for example is coming out. Would both players be eligible for the pre-order bonus content, the deluxe bonus content, and the season pass? Also, another question that may be answered elsewhere... How do multiplayer games like call of duty work? Can both users play at the same time if only 1 person actually bought the game?
  14. I stay at a friend's house every weekend, so managing my games on a different ps4 gets a little annoying. I heard a solution as far as setting primary ps4's, and it sounds like my situation fits the intentions of this feature. I have a question about the primary ps4 sharing feature. Console A is set as Player B's primary PS4. Player A uses this console. Console B is set as Player A's primary PS4. Player B uses this console. As far as downloading games, would Player A be able to download players B's games on Console A without having to actually log in as player B? I have someone telling me that the only person who can initiate the downloads to the console are the people who purchased the games, regardless of what console is set up as Primary.