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  1. Everything is organized by tabs. I downloaded a copy and am using it to highlight green everything I've done/gotten so far. Very helpful for anyone looking to do everything in this game. Credit goes to Arrawnt over at GameFAQs.
  2. vita is dead, so don't give it games that could revitalize it? great logic.
  3. Kingdom hearts set. Still undecided if I will platinum them all, or just beat them all before KH3 comes out. Think I'm also going to skip Chain of Memories, as the card system looks odd to me and a friend told me the story is pretty much a standalone story. Working on KH2 right now, though I'm sad that I have no more Gummi ship trophies left, as I enjoy the gummi ship stuff so much in these games.
  4. My psn credits don't care about your opinion of my platinums.
  5. There are roughly 150-160 levels, so the half way trophy makes sense. You have to complete ALL the levels from BRIKS 2, which opens the levels for BRIKS (~50 more levels). The final anime/dragon levels are located in the BRIKS levels. I just platinum'd it earlier this week and none of the trophies seemed off to me.
  6. Found this on gamefaqs, might be what you need. Not sure if you knew about the rock man that sends you to that map.
  7. It's been some time since I've played it, but if I recall correctly, towards the end of the game, just before beating it, you can turn back and go back to old areas. I think I remember that there's a strict point of no return at the very end of the game, so as long as you don't go past that, nothing should be missable.
  8. I must be too old to know what that means... Enlighten me?
  9. The only mapping I changed was x to be o, and o to be x. but when I went into a game that said "press x to continue, I had to hit o" I won't lie, I rarely play my vita. I find it hard to justify playing it when 95% of the time I could just as easily play my ps4. Don't get me wrong, I love my vita and wish I played it more. I actually get excited for vacation/long trips because I know I'll finally have a justification for playing my vita.
  10. Yeah, so that ended up failing. The thing is, it fixes the system buttons, but then it messes up the game controls. Currently, the x and o are reversed on the handheld itself, but in game controls work like normal. If I switch the settings, the console buttons work like normal, but any game controls are now reversed.
  11. Considering your most recent game is a vita game, and a couple other vita games just before that, I'd say you need to clean your vita while you're playing it.
  12. I did not know that, I know individual games allow you to customize keybinds usually. Will have to check this out.
  13. lol, having 2 vitas, it's weird having to use x and o in different ways for each. No part of the grip actually touches the screen, and thus I've had zero issues with functionality.
  14. Not a chance at all of removing disc slots. Consoles have also become an entertainment system. They will not remove the ability to play DVD/Blu-Rays from the consoles. If they do, I'm buying stock in some major DVD player company.
  15. Interesting. I suppose that makes sense. Thanks for the information.