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  1. Anyone else struggling with this one? This might be one of the worst games I've played in terms of gameplay. The controls are incredibly slow and clunky. Trophies seem easy, but wow. I didn't expect a AAA experience, but man, this is kind of rough. I won't even get into the voice acting, as I don't really care much about that.
  2. I started playing last week. Insanely fun game and the trophies just keep popping up without going out of my way. Wish it had a platinum, but that's fine. Used my free platinum to buy a "Dethcube Sentinel", love that it auto loots for you (with a mod), has definitely made the game smoother for me. Seems a little difficult to find matchmaking for the story quests or basically for most missions that aren't defense, but still great fun.
  3. PSN ID: superTrunksman I play a large mix of games from all genres. currently own around 275 digital games on PS4 I also have a tendency to go for the quick/easy/effortless platinums. Always looking for more people to be social with, even if we're not playing co-op together. Add me!
  4. Sounds like "prestige" from call of duty, does that sounds accurate? Basically max your online player rank and start back at level 1 with some kind of bonus? Yeah, I am used to DLC trophies being something other than Multiplayer, IE CoD DLC trophies basically being all zombie stuff. I'll have to take a look at the trophy lists for Battlefield 1 DLC, I did enjoy that one, just stopped because I knew I couldn't earn more trophies.
  5. Yeah, not sure doom is my style. Never really considered that a multiplayer FPS. I don't really want any AI enemies. I have pretty much done about all I can in Siege, was fun for a while, wouldn't put it as one of my top FPS games, as I enjoy more of the TDM type format with more than 5v5.
  6. Every now and then, I start having withdrawals from not playing FPS games. I'm looking for recommendations of FPS games that have a majority of the trophies as online multiplayer trophies. You can look at my trophy list and see that in games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, I pretty much knock out all the multiplayer trophies, then basically quit playing. You can look at my trophy list, but I already have overwatch and Paladins, and the ps4 CoD/Battlefield games. Any suggestions on more multiplayer FPS games would be great. Bonus points if a majority of the trophies are multiplayer (This keeps me playing the game a lot longer)
  7. The only big challenge I found with the Speedster, unchanging armor, and no continue run was the final area. Basically 4 boss fights in a row with no saves between. Died to #4 my first try, and had to go back and do 1-3 again, and then played super safe on final boss.
  8. That deal is insane... For anyone who doesn't know, That's: Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1 + DLC Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 2 Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 3 Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 4 (Plus, they operate on this combined trophy list, so if you platinumed them all individually, you can earn a new platinum for the whole bundle) ALL of that for $20. Best. Deal. Ever.
  9. Awesome guys/gals, thanks! I got the trophy last night. I was a little confused at first thinking that you were saying I had to craft the theme in 1 session (wait the entire crafting time without logging out), but now I finally understood that you meant that all 3 of the items have to finish in the same login.
  10. That sounds a little insane and a little impossible, my current theme that I'm crafting takes 4 days. I'm guessing you cant use nuka cola to instant complete it either (that's what I did on the first 2 I crafted).
  11. Confused as to why I do not have this trophy yet. I have the trophy to craft 10 weapons, I have the trophy to craft 10 clothing, and I have crafted 2 of the themes so far (I'm actually using the brotherhood of steel dining theme currently. I have not done any "Timeskipping" on my system (100% legit playing so far). Anyone else have issues with this trophy not popping?
  12. Did you happen to do any modifying of time on your system?
  13. Any idea what week we want to make a solid push for completing all guild tasks in a week? I'd hate to blow through a bunch of gold and then fall short.
  14. I do have a vita, Thanks! I'll definitely check it out!
  15. Never played the previous one(s). Am an avid fan of Tower Defense though, so hopefully this lives up to the hype.