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  1. My point was that just because SOME people don't play handhelds, doesn't mean they should just stop producing them.
  2. Ah, I wasn't sure. I just assumed it showed the lock icon because I wasn't in a party. Throw me a psn invite!
  3. To each their own I suppose. I get plenty of handheld time via long car rides, long flights, just generally being out of town.
  4. I didn't say to release a switch with the Sony logo on it. Just because one company didn't do it the way you want, doesn't mean another can't address those issues.
  5. Care to elaborate why that'd be a bad thing? If done correctly I don't see what you could possibly use as a downside?
  6. So, I dove in last night, my first battle royale game. Have to say it was fun, and nerve-wrecking. I feel like the map shrinks very very quickly, as I found myself having to hurry to the new area quite often. I definitely need a lot of work/practice, as I maybe got 5 kills in 4 matches. I would love to try duos/fives with people who can kinda help me learn this new (to me) game type.
  7. Interesting. It'd be nice if Sony went with the switch style console. Would eliminate the need to buy both a handheld and a console, and having 2 sets of games.
  8. Saddens me. I've never played a battle royale game but really want to. I'd try out fortnite, but having 0 trophies has held me back. Was only looking forward to H1Z1 because I assumed it would have trophies. Oh well, guess I'll wait for CoD: BO4 Battle Royale.
  9. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I couldn't remember 100%, but I was pretty sure that pre-order pack said nothing about it being for a beta.
  10. I was under the impression that this is the real launch, not a beta starting tomorrow? Open beta was last week, no?
  11. add me, "Tewhot"
  12. Of course I bought a founders pack before I noticed the Twitch Prime thing. DOH
  13. Not sure if this applies for EU, but if you have amazon prime, you can get free access to the early access via the twitch prime loot. (Wish I had known this prior to buying a founder's pack)
  14. I'm at the "challenge" now, and holy crap. Must have spent 3 hours on it last night, still haven't finished. Also, a question about the challenge:
  15. I've solved just over 20 of them now, looks like about 20 left, unless I'm not seeing them all in this portion of the cave.