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  1. I completed it within maybe 5 minutes the first time I did it, then I did the Colosseum fight with the bombs and died, chose restart from checkpoint, and had to do it over again, and struggled HARD the 2nd time, probably took me an hour
  2. You can for sure have more than one, as almost every materia vendor I see has chakra and revival for sale. I have not seen a 2nd prayer yet, I'm on chapter 12 btw.
  3. Really enjoyed this DLC. I've watched a lot of streamers who do level 1 critical runs who have mostly agreed that this DLC saves KH3. The data fights were amazing and some of the best boss battles in the series. For me, it was well worth the $30. I have a friend who loves the KH series and could not get into KH3 and eventually stopped early in the base game, but I had him play some of the DLC data bosses and it convinced him to continue the base game so that he can do the ReMind bosses. Overall, very happy with the difficulty, and the length is fine with me, as it adds replayability as well.
  4. Isn't using a save file to autopop trophies against the rules? even if it's your own save file?
  5. Yeah, someone else kinda mentioned above, but I have a hard time playing a PC game when I could play it on PS4 and earn trophies for it. (I still earn sony rewards points for trophies).
  6. This has me intrigued. Question is, will these games be moddable? Not sure if it's actually a game installation on the PC or if it's just streaming the games over the interwebz
  7. Fri June 7th - Mon June 10th is double experience. So if you need to grind out level 50, this weekend is the time to do it.
  8. Why even bother with % breakdowns? Why not just make a ribbon for non-ratalaika games, since that's obviously what this entire feature is focused around.
  9. It would be nice if we had a thread for posting codes. I'm not as active in the game anymore due to creeping up on the platinum, but someone might be willing?
  10. Gotta disagree with that one. 10 of the 25 trophies are missable. I actually gave up on the platinum because of one of them (I missed a gwent tournament at the mansion which is never accessible again after leaving it, and it's not very obvious that there even is one at the mansion; This caused me to be unable to collect 100% of the gwent cards).
  11. I am starting to get better and feeling a little more confident. I have switched auto-braking to 'Off' and stopped trying to drift through every turn and am starting to see improvements. I will say though, the AI is kind of insane. It seems like if you make any mistakes at all, you are doomed and may as well restart. The AI seems to NEVER make any mistakes, so after 1 mistake on my part, the AI will fly ahead and remove any chance of catching up via drafting. Hoping I can at least get the game to 50% and then might take an extended break from it until a future date. Not having a good time finding people to help out with the 5 challenges though, so if anyone is willing to help out, that'd be great, as I'm currently at 600/1000 miles driven in a club and being done with the online trophies would be very nice so I can avoid the issues that will come with server closures.
  12. Also curious as to how to get this. Anyone?
  13. I turned brake assist down to low. I will upload a video sometime today of a race where I feel like I've made few mistakes and still finished poorly. That's how it feels for me right now, like I can make hardly any mistakes and yet I still do terrible. Even on longer straight-aways, the AI seems to fly by me.
  14. I'm at the Semi-Pro tournament and wow, I'm struggling. I'm fairly decent at NFS games, but this game is already getting rough. Getting all stars in the DLC? No way, I can barely get 1 star in the first stage... Does leveling up a vehicle increase it's stats? or maybe you can unlock some faster cars for the earlier challenges as your personal level increases? Already starting to regret jumping on this due to the server closures coming up. Someone reassure me!
  15. Reviews these days have simply turned into quite the joke. Honestly, anyone who purchases/doesn't purchase based on reviews alone are missing out quite a bit. Seriously, it's like a complete flip on what reviews are scored on these days. Fallout 76, Anthem, Days Gone: All review bombed and ridiculed to the point of laughter, yet, in my opinion, all were decent enough games that I do NOT regret buying, as I more than got my money's worth. Seriously: Take a look at Steam (I know this is PSN talk, but steam has a layout that shows this perfectly) Seriously, notice how the AAA games are shit on? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Pew Pew Redemption is an instant classic, but reviews these days just completely baffle me.