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  1. Well then... After 8 straight hours of playing through the game and prepping up to start grabbing all of the Red Rings, I was greeted with this. Unfortunately, I forgot to back up my save at any point between launch and now. This game isn't very long to begin with, so running through the levels again shouldn't be too much of a hassle. I got most of the trophies anyway before the save corrupted, so I can just speed my way back through. The point here is, I've read that this is happening to quite a few people and I think this can happen incredibly easy. When/if you attempt to platinum this game, I highly recommend avoiding the mistake I made and back up your save every now again. Nothing sucks more than to start over. 😞
  2. If you played/mastered the original version back in 2010, then this should be next to nothing. Difficulty seems pretty close to what we got in Sonic Forces if you ask me. Good luck to everyone chasing the platinum this weekend!
  3. For sure! I don't blame anyone for skipping out on this game after Dynasty Warriors 9 leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouths. For me, I'll use this as a tieover until we eventually hear more about Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires. 😂
  4. Hey y'all! I know the English Release of Samurai Warriors 5 is on the horizon, but I felt it would help some people if I left a summary for the trophy requirements so you know what to expect ahead of time! If I'm up for the task on July 26th, I may make a trophy guide to help people on the way to this platinum trophy. If I am wrong about any of this information, please let me know in a reply. On the way to the Platinum, it looks like you'll need to do the following: Clear every mission in every mode Get an S Rank in every Stage Unlock all characters Get a character to Rank S Obtain a Rank S Weapon Acquire all of the rare weapons Achieve 100% objective clear rates Achieve 100% of the game's BGM Watch all in-game events Spend at least 300,000 Gold Use tools at least 100 times Invoked "Warriors Mystery" 50 times (Rage?) Achieve at least a 10,000 Combo Defeat 2,000 enemies in a single battle If you've played Samurai Warriors 3Z, 4 or 4-II then I believe that this trophy list is almost identical to those games. Good luck to everyone chasing this platinum! Hope this helps!
  5. Personally, I never even heard of Wreckfest. I saw the trophy list for the PS4 Version and hopefully it'll work when it comes time to play this. I usually don't bother with the free PS Plus titles but this one I may actually take a shot at. To those of you going for this platinum throughout the month, good luck and have fun! 😃👍
  6. Well, I'll be darned. That actually worked after another hour of trying. Solution found and trophy popped! Thank you so much! 😃👍
  7. For me on the PS4 version, I got to redo the campaign trophies, Dead Ops Arcade 3 and this one singular Onslaught trophy if I ever find a way. I'm worried about going all the way to the Mamaback and defeating her with no trophy in return. 😂
  8. Unfortunately, it did not on my end. The hunt for a solution continues. 🤔
  9. I'll look into that! Great idea!
  10. Hey everyone. I got the platinum trophy for the PS5 Version of Black Ops Cold War already with 100%. I decided to come back and 100% the PS4 version and am stuck dead in my tracks with reunlocking the "Overpowered" Onslaught DLC trophy. This freakin' trophy will NOT unlock no matter what I tried. I killed Megatons, Mimics, and Manglers with every support weapon you can possibly get. I also tried all of the maps and even playing Locally and completely offline. Nothing but countless wasted hours. If anyone knows a trick or method to make this re-pop on the PS4 version, I'd love to hear it. A few things I think are possible: Either I can't earn this trophy due to playing the PS4 version on the PS5, or I guess I'll have to keep doing this endlessly until it eventually decides to give it to me.
  11. I personally wonder if I decide to play the PS5 version first if I could go in reverse and autopop the trophies on the PS4 version. Probably not, but it'd be nice. Happy hunting when this releases!
  12. I skipped through everything to get World 15 unlocked. Skipped through all but the last level in World 15 and all trophies were unlocked for me in a little over half an hour. This is one of the easiest 100% games I've had in a while!