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  1. i was explaining my frustration and experience with the game, justifying why i felt it was necessary to smash the disc. if you think that is crying i feel sorry for you, you should probably stay off the forums.... but thanks for the personal attacks. i would not have had a problem without a HUD if the camera was actually usable to look around with and locate the target ... i actually found that to be a really cool feature but it didn't work right. and hence lead to frustration. i will admit i did not spend 100 hours on learning in great detail about the nuances of flight dynamics, trajectories, speed vs lift and so on. and fully understand the plane wont do exactly what you want it to do when you want it to, its not a jet fighter staying in the air by sheer thrust alone. if that is what this game requires then i'm simply not interested in playing it, and made the right call in smashing the disc. lol. Thanks for the helpful comments: damon8r351, DarkHarmonixer, Potent_Delusions, Terra and jare. your comments have been very constructive! much appreciated. Conclusion: this is not a game for casual gamers that want to play on the hardest difficulty or for trophy hunters that want fast or easier platinums. AVOID if that's your intentions.
  2. yes i was playing the tutorial mission for simulator unlock not even the main game yet. and no matter what i did the fighter was behind me or banking where i could not get a shot in. there no HUD so have to visually track the enemy by pressing r3 and have the camera jump around like a terrier on caffeine. alright then that's useless. lets try to pull the map while banking to locate the enemy because other wise he will get behind you... NOPE being shot at now plane is damaged and fly's like a brick hurled by a gladiator. ok crash on purpose to get a new plane. back to square one cant track enemy surprise surprise death spiral 3 times in a row crash. next finally got him in the sights.. oh wait your plane doesn't want to return to level while banking to get the shot lined up in time ..Oh hes gone spend another five minutes turning and and banking to catch him again and oh hes coming at you got 1 second to line up a shot ohh nope moment gone and the enemy manages to snipe you in a split second damages plane, doesn't fly properly again. spend another five minutes banking and turning and loop ta loops oh he shot you down EJECT BUTTON aim at ground FIRE THE DISC. BAM right on target!... if the tutorial mission is that messed up screw the rest of the game. huh maybe i should of tried flying backwards. Thanks for the replies! dunno maybe im just bad at playing games lol
  3. I had more fun in 5 seconds smashing the disc on the ground repeatedly till it was in 50,000 pieces..... than i ever did playing it. i was in a blind rage. now this crap is on my trophy list like a scar that will never heal. probably need anger management now. I question why i even bother trophy hunting anymore. maybe i should quit and find something else that's not so stressful and aggravating. any ideas?
  4. approximately 35-45 hours 5-6 hours a weekday plus a solid one and a half weekend day.
  5. Fairwell psnp for at least a while.. have to hit the books and study study study..... tired of being at the bottom of the totem poll... ill miss 98% of you peeps.

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    2. IntenseFATE98


      I always study a lot but that doesnt keep me away from PSNP :P

    3. Lord_of_Ra


      May we win the war, fellow soldier :P

      Best of luck dude!

    4. NotAFoxAnymore
  6. i consider it easy to grind trophies if they arnt bugged or MP.... Trophies that require you to die 4000 times for one luck based play through to make it pop are not easy, or find every piece of something you have to constantly consult a guide for and if you miss once piece your ducked.. is annoying at best. thanks for the info! ill definitely try it out
  7. Face it we love games.... developers love money, we have money.... they take it, we allow them... They will do what ever it takes to get a larger profit margin. dlc's, now even micro transactions, bonus this, exclusive that.. all designed to take said money from you and keep it for themselves. and they will do the minimal amount of work to accomplish that. see on steam 40 bucks for a game in alpha stage 1 million people have purchased it why spend money to finish the game if your already walking away with those kinds of profits and now? the game hasn't released and update in months the jokes on us because we are too stupid to say NO, F U. I disagree with it but in the end, who cares what I think? they are going to do the same thing a cornered animal would do. Anything to make a profit.
  8. I platinum games to drive me to play them, to get my moneys worth out of them. to challenge myself. to waste a lot of time. to build a profile and have something to be proud of.(just recently that is) rarely just because I like the game that much. (any fallout and the last of us) its odd these days, at least for me.. I don't really "have fun" playing games anymore... but I do enjoy doing the activity. does that make sense?
  9. good luck to the both of you!!! theirs no losers in this competition!!! getting plat's means everyone wins!!!! ugh I hope I can remember to check back in a year....
  10. I have heard a new home world pc game coming out. I waited years and it finally got announced. watched the trailer and it's nothing like the previous games and will probably never play. Has this happened to you? What games?

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    2. Sir_Bee


      Sacred 3. I loved and even occasionally still go back and play Sacred 2, but Sacred 3 was just a huge letdown. So much so that I never even bought it.

    3. Macross_Mark-1


      yeah i'm not sure if you will agree with this but I found FF has gone down hill since ff8 to be fair I have played 9 and 13 and don't get more then a few hours into them before I turn them off. so i'm probably not well versed since ff8

      I never played the sacred series, at least they had one game you loved!!

    4. Sir_Bee


      FF 8 and FF X-2 are honestly the only FF I have never finished. When your group has to split up and you are forced to use certain people I always lose steam. That being said, I have spent several dozen hours just playing triple triad lol. As for after 8, in my opinion 9 was great, 10 was awesome, 12 was good, 13 and their successors were good (I am in the minority here though), and 14 is awesome so far.

  11. Yeah psn has been finicky, I noticed on Sunday morning.. Kept getting disconnected from MP boosting session, signing out of psn. ended up rescheduling for another day. Had a heck of a time updating. trophies wouldn't sync with psn a few try's gets it done though. I hope they fix psn soon!! Just got to wait it out!!
  12. Im very close to whipping bioshock 2 disc at the wall and breaking it for a second time because of gay ass multiplayer trophies that are only acheiveable by boosting or playing with aim bots. might aswell label the plat unobtainable. thanks Greifers,

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    2. Macross_Mark-1


      thanks condemned09

    3. Macross_Mark-1


      Thanks McJacs2! just getting out the frustration, before I blow up.

    4. Macross_Mark-1


      CandiBunni you have been deleted.

  13. ooo i'm shaking in my boots i guess ill have no choice but to be ripped off every time i buy a new game at full price from now on. guess i wont be buying any new games and the market will still be where it would of been regardless of my actions. because I only buy used games, I would rather spend a weekend at a resort with the wife with the money I save from going used.
  14. Hey there we go Renatabls is correct, after popping in 2 new games and earning one trophy on one game both now appear after psn and psnp sync. finally a definitive answer on that... good job Renatabls! Sigh you know what the problem is now? no not that I've been proven wrong! I got 2 new games with 0% and a 1% to now platinum!!! Back log peeps back log!
  15. hi guys! so I got home and synced my wife's psn and then updated psnp and its still not showing the games. so I popped in a new game I haven't played yet on my profile (crysis 2)... after a 20 minute install I synced with psn then updated psnp and..... its not there, I even waited an hour to re update psnp and still zip. maybe because your a moderator(staff)? or a premium member your profile shows 0% games, the first I have ever seen. so honestly if you guys don't believe, ill make pictures and upload them. or try it on your own profile yourself. to confirm this with unregistered and regular members. and also with premium members. so as of right now I stand by all my statements on my original post.