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  1. Yeah I guess I'll have to try that. Reinstalling game and deleting save data worked for the Last Words trophy so hopefully this is similar. I ran a little bit over two hours to complete the full game, skipping whichever fights I could. Playthrough five, here I come. It's a good thing I actually like this game. EDIT: Playthrough five clocked in at 2h15m and I'm happy to say that the trophy did NOT glitch on the final run. I didn't inspect anything else in the whole game except for the three required for the trophy. Thanks Molideau, Gladiator995, and Caudill for the help. Good luck aZombieDictator if you decide to go for it, hopefully it doesn't glitch out.
  2. Dude, you're a hero. Thank you so much. Same here, saves at chapter 2, 4, and 6. Playthrough #4 here we come. EDIT: Looked at all three (telescope, manor, employee of the month) and it didn't unlock. I guess it glitched and I don't think I want to run it a fifth time with no guarantee it will unlock.
  3. That one was a poster of Nikola Tesla. I've checked it each time but no trophy. Just finished a third run up to the Employee of the Month photo with no luck. Thought I ran my character over what felt like every wall surface in the game. No clue.
  4. Yeah, I figured there was another one, thanks for clearing that up. It must not be super obvious if you don't remember seeing it.
  5. Is anybody else having issues with trophies being glitchy or not popping? Specifically Last Words and What were you staring at?! Last Words, I've gotten the same 6 as the video above with no luck. "You're stepping on my head." "I'll never do it again." "Only five more minutes..." "That's all folks." "Here I await you my love. Don't delay." "John C. Keaton, good husband, lousy electrician." What are you staring at?!, I looked at the Employee of the Month photo in the first lab during Matt's solo section and nothing happened. I also looked at the photo in the manor earlier in the playthrough. I'm not sure what else to try at this point besides reinstalling the game and hoping that fixes it. EDIT: Deleting my save game data and starting a new game made the Last Words trophy pop but not the What are you staring at?! trophy. Could there be another picture that is required earlier?