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  1. Never mind, you can.
  2. Another question, can I use chapter select for the collectibles trophy? I have obtained the PS3 version of platinum awhile back but forgot if you can or not and also, are you allowed to die when doing the collectibles?
  3. Looks like an easier platinum than the original.
  4. I use a dark theme app for this site sometimes but I shouldn’t have to in my opinion as there should just be a dark theme option.
  5. I’m never having children but I say let them play video games at an early age so they grow up to have great memories of playing different types of video games.
  6. PS4 version of Sound Shapes is my fastest platinum because of cloud sync.
  7. The last trophy I earned is my rarest one, check my trophy profile.
  8. A Sound Shapes trophy the day I got my PS4 which was on Christmas back in 2013, the first thing I did when I got my PS4 was cloud sync to obtain the PS4 version of the platinum back when cloud syncing was possible before the Sound Shapes servers shut down.
  9. I’m fine with it, shame the Loadout servers shut down though as I only needed one more trophy to obtain 100%. Close to a new rare as fuck trophy which will hopefully be rarer than my current, I will post in this topic about it once I obtain it because it’s gonna be a surprise.
  10. No but my parents can buy me one if they wish to which will be awesome if so.
  11. I actually like some of Retilka Games games but I won’t deny that I also played some of their games that weren’t my cup of tea just for the sake of the platinum but now I only bother with games I enjoy, My days with playing games I don’t enjoy just for trophies are over, I have to like a game to bother chasing the platinum or 100% now.
  12. MotoGP 14 (PS4 version) is my most recent platinum.
  13. I can relate.
  14. By the way, I won been 2nd place, I think you just need to at least be 2nd place while also beating Barrow in the mix plus you also need to cross the finish line. I thought I’d share this since it’s helpful to know.
  15. LittleBigPlanet 2