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  1. My psn ID is now BrettyBoy100 instead of Brettyboy888 because I wanted to make the other B capital but changing my psn ID and adding different numbers was the only way. Maybe I was just really slow with virtual keyboard back when I first got psn (I’m faster with it now) and didn’t think about capitalising the other B but idk. 

  2. I usually use an IPad and mobile.
  3. I feel there should be a feature to change theme on this site. The white is an eye sore in my opinion but that is just me. Nice site overal though.
  4. This game has some damn well relaxing soundtracks. A decent game if platformers are your cup of tea.
  5. I hope the platinum is still obtainable since I’m chasing the platinum.
  6. Thanks man.
  7. Thanks man. They are such a bitch.
  8. Anyone got any tips for the MotorStorm RC drift events? Chasing the platinum.
  9. Thanks for the info dudes.
  10. Is the platinum a 9/10 difficulty? It says so on a trophy guide or does the guide writer mean without boosting?
  11. Nothing wrong with in-game cheating. Hacking trophies however is really dumb.
  12. https://youtu.be/oyn2P7mttic
  13. I enjoy some of their games.