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  1. Easiest platinum obtained: Jack N Jill Hardest platinum obtained: Killzone 2
  2. I know how being cheated on feels man. People that cheat deserve to be called out for it.
  3. Oh man. That is a bad situation. Not sure what to do as I don’t have the trophy myself. Sorry.
  4. Hope the game is cheap when it releases on PS4. I’m into racing games so this game looks like it would be my cup of tea.
  5. Good. Thanks for the info.
  6. Does anyone know if I would need to unlock champions for the ‘Master Collector’ trophy to unlock or could I just obtain the trophy without doing that? Because it lets me pay gold to level up even locked characters.
  7. Collectibles, missables and the type of trophies where you can’t turn off your console or you will have to start over with attempting to obtain a certain trophy. Etc.
  8. Thanks for the info.
  9. Hope the platinum isn’t unobtainable now. That sucks.
  10. I see that I can still level up any character even when certain characters are locked. Would I need to unlock the characters too to make the trophy pop?
  11. Thanks man. Will try that.
  12. Does anyone know how to unlock cards in Paladins? I’m confused as fuck and need to do this for a trophy required in the game.

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    2. BrettyBoy


      So I just level up characters just unlock the cards?

    3. KingGuy420


      Pretty sure. And I could be wrong but I think each character only has 3 now instead of 4, which means you have to level everybody... If there's even enough characters? I dunno, the requirements for this trophy have changed soooooo many times that it's hard to keep track lol.

    4. BrettyBoy


      Thanks for the info. 

  13. Hey man. How do you unlock the cards? This is confusing.