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  1. When I reach 125 platinums, I plan to enjoy a game I play first before worrying about chasing the platinum. I’m still gonna chase platinums and 100%’s but just won’t worry as much about them. I will also only be obtaining platinums and 100%’s on games I enjoy only after that too since I love the feeling of obtaining a platinum and 100% on a game I enjoy.
  2. I know the feeling man.
  3. Midnight Deluxe and 36 Fragements Of Midnight were both real men shit. Hope game developers release another Midnight game at some point.

  4. Thinking of buying this game to obtain the platinum before the server shut down. So you can use 2 controllers to boost online trophies with yourself?
  5. How is that hacker not banned from this site? He brags about hacking people’s Warhawk stats but hacking is against the rules on psn.
  6. Like I said, fuck them hackers man.
  7. Well, Warhawk save is all backed up on the Warhawk server so that won’t help sadly.
  8. Well, some loser is resetting people’s Warhawk stats. Hackers suck man.
  9. How are we meant to obtain the platinum without boosting considering the fact the servers are shutting down REAL SOON?
  10. Fuck.
  11. This is all just so wrong man.
  12. This sucks man. One of the excuses for one of the hacker’s for doing all this shit was ‘They aren’t earning the platinum the normal way’ or something but how the fuck is anyone meant to obtain the platinum without boosting now when the servers are shutting down soon and with the fact obtaining the platinum without boosting takes way longer?
  13. I see your point here. Really annoying when people purposely disconnect in a non-boosting match in a video game just because you won. Like stop being selfish and accept defeat, you know?
  14. Yeah, exactly. It would only be bad if we were boosting to be top of leaderboard but we are only doing this to obtain the platinum and at least we aren’t boosting in other people’s normal matches.