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  1. Thanks, man.
  2. Like the topic title asks, how you use the invincible power in Cuphead? I done it by mistake today and wondering how you actually do it, intentionally.
  3. You take pride in obtaining trophies many others haven’t obtained.
  4. My story about how I got my PS5 is gonna be straight to the point but I got it as Christmas present from my parents.
  5. Summer headache. X(

  6. Like the topic title asks, how do I play and create user generated trials in Mirrors Edge Catalyst? I need the online trophies and want them out the road as soon as possible incase the servers ever shut down. Edit: I think I just need to get further into the story aspect of the game so I will see if that is the case. Edit: Yep, I just needed to get further into the story and have obtained the two online trophies now.
  7. The trophy popped at 285 comics collected, not sure if I will bother in-game 100% or not but there is a trophy for beating all combat challenges and I’m stuck on the final one so anyone got tips?
  8. I’m stuck on this timed mission on the hardest difficulty setting.
  9. In the game The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is there a way to keep hero status permanently remained? It’s so fucking annoying when I keep getting dragged into a mission where I need to defeat some robot thing when I’m just trying to collect all the comic books.
  10. Reading this post and the replies made me start over again since I wasn’t far anyway just to be on the safe side and to make fully sure I chose the hard difficulty setting.
  11. I’m fine with a challenge but the fucking controls are dreadful, especially when facing the final boss even on the difficulty you’re forced to start on to unlock elite agent mode and there is no way to change the controller settings as far as I know.
  12. I have never played the game before but I feel that it’s the American version of the game that’s trophy glitched.
  13. Sod what others think, if it looks like a game you might like, just buy it.
  14. If arcade games are your cup of tea then you should enjoy it.
  15. No platinum for me since that custom mask trophy is no longer obtainable and I don’t have the trophy. X(