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  1. I obtained the platinum playing alone. No online required to obtain the platinum.
  2. Cba to type it so check my profile, dudes.
  3. I see your point but the thing is, you see a collectible on the game that you already collected which is just confusing if you ask me.
  4. Terminator Salvation (hard mode hacked), Call Of Duty Classic (difficulty trophies hacked), Fuel, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (treasures hacked but got most of them legit) and Modern Warfare 2 are my only hacked platinums. That was all years back though, got someone to do the hacks for me. I admit, it was dumb but you know what they say, you live you learn. The majority of my trophy collection is legit though and I have also earned MOST of my trophies without anyone earning trophies for me.
  5. I stopped using Facebook anyway after dealing with every account I make constantly getting disabled or locked so personally no loss for me. I didn’t tend to use that share feature anyway.
  6. The Getaway, Road Trip Adventure, The Getaway: Black Monday, Gregory Horror Show, Shadow The Hedgehog In no order though.
  7. Event is called ‘Just like Barros’ and thanks for the tip, man. I only need this one trophy to obtain the platinum but struggling with this event and once I beat the event, my platinum is obtained.
  8. Anyone got any tips for the final event on MotoGP 14 in ‘Challange the champions’ mode? It’s making me so frustrated.
  9. Welcome.
  10. Welcome to the site.
  11. Welcome, dude.
  12. Welcome.
  13. Yoo

    Welcome to the forum.
  14. Welcome, man.
  15. Someone who only plays video games on easy difficulty setting but that is an ‘each to their own’ type thing.