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  1. If you mean my reply then I don’t really consider it a ‘war’. I haven’t went out my way to harass him or anything like that.
  2. He is the one that directley followed me first. You can get suspended on Twitter just for not being an NPC cuck because the admins of Twitter are cucks themselves that expect you to only have hiveminded views like the majority and to not speak the truth. Edit: Oh, I see he has a huge follower to following ratio now. Maybe he went on an unfollowing spree for whatever reason. Another edit: I don’t think he had such a big ratio at the time I saw he unfollowed me though, if I recall right so idk, it’s whatever.
  3. I was planning to not buy this game developer’s games anymore after he unfollowed me on my now suspended Twitter account (it’s basically a fuck you to someone who bought and played your games) but not sure if I will be able to resist buying this since I liked the original Perils Of Baking games.
  4. I have the platinum trophy of this game on psn and the 1000g of this game on Xbox360 version of the game.
  5. That game is probably cheaper to be fair. If I ever become a game developer, I will probably make cash grab games myself so people will buy the game for fast trophies because money you know? I will make a game not only for trophy sake too though if I do become a game developer.
  6. Some funny shit.
  7. I got the trophy by accident to be honest.
  8. Medal Of Honour: Frontline has no online trophies.
  9. That trophy is crazy, man. There are probably gonna be the types who ‘Want to get the trophy fairly’ (not judging though, do what you wish) who will unironically wait 10 years just to obtain this as a last trophy for the platinum.
  10. Damn, looks like people are still dealing with bugs, according to a few replies in this thread.
  11. Not anything incredible but I do have platinums that take effort ordained too but my latest platinum is one of the Bowling Story games.
  12. I will only bother with getting a higher percent or all the trophies except the apparent glitchy one. Not many people have the platinum and I assume because of the glitch getting in the road of it.
  13. It would make 100% completion only trophy hunter accounts looks questionable so yeah, bad idea, no offence to those who like the idea.
  14. I don’t to be honest. To be fair, there is a difference between a game being toxic and the player base of a game being toxic.
  15. In one or more of the Bowling Story games, I got the platinum before even finishing seeing the ending and played until I saw the said ending.