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  1. Can this trophy still be earned even if you’re having trouble connecting online?
  2. I have earned the majority of trophies on my account myself and it definitely feels way more rewarding to just do shit yourself.
  3. God Of War: Ascension is my latest platinum.
  4. I find the game decent besides the boring puzzles which kill the mood of the game since I just want the virtual killing experience.
  5. You can probably just use sleep mode whenever you’re not playing.
  6. Starwhal is my latest platinum, the PS4 version of the game.
  7. I was called BrettyBoy by people in the past and still do get called it sometimes and the 888 is just a random number.
  8. If the majority of your trophy collection is legit then you’re no longer a cheater as long as the trophy hacks were long ago, not exactly fair to be labelled a cheater for the rest of your life over something dumb you did awhile back.
  9. Thanks, dudes.
  10. Shame, I thought this was gonna be a challenging platinum to obtain.
  11. So this only matters on the 18th hole?
  12. I enjoyed MOST of the games I obtained the platinum and 100% on.
  13. For the par trophies in Golf With Your Friends, do I need to get a par in all the holes on the courses, how do them trophies work?
  14. This sucks ass because I want to obtain that platinum. X(