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  1. Obtain the platinum in a Crash game? One day but I’m yet to even beat a Crash game to be honest.
  2. I don’t remember but I possibly did obtain the Rocket League platinum back in 2017 while I was sleeping and doing that method where you don’t need to be touching the controller for that miles trophy which was the last trophy I needed to obtain the platinum but I definitely remember doing that method though.
  3. In the game ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified when I’m not touching anything, I automatically look down. Is this supposed to happen? I’m wondering if this is just an issue with my Vita, if this is just a bug or if this was intended.
  4. I suppose starting over is best just to be on the safe side but be sure to just finish the game on classic difficulty this time and focus on that before worrying about anything else and then you can change difficulty setting without any worries. Hopefully you haven’t already beat the ‘Fair Play’ story mode mission on classic difficulty yet as that mission on classic difficulty is the thing that makes obtaining the platinum for this game hard and having to beat that mission on classic difficulty setting again would be a bitch.
  5. Thanks, man. I’m gonna guess that the race on classic difficulty setting is what makes the platinum difficult.
  6. Has anyone got tips for the race mission on the classic difficulty setting in Mafia: Definitive Edition?
  7. Budweiser, old boy.
  8. Killzone 2 because that trophy for completing the game on elite difficulty setting was hard.
  9. If you’re a completionist (as in having to have 100% trophies on every game on your trophy list) then damn, that sucks, man but I’m personally not so I personally have no problem playing any multiplayer games just for fun.
  10. I’m gonna hide my 5 hacked platinums from when I was a moron. It sucks that psnprofiles doesn’t count hidden games so it will fuck with my milestones on my trophy profile on this site but oh all, you live, you learn.
  11. I see your point but staff can’t really monitor what goes on outside this site.
  12. Thanks, man.
  13. Like the topic title asks, how you use the invincible power in Cuphead? I done it by mistake today and wondering how you actually do it, intentionally.
  14. You take pride in obtaining trophies many others haven’t obtained.