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  1. I'm getting tired of DLC trophies (generally) but at least this DLC is free.
  2. Fair play. đŸ˜›
  3. I did that. đŸ˜›
  4. I'm at the point where online death match modes in shooters just bore the hell out of me now. I only really enjoy elimination type of modes now. Anything which involves no respawning after being killed is my cup of tea. 

    1. Brettyboy888


      Just multiplayer wise in shooters though.

  5. Dark Sector, Medal Of Honour Airborne, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and some others. I played Dark Sector a lot back in the days because the online infection mode is so much fun.
  6. They probaly bought the game before it was removed but didn't play the game straight away.
  7. Rainbow Six Seige, Killzone, Dead By Daylight, Arcade Game Series: Pacman and a bunch of others. I have a lot of games that I still need to obtain platinum trophy in.
  8. I obtained the platinum yesterday and I enjoyed the game.
  9. Do you have a passport? Maybe you could try using that.
  10. I had my psn account since late 2008.
  11. I'm not fussed about completion ratio.
  12. Thanks man. This actually helps. The trials are frustrating.
  13. Looks decent.
  14. Zombie Apocalpse