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  1. NoPlatsAllowed is honestley the best 'no platinum' trophy hunter I seen. 188 100%'s and no platinums, holy fuck. The most funny trophy collection I seen too. ūüėõ

  2. Well not the players fault that the game developers made a trophy where you need to play for so many hours.
  3. Party Hard is a bad ass and funny game. 

  4. Once I reach 2k friends on psn, I will be deleting the fake people since fake people do not deserve to be added on my legendary psn profile. Just wanna reach the friend limit first.

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    2. Brettyboy888


      Not many since the majority of people in my town are fake mainstram assholes.

      I only have like one friend in real life who isn't fake. Quality over quantity. And I am going for 2k friends just for fun. I am not doing it to make people care either. I am doing it for myself. 

    3. Baron Deathman

      Baron Deathman

      buncha cucks in your neck of the woods eh? sorry to hear that brother, keep that chin up and branch out.

    4. Brettyboy888
  5. Death mode is hard but possible to beat but it's a good game so pointless avoiding a game just over difficult trophies. Death mode is really the only hard thing about that game. It would be pretty boring if everything was easy all the time.
  6. Guess I'm just too literal. ūüėõ Thanks man.
  7. It says on my Psn profile on this site that the 4000th trophy I earned was 3 years ago. Close but the 4000th trophy was earned in September 2014 so it was 2 years ago still. Just thought that I would point that out so I don't leave an issue left unsaid. Also not sure if this is the right section to post this problem so sorry if it isn't.
  8. Killing Floor 2
  9. Sup? 

    1. Nuttro93


      G'day mate. Back into trophy hunting?

    2. Brettyboy888


      Yeah. I have been for again for 2 years almost.

  10. I really like that feature. Good way to show how good you are at earning platinums that are considered good.
  11. It's an in-game thing invented by the game developers so I wouldn't worry about it and you were using your own save file at least so yeah.
  12. I'm ok with a challenge but one thing I always hated in shooters is having to revive NPC's when they get injured so you have to pretty much protect yourself while making sure the NPC's on your side don't die either. I have 100% achievements on Spec Ops: The Line on Xbox360 and I have the platinum on Call Of Duty: World at War on PS3 and to be honest, at least on Call Of Duty: World At War on veteran difficulty you only have to rely on yourself. Veteran difficulty may be tough but at least you don't need to rely on dumb ass NPC's that keep going down all the time whole also protecting yourself at the same time unlike fubar difficulty on Spec Ops: The Line where you need to rely on the NPC's as well as yourself. That is challenging in a dumb way. 

    1. Brettyboy888
    2. skateak


      I though the helicopter chase was the worst part of FUBAR. Didn't have much of an issue elsewhere, that I remember. 

    3. Brettyboy888
  13. Bad idea because people without PlayStation Plus would lose their save files and shit if they lost all their save data and have no way to get the save dates back. I use to use a flash drive a lot because I was visiting another house and using someone else's PS3 and also using my own when I was at my house and I kept saving my data to flash drive so I didn't need to start over everytime I am at a different house and using a different PS3. Etc. If people have to hack all the time to gain trophies then it is their loss anyway, no one else's.
  14. If anyone has Dark Sector and wants an infection mode match then let me know. I really enjoy the infection mode on that game and willing to face anyone on that game. I am one of the best players on that game. Message BrettyBoy888 and ask for a match if you want to face me.

    1. Brettyboy888


      Well one of the best players on that game online wise.

  15. Cod online is for 10 year olds. Battlefield online is for the real men.

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    2. Neputyunu


      Yeah, because you need to play shooters, and to watch horror movies and porn, to be "a real man"... *rolleyes*

    3. midgetstrawdog


      Don't really play BF since pre-AW CoD was always 10x better. But doesn't BF have a different mic system where you can't hear your whole team the whole game? I'm sure the ratio of kids on both games is a lot closer than you would think.


      Never understood the hate for quick scoping, it's something that makes the game a little more difficult for fun. 

    4. Brettyboy888