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  1. It’s an ok game but repetitive as hell.
  2. The clown mask just because it looks bad ass.
  3. That must of sucked man.
  4. ‘You are only allowed to give reputation 10 times per day. You cannot give any more reputation today’. Guys, I will give you all reputation once it lets me again because I don’t want to ignore anyone who commented. Yes.
  5. Nice work dude’s. And very funny, Bunau
  6. Not sure if there is already a topic about this but I thought this would be an interesting topic but what platinums have you managed to obtain WITHOUT boosting that have online trophies? Killzone Mercenary, Resistance 2 and Battlefield 4 (PS3 version) for me as far as I remember.
  7. So I know that I need to earn 180 stars to unblock all High Value Target missions but would that mean I would need to 5 star all missions in the game or just the majority of them?
  8. There is a trick to upload foreign Vita game platinums on to your main account, legally.
  9. Looks like a fun platformer.
  10. I got the trophy in under 10 tries but good luck man if you still haven’t obtained that trophy. Edit: Never mind. Saw the comment.
  11. The game is ok but not really a big fan. I prefer Rainbow Six Siege or Battlefield 4 for online gameplay. Etc.
  12. The game is decent and has relaxing soundtracks.
  13. Midnight Deluxe
  14. I also enjoyed that game.
  15. Fun game for anyone that is a Sonic fan and if platformers are your cup of tea.