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  1. Hey, Anyone else experienced a weird issue with this trophy? i was just finishing up my badges with a couple of runs to get Brewnade and Slig apprehension on the final level. I did a slig apprehension run first then did the brewnade one (which was stupid because when I did the brewnade run I also got the slig apprehension badge again 🤦). anyhoo, I used vendos on my brewnade run and when the ending started I got the platinum badge master trophy. But then the Savin’ that Moolah trophy popped along with the actual Platinum as that was my last trophy!! I couldn’t see why save for that I didn’t spend Moolah on the Moolah gates. I also only used the free vendos I think - the first rock candy and rubber band ones. relief. This game has been a pain in the ass. later!
  2. Ah ok, so I go to my ps4 and follow the instructions to upload save IN GAME, then go to my ps5, install and then follow the instructions IN GAME to download save. Then auto pop? cheers
  3. Hi, Quick question: My platinum save is on my PS4 (at a different house). Do I send it to the cloud, install on PS5 and upgrade, then transfer the save from the cloud to PS5? Or is there a built in transfer when you load up the game? do I need to upgrade or does the stack occur anyway? cheers
  4. I played one run killing everything because I knew I had to do that. But I played just to play the game. second run is no sligs and saving everyone. then just clean up. if you have to plan to reduce your playing time you’ve already read ahead and know everything about the game. I generally just want a blind run to enjoy the game first.
  5. [EDIT] seems a good old forum rant sorts out gaming issues yet again!! I quit out the game, turned off the PS5 and then thought, "no I'll retry the level once more". Loaded up the save point and just checked the invisible wall again before restarting and i walked through unhindered. Relief. Cheers anyway. I'll leave the original post below in case some other poor soul finds themselves in the same situation. ---------------- Hey Guys, I am getting pretty upset at this game now. Im doing my Save All Mudokons and Too Pure for this World run. Doing well, but it has taken me ages. I am on Slig Barracks and as I get to the part where you save mudokons 26/45 (the place where you get the silver key), I drop down, pull the lever to stop the red lightning and continue out to finish the rest of the level and BOOM invisible wall where the door used to be. I reloaded the check point, closed the game and reloaded, threw stuff, tried to blow myself through it, went back through the secret door and back, tried to jump glitch my way through and I restarted the level but got to the same part and the invisible wall is still there. I am desperate not to start another run right from the beginning...any one else encountered this and is there a fix? HELP!!!!! Cheers.
  6. Yeah so I was level 140 when I started playing just now. I had 33 skill points and low and behold, that equals 173. So I upgraded and then had no trouble. I also got that throw back projectiles and tried it on Eorforwine. It took like 23 health off of her and knocked her over but because I was so far away, I could capitalise. Have they nerfed it with this update? Everyone seems to think it was a zealot decimator but I could have sneezed on her and done more damage. cheers
  7. Hi Guys, Just had a few mins before I went to bed and thought “now that im Level 120/130 I’ll go and smash one of those recommended level 90 Zealots”. so I went to Eorforwine and started the battle. Says her level is 173 and she hits mega hard. Is that right? Do zealots scale with the player? It annoyed me a bit considering it says 90+ (Writing in green on the order page) also, I made the choice for Zealots to find me, yet they never have. Seems to be the opposite, they go in every direction except to me. seems odd to me. Anyone else experienced this? cheers.
  8. I managed to platinum Slyde in 27 seconds, or so it says on here. 😂
  9. Awesome! thanks again for the replies see you all on the forum!
  10. Thank you very much for the quick replies. To clarify by "PSN", this would be the lower of the numbers as it is the total across all owners (including those not registered to this website)? which would make sense that the higher figure is a lower proportion of owners and only those people registered on this site. Cheers,
  11. Hi guys, First post as I am moving over to this site from Playstation Trophies given the weird and wonderful update they are currently undergoing. Anyhoo, just a quick query re: website features. So, if i click on "TROPHIES" in the top navigation bar, there is a list generated. Hover over any of those games/trophies and the % and rarity generally decreases. What is the reason for that? Cheers and look forward to many more posts (game related in future). Tom