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  1. Wrong. It's the worst.
  2. OP has some guts Most people will be offended by your post, but it's true. Leaderboards and rank mean nothing, been saying this for years. All they indicate is you might have more games, or might have more time on your hands. If you think logically, the guy who sits at home without a full time job playing games is going to have more trophies than anyone else, in general. It's always a time/skill ratio, and you'll notice this trend where people playing instant-plat easy games to pad their trophy level. I noticed this is in many trophy hunter discord channels where they had massive egos but only played short games and ignored the longer or more difficult games. But yeah, heaven forbid you offend them, they take trophies personally and might think you're personally attacking them. Maybe stop the circlejerking? We know you like trophies but it's not your personal life.
  3. I don't know why you quoted me since I didn't say anything about EA fixing anything. That's why port forwarding is a workaround to solve the connectivity issue. It's kinda complex, there's a few guides on the internet for port forwarding PS3 games. It's going into your modem/router homepage and allowing certain connections.
  4. Forward your ports. That's why nobody can connect because it's an older style game. Once you do this then people can join.
  5. You need to install the game and play it so it will appear in your dropdown menu.
  6. PS4 trophy modding/hacking has been a thing for a few years now. PSNP just wants to keep it quiet and will remove all links because of their precious 'leaderboard'. They really do not want members from this site associating with other websites/groups. You'll need to do your own research if you wanna look into it further. Honestly in my opinion it would not be worth it financially to risk your PS4 from breaking from using different firmwares, etc. No need to burn your money and time like that. Most of these people have money to waste and just do it for a hobby to learn technology and try to find ways to work around restrictions. They tinker because it drives them, that is what they enjoy. To each his own.
  7. That's incredibly slow rate of kills.
  8. It's a survival game, what did you expect?
  9. Use adblocker. Select that red box. Done. Or use a different addon for disabling sections: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock#ublock-origin
  10. Cool. Just double checking, it's engrained into me because I did QA (quality assurance) for some time at an old job. Have to double check all possibilities no matter how dumb they may be.
  11. I clicked your thread and remember posting there. Nothing changed yet.
  12. I doubt they will fix it. Support just ignored my post when I brought it up to them that the download queues no longer work.
  13. Controls are a bit dated but overall, yeah, pretty decent shooter game! Easy trophy list to boot.
  14. Just think it's funny people compare epeen sizes.
  15. Hakoom is best profile.