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  1. PS4Pro uses a different bandwidth of wifi as I understand it. I'm surprised you replaced the ps4 pro with another one, instead of just googling. No amount of replacing systems is going to fix it. source: google https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=ps4+pro+wifi https://twinfinite.net/2016/11/ps4-pro-wifi-connection-better/ https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4Pro/comments/7yhbx0/5ghz_wifi_is_trash_on_the_ps4_pro/
  2. That was only true 10 years ago, around the time the ps3 launched. Nowadays not so much. Your PC selection varies between indie games and many mmo games, and the standard AAA you will find on console.
  3. Common sense isn't so common then. You learn this stuff about usernames in high school or making your first email, never name it something stupid. "hotsexygal6969" isn't going to work when you get older. "hotchad6969" isn't going to work when you get older. It's your own fault for picking a dumb username.
  4. There you have it. You don't think. You go through life mindlessly.
  5. Still baffles me how people can create usernames and not think about having them permanently.... like how?
  6. The first one, while nostalgic feeling, is a live-action shot overlayed on screen in a game styled around heavily cell-shaded outlines. It's out of place really. I can see why they changed it. Probably will tie in BL3 eventually with this new "digital" look. It fits better with the style/aesthetic of cell shading and cartoon.
  7. Generic title. Just means any multiplayer. Friends or randoms doesn't matter.
  8. But this doesn't help you join random players at all... bad fix.
  9. More of a hassle than just playing the game.
  10. Nah. You can leave.
  11. Wrong. It's the worst.
  12. OP has some guts Most people will be offended by your post, but it's true. Leaderboards and rank mean nothing, been saying this for years. All they indicate is you might have more games, or might have more time on your hands. If you think logically, the guy who sits at home without a full time job playing games is going to have more trophies than anyone else, in general. It's always a time/skill ratio, and you'll notice this trend where people playing instant-plat easy games to pad their trophy level. I noticed this is in many trophy hunter discord channels where they had massive egos but only played short games and ignored the longer or more difficult games. But yeah, heaven forbid you offend them, they take trophies personally and might think you're personally attacking them. Maybe stop the circlejerking? We know you like trophies but it's not your personal life.
  13. I don't know why you quoted me since I didn't say anything about EA fixing anything. That's why port forwarding is a workaround to solve the connectivity issue. It's kinda complex, there's a few guides on the internet for port forwarding PS3 games. It's going into your modem/router homepage and allowing certain connections.
  14. Forward your ports. That's why nobody can connect because it's an older style game. Once you do this then people can join.
  15. You need to install the game and play it so it will appear in your dropdown menu.