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  1. When doing the stats transfer, which trophies will pop when switching over to the PS4 version?
  2. I am thinking that this game should have been skipped on PS3 entirely and just made for PS4. Movement is so jerky, the screen can barely handle the framerate of all the action, etc. as well as a huge draw distance chugs it down even worse. We can clearly see the limitations of the old PS3 when playing this game. Don't get me wrong I like earning 2 trophy lists but it's cringy to play this on PS3. Anyone agree?
  3. Never played a Jak and Daxter game before. I barely managed to get debug to work. I then managed to figure out how to view cutscenes, but this does not pop all the trophies in the game. Is there a guide showing what steps to use to get the platinum? edit: you can pop about 70% using cutscenes viewer and then the rest must be done using level select, finishing level. the others you can use 2nd controller (or set main controller to #2).
  4. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/news/news-24446-Tony-Hawk-Confirms-He-s-No-Longer-Working-WIth-Activision-on-Pro-Skater-Games.html Are the servers shut down now or something? Or does he mean disconnects people complain about? Bold section.
  5. I used multiple controllers and 3rd party controllers with better designed R2 buttons. It's the games problem they designed it for sensitivity pressure.
  6. No you can't. Not unless you want the plat trophy, you must do all requirements.
  7. The problem is the sensitivity for the R2 button. I had this problem with Rogue as well as Liberation so I can confirm. Pressing R2 down extremely hard makes them run as fast as they can, I shouldn't have to cause physical pain to do this. The problem is particularly annoying when a mission requires you to chase target. Controller swap did not fix it. This is a developer problem and they designed this poorly.
  8. Yes. As the video shows they can fall through the map or not be spotted easily.
  9. I notice that I just use the skill to kill monsters and it goes up very slowly. Is there something I can be doing to make it increase more? Killing high XP enemies will that change it? Or does it matter? I need to increase skills on all weapon types. edit: Guess I'll look it up, can never get answers on these forums.
  10. Oh man... glad I left this behind. Always toxic people.
  11. Mine did that too. Had around 500 games, now it's down to 200 something.
  12. I know the experience you describe.... back when the great GameSpy shutdown occurred, gamers were frantically struggling to finish a list of games. Then it happened again with Killzone 2.
  13. Waste of time to do that... but whatever, let them play how they want to.
  14. Is there a way to petition to Sony to patch and remove this ugly feature? I already tweeted them about it. I really don't see why trophies should be blocked from view. Messages I understand, but trophies? No way. Even hidden trophies, you shouldn't be watching livestreams if you don't like spoilers or trophy spoilers. Illustrated below: I was streaming battlefront to show how to get a trophy, at 3:58 is when I earn it, but it appears as blocked:
  15. That's incorrect.  You can remove your profile from psnprofiles manually so it won't be tracked.  I removed my own account from this site.

    1. B1rvine


      You removed your account voluntarily. KentTiger was removed involuntarily. The info given was correct.

    2. DARKB1KE

  16. That's incorrect.  You can remove your profile from psnprofiles manually so it won't be tracked.  I removed my own account from this site. 

    1. Sergen


      I know, the wording can be different. If it says "this user has been removed and cannot be tracked" that means that it was a removal due to cheating. If it says "this user was requested to be removed and cannot be tracked" that means that the person has chosen to remove themselves.

    2. DARKB1KE


      Ah.  They don't word that very well then, its very similar. 

  17. It's P2P, if host leaves it migrates.
  18. Wasn't it because of previous server shutdowns?
  19. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFItIX8SIs4zqhJCHpbeV1A/videos That'll keep you busy.
  20. Sit on the wall, profit.
  21. First of all that XP is pointless when you need end-game level stuff to beat the boss like this. You're much better off AFK'ing to max level.
  22. The PS4 version is upgraded to Dark Arisen and contains several crystals for fast travel. You can place them anywhere on the map to travel to them later. They can be moved if not in the right spots. Once you replay the game a few times you learn the best spots to cut down time on quests. Hire level 200 pawns from friends, no cost.
  23. Uncharted 4 is already harder than UC3 apparently for online stuff.
  24. Yes. If you equip it then pay 5 eridium to butt stalion, you get an effervescent quality shotgun.