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  1. That isn't the same game. That's the 2017 version, this is the ++ remaster from 2021. The controls are genuinely probably the best iv ever seen in a flying game, and the camera is fine too. That levels one of the easiest in the game, its nowhere near as hard as the person in the video is making it look. The no damage trophies are not close to impossible, it just requires practise. My first stack took a long time, but once I'd learnt and practised the game, I platted the second stack in two sittings. Theres a lot of lazy, soulless, zero quality games on psn, but the voices games, for the most part, are not some of them.
  2. Have you played any of his games? I know they're short and some of them look clunky, but the majority of them are genuinely fun, and this one is the best by far in my opinion.
  3. You only played the game for two hours, and didn't even finish the 8 levels. You can't expect to perfect all the levels with such little time and effort. You also spread lies about the PS4 remaster having unobtainable trophies. The game does seem very hard at first, but practise makes perfect. I enjoy the game a lot, and I plan on getting the Plat on both PS5 stacks. It was one of my favourite and most rewarding plats on PS4.
  4. It's not a glitch. The trophy only requires a star in the levels that originally came with the game, and not the free dlc level packs that was added later in updates.
  5. Are you sure your not talking about the sequel, Xposed Reloaded? This is the first one, it's easy, fun, and doesn't take long. If you do mean the sequel, then I'd agree with you.
  6. This is the original game, Xposed Reloaded is the free to play sequel that came out last year. This one was way better in my opinion, and had loads of free content added in. Reel Farm was over 99% off too a couple years ago.
  7. It's fixed now.
  8. Custom settings don't disable trophies. My badges, level, cp points, unlocks, perks and clothes are all still intact, so Id assume trophy progress is too. I've never heard of trophy progress being wiped on this game.
  9. This just happened to both my accounts after the game crashed.
  10. The loyalty rewards sometimes take time to register and actually count as collected. Load up Myfactions later on today and it should work.
  11. I didn't find any tricks for survival. It's just a matter of getting lucky with armour drops and hoping the enemies don't rush you all at once. I also got lucky and had some helicopter enemies, they seem to kill themselves before they damage you. As for leveling up, I used the same method as the person above.
  12. They only work in team deathmatch, the dev is looking into it.
  13. Have you tried buying more heart peices from the shop? They're 500 each, maybe you need some of them too to max out your hearts. Also is there a way to replay levels later on in the game? I missed a letter in the first level of the second hub World, but now the entrance to the level is blocked off so I can't replay it.
  14. Sony gave refunds to the people who bought Hagwala Lengend when it first came out though.
  15. Broken game just reset my save for the second time today, this time when I was in the middle of the last cup. It autosaves everywhere, even on the menus, so once it wipes your save, it autosaves over it instantly. So make sure you back up your save every couple races. Edit - Got the Plat. Thankfully my save didn't get wiped again. Game is actually very fun and I enjoyed all of it except the glitches. The AI definitely weren't bad or cheap to me as posts above described. The AI on Normal and Expert difficulty are so easy that it's almost impossible to lose to them, and you can sometimes lap them. Even if they do manage to overtake, they just let you go ahead straight away. They only actually try to beat you on Extreme difficulty, but even then I won almost every extreme race on first attempt, except for the coin collecting one, that took 5 or 6 attempts. It does feel balanced to me because you get the same speed boosts as they do if you fall behind, so mistakes don't really matter unless it's in the last 30 seconds, and I didn't feel like the AI were attacking me any more than eachother. The challenges were the difficult part in my opinion, theres 40, and some of them took quite a few attempts. One of the ones with inverted controls took a good couple hours to beat and I initially thought it might be a Plat blocker. I'd say it's worth the price, fun game that not many get to experience. You can always just chuck it back on Ebay after and get your money back.