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  1. #8 Final Fantasy XV Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Time Taken: 4 months, 1 week People have been waiting around 10 years for this game and what can I say? 10 years worth waiting. Since I was like 9 years old and didn't hear of Final Fantasy then I obviously didn't have to wait so long but still. It's a good thing they cancelled Versus XIII to make XV instead. After I watched Kingsglaive I was so eager to start XV! The game has it's flaws but I absolutely loved it and enjoyed every second of it. It's been a long time since I enjoyed a game that much so it's of my favorites right now. And I absolutely adore the soundtrack, they did an amazing job with it! The characters are very lovable especially the protagonist, Noctis. and the bond he has with his companions and childhood friends is beautiful. Trophies weren't so hard although some of them were pretty annoying like Maximize fishing level. Spoiler Alert: Last trophy I needed for the platinum was Tortoise Toppler, where you need to kill the adamantoise. It was easier than I thought it would be because I'm only level 68 and he's level 99 so I prepared myself for a 2-3 hour battle. But I tried the ring of Lucii on him out of curiosity and after 25 minutes I cut down half of his life with it and he suddenly vanished, I wasn't expecting that at all. I killed him without even moving ^^"
  2. Just the last trophy I needed to get the platinum! Tortoise Toppler Defeated the adamantoise. 35.63%UNCOMMON
  3. 8# Platinum: Final Fantasy XV 😊 

    Now to wait for the royal edition I ordered so I can get 100%!

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      Nice work!

    3. Kurofur


      @Jesaya815 @Koromaru @Arkonaborg @ee28max @Jaco  


      Thanks a lot guys!! 🤗😊

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      >so I can get 100%!
      Only to get it killed when the next episode comes :/

  4. I always prefer to play Visual Novels on PS Vita. This is like the best experience in my opinion. Since there is usually not much of a gameplay and more reading, it's like reading a book and it's better to have it with you all the time so you can play it anywhere.
  5. There are a lot. Like Metal Gear, Call of Duty, Dark Souls and stuff like that. Not really interested either.
  6. thanks for following me Kurofur😀

  7. my middle finger hurts from scrolling so much
  8. I kinda like it when they add more DLC and trophies. Maybe because I really like the game and don't want it to end haha
  9. I'm a very peaceful and polite person so it's very rare for me to get angry, I just feel sad instead. And when I feel sad, I have video games by my side or I just try to draw something.
  10. Faithful Heir Collected thirteen royal arms. 40.68%UNCOMMON Weaving a Tapestry Completed 80 sidequests. 46.68%UNCOMMON Seize the Moment Performed 10 full-hit cross chains. 13.31%RARE
  11. She's just too cute
  12. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!  😘



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      You like ONE OK ROCK? Awesome me too! :D 


      Thanks I wish you have a wonderful weekend too! 😊


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      Yes, I love them! :) 

      My favourite song is Cry Out. But it's actually hard to name one, cause they're all amazing. xD 

      What's your fav song of them?

    3. Kurofur


      Yup I totally agree, picking just one is hard! I don't think I can do that :P   

      But ummm, one I really like is Mighty Long Fall. I guess because it's one of the first songs I heard by them.

      And yeah Cry Out is beautiful. 🤗 

  13. Japanese and Korean. I do understand some Japanese but not nearly enough to be able to fully communicate with a Japanese person. And about Korean..I don't understand a word haha. I plan on visiting South Korea and Japan in the future so I guess there's still time to learn