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  1. handsome anime boys
  2. 😢 damn
  3. damn that's one sexy Vita, enjoy it!
  4. soda pizza or hamburger?
  5. tinkerbell of course cheese cake or chocolate cake?
  6. damn hard one uhh, i'd go with Vita for now mashed potatoes or french fries?
  7. Deadpool 2 in theaters and got a little souvenir from there couldn't resist haha
  8. Hello my friend hope you're doing okay.  Take care

    1. Kurofur


      im doing alright thanks! hope you're doing well too have a wonderful week!  

    2. Kale


      i'm good thanks :) wish you a wonderful week as well

    3. Kurofur


      thank you :) 

  9. Sharp Shooting Took down 30 enemies with crackshots. 11.63%RARE Field Photographer Took 10 photos mid-battle using Selfie Shot. 13.80%RARE
  10. Who introduced you to the wonders of this fantastic hobby? I really don't remember, I was into games since I can remember so I guess it was myself. My mom bought me my first console which was Wii when I was about 9. And at the time I wasn't seriously into gaming, I mainly played Sonic games and Simulation games on my old computer. If you are in a relationship, has it influenced your gaming habits? It sure has! My ex boyfriend helped me get my PS3 which was a huge stepping stone into the world of serious gaming for me. Before I met him, I was more into anime than gaming because I simply ran out of games to play, my computer was crappy and I didn't touch my Wii anymore. I also had a PS2 which my cousins gave me but it stopped working ages ago. So buying a console after such a long time without gaming was very refreshing. He also let me borrow a lot of games so I could have a nice beginning. And I haven't stopped playing since . I rediscovered my love for gaming because of him so I will always be thankful to him. No matter what happened between us. Do you play together and how is that? Yeah, we used to play together all the time. Mainly Naruto and Tekken. Would you try to share the sense of amazement with your partner or would you rather have your hobby for yourself and your partner should have his/hers? Yes of course. Even more than that - I will probably not get involved with a person who isn't into my hobbies in the first place. Because my hobbies are a huge part of who I am and if I can't talk about it with my partner then I would feel miserable. What kind of conversations will we have? about the weather? I'm not saying my partner should have the exact same interests and tastes as me. But we should have things in common, or else I don't see how it's going to work. Where are you on this? Like I said, I think couples should have at least one thing is common because if their interests are too different it's going to be hard to hold a conversation.
  11. PS4 - Final Fantasy XV, God of War III PS3 - Sonic Unleashed (got back to try and get more trophies)
  12. I'm very open minded when it comes to music. I can like literally every type of music. From "cheap" pop to heavy metal. The fact I mainly listen to rock music does not mean I will disqualify other genres. There is no "real" music in my opinion. Each genre can have good and bad songs.