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  1. a second hand alpha sapphire copy
  2. memories..
  3. Not sure if it's considered a kids show but I finished rewatching Code Lyoko recently for like the hundredth time. This show was seriously so good.
  4. Finished all available seasons of The 100. Can't wait for season 7 to come out next year!
  5. I don't believe achievements systems will disappear. But if they do, I wouldn't really care.
  6. I think the two shouldn't be compared. Both give you a completely different gaming experience; They target different audience and both can be equally successful.
  7. My dwarf hamster, her name is Diva and she's one year old. I got her when she was a baby (That's the funniest picture I took of her she looks so sad😅) But she's actually very sweet and loving
  8. A new cage for my hamster ^^
  9. That's actually very deep. I used to pass on social events and stuff like that all the time because I was short with money (also very depressed) and wanted to save up for nice things I wanted. But I just realized I gave up on happy memories and instead I'm stuck with physical things that didn't really fill the void in my heart.
  10. Definitely Sonic Heroes. It's available on PS store for the PS3 but its not HD remastered and no trophies
  11. That's a good question! I'd say it depends on the game. If I like the game a lot I wouldn't mind spending time trying to platinum it
  12. thanks guys!
  13. Sausage Fried RiceCleared all hot dog stand missions in Chun-nan. 3.37%ULTRA RARE