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  1. I just got a new phone and it's the Galaxy S10 Plus, really enjoying this phone so far!
  2. *sigh* it's already out there no point in trying to run away from it yeah..i'll probably end up watching it. massive sonic fan since childhood here.
  3. I think Final Fantasy XV would be a good game to start with. It's an amazing game with amazing open world and great plot and characters. It's not the easiest game out there but if you're up for a little challenge then it can't be too bad!
  4. I really enjoyed the episode. Overall acting was fantastic. The entire fight was so well executed from start to finish. When the Dothraki went ahead and disappeared into the night, that scene sent a chill down my spine. I really have no words to express the emotional roller coaster I went through in this episode. Amazing. Maybe I liked it because I didn't come with too much expectations from the night king. He's not supposed to be the "final boss fight" like so many people believed. When you look back you can see the main threat was always Cersei - she's unpredictable. Now the real battle of the minds begins. Battle of humans. Which is what the show is all about - who's gonna end up calming the throne? I'm hyped! Clearly Cersei has more resources to win this last battle. Dany lost almost her entire army, her 2 dragons are badly injured and Winterfell is a complete mess.
  5. Too bad it's so short, I loved it!
  6. Been on tumblr since 2012 or 2013 I believe. Anyways here's mine (mostly video game and cartoon stuff) https://kurofur.tumblr.com/
  7. ordered him!
  8. this annoying trophy from Infamous: Rockhound Find 100% of the Shards. the shards aren't marked on the map and i got tired after not finding the few shards i had left after trying for HOURS
  9. Nice Calves Break through 10,000 total number of steps 38.58%UNCOMMON
  10. Maybe Naruto Ninja storm 2
  11. #10 Platinum DRAMAtical Murder Re:code DRAMAtical Murder 全てのトロフィーを獲得した Difficulty: 0/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 I had the limited edition sitting on my shelf for the longest time but I already played the PC version back in 2012. The PS Vita version has an exclusive route so I picked it up but didn't play it until now because they were no translations available But I'm glad I finally did, brought back so many great memories! ;u; 🌸