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  1. I guess Mario? I don't like the franchise that much and people seem to ADORE it and I never understood why. But they do. Maybe I'm missing something.
  2. Pokemon Shield ^^
  3. I recently got a new Switch, this is my code: SW- 1451-036905905 Feel free to add me
  4. Well I recently came across a lot of cool stuff for sale on the internet, but one of them caught my attention more than others but sadly, that thing was way too expensive for me. So I came up with this quick thread, is there something you really want to buy right now but just can't afford? (Or you have things that are more important maybe) Obviously it can be anything, not only games related! For those who are wondering what mine is:
  5. Finished the third season of The Dragon Prince
  6. Recent drawing (Blaze the cat from Sonic)
  7. I haven't tried anything other than salami or cheese on my pizza to be honest
  8. Nothing beats pepperoni pizza. I swear this is the best thing in the world.
  9. vanilla coca cola
  10. Pokemon Shield steelbook edition and a new Nintendo Switch! I lost my previous Switch a couple of months ago and I've been waiting for Black Friday to get a new one
  11. I just finished watching Lady and the Tramp. Such a sweet movie
  12. a second hand alpha sapphire copy
  13. memories..
  14. Not sure if it's considered a kids show but I finished rewatching Code Lyoko recently for like the hundredth time. This show was seriously so good.
  15. Finished all available seasons of The 100. Can't wait for season 7 to come out next year!
  16. I don't believe achievements systems will disappear. But if they do, I wouldn't really care.
  17. I think the two shouldn't be compared. Both give you a completely different gaming experience; They target different audience and both can be equally successful.
  18. My dwarf hamster, her name is Diva and she's one year old. I got her when she was a baby (That's the funniest picture I took of her she looks so sad😅) But she's actually very sweet and loving
  19. A new cage for my hamster ^^