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  1. I finished it the other day and I still think about it, this show has been such a fun ride. I'm very interested in egyptian mythology so when I heard they're making a moon knight tv show I was so excited for it and I was not disappointed. I think this is the best Marvel TV show yet, it showed sides never seen before in the MCU such an mental illness and abuse. It had it's flaws (mainly pacing issues due to it only being 6 episoes) but the overall experience was very enjoyable. Camerawork was captivating, it had good soundtrack, nice CGI, Khonshu looked really cool! Good actors, Oscar Isaac was simply amazing he's a brilliant actor, I especially love how he played Steven. I just want more tbh.. I hope they make a second season.
  2. Turning Red (2022) I heard mixed opinions about this movie so I didn't really know what to expect. But oh boy I LOVED this movie so much!! It was so cute and has a very nice and important message. The panda is SO AODRABLE 😣😣
  3. These two have been my favorite movie themes since I was a kid. Back then children fantasy movies had rather dark and sinister soundtracks.
  4. Brioche is heavenly, I wish I could eat it every day 😋
  5. recently discovered indian metal and it slaps so hard
  6. Inactivity or I no longer remember who the person is and why I added them.
  7. They show the ugliest and stupidest side of humanity. A complete waste of resources.
  8. Antlers (2021) 8/10 I was pretty excited for this movie, it was delayed a bit because of Covid I think which is understandable. But now that it's finally released I sat down and watched it the other day and I have to say this was very refreshing. I think this is the first wendigo movie I have ever watched, and I was not disappointed. The acting of the main character (the kid) has to be one of the best child actor performances I have seen in recent years. Although there is a small thing towards the end that bothered me and I'm sure people that will watch the movie will know what I'm talking about. (I don't wanna spoil) Overall though, a very decent movie.
  9. oops, sorry i posted on the wrong thread, please delete