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Hello there!  ꒰´꒳`∗꒱ I'm just another random girl who happens to love trophy hunting.

  I am 21 years old and I spend most of my time drawing, watching movies or reading.

  I like all sorts of genres honestly, but my personal favorites are J/RPGs, adventure and visual novels. I'm very open minded to other stuff too.


My favorite video game series: 

Pokemon | Sonic The Hedgehog | Danganronpa  | The Legend of Zelda

Favorite games: 

Final Fantasy XV | Breath of The Wild | Overwatch | Undertale | Pokemon XY/Black&White

Consoles I own: 

PS4 | PS3 | PS2 | PS Vita | Wii | Nintendo Switch | 3DS XL     


I may take time to reply sometimes, but please don't take it personally! I'm trying to be active as much as I can though.
  If you want to talk or be friends, PM me or add me on PSN, I love making new friends so don't hesitate. But state you're from PSNProfiles. ^^

Hope you have a nice day and thanks for visiting! (๑╹ω╹๑ )