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  1. I used the Nissan. I found it by far the most natural-handling if it makes sense. Especially the new Viper seems to randomly snap into full traction, making me crash and lose points.
  2. Make sure to complete all elimination events in the first 2 tiers (3rd tier you need to complete all to progress anyway) Make sure ro complete all races that unlock Ferrari cars. When possible use Ferrari cars in races until you get 3rd stage upgrades. Look out for sponsor objectives. Try to complete as many of them for the sponsors whose events unlock trophies. When possible try to use different cars for different races within the same series. No matter how you slice it, there’s going to be some grinding, some extra custom races to do.
  3. I almost beat The Last of Us without realising every weapon you picked up stayed in your inventory. I thought it was an Uncharted-style 2 weapon system. Needless to say the final hospital level was a bloodbath with all the unused ammo I had.
  4. The "legit", albeit harder way to get Hearty is to equip the new charm that gives you extra HP for the 1st, 3rd and 6th parry and the Crackshot weapon. Then go to king dice, land on the 1st heart field, beat the boss without losing any HP. During the dice roll you can use the Crackshot's EX attack, which involves parrying which counts for the extra HP given by the charm. Basically you have to beat 2 bosses without losing any HP and that should you enough time to build 6 EX attacks. Just make sure you don't get 5 cards at once because that forces you to use the Super Art attack. Repeat with the 2nd heart field and when you land on the 3rd heart field you'll get the trophy.
  5. I think you have to beat 10 different bosses, so you’ll have to go back to the base game bosses to get it.
  6. Yeah, it probably took me a good 1-1.5 hours to gold that sector. Afterwards the whole lap was significantly easier.
  7. I found Le Mans to be by far the toughest - the last sector specifically. Can't remember much from Laguna Seca and I know the Ring quite well, so it didn't giv e me much trouble either.
  8. The XJ13 fits the description, since it was built with the explicit goal of winning the 24h of Le Mans race. That it didn't compete doesn't matter. During the pitch, design, testing, whatever, someone at some point thought it was going to win. At some point it was thought to be good enough to win that race. Some would say it was once destined to win. I doubt any regular player lost sleep over this trophy, while trophy hunters should at this point be familiar with how PD likes to reference their own previous work, so while the trophy description is too vague, I really don't get why some people are so upset about it and try to claim they somehow created this trophy to extract more money from players.
  9. It was 12 mil. It should be back within 3-4 weeks if the order in the rotation remains the same.
  10. There really is no conspiracy. PD likes putting mysteries in their games and have done so since the beginning of GT. You could've easily seen this trophy being a reference to GT5 and some people did when the list first appeared. There was zero need to go on a crazy hunt that involved trying to redefine words in the dictionary. Although I do agree with the lack of content at launch bit. I don't understand why several entire car categories are not represented at all in cafe menus or world events.
  11. 35 mil at the moment. I think it was 4.5 mil for the Ford, 12 mil for the Jag and I suspect it's going to be around 15 mil for the Ferrari.
  12. Around 180 at the moment. Basically all the cars won through menus, missions and licences + buying all the cars that came up in the regular used car dealer. I figure since there's less of them eligible for the legendary dealer the rotation should allow them to come back sooner. Also sitting on a pile of cash ready to buy the Jag, Ferrari and Ford for the Legendary cars trophy. Couldn't be arsed to grind the first time the Jag and Ford showed up.
  13. PD has a history of adding trophies with mysterious/misleading descriptions. There's several in GT5, including the Jag/Ford/Ferrrari one, GT6 had a couple, and even GT Sport's 3 gold trophies weren't exactly upfront about the fact that they had to be achieved not just online, but in Sport mode. I guess it's just a thing they like to do. Ngl, I actually kinda like this and the thread makes me nostalgic for the days when trophies were an actual challenge and there were entire groups of people figuring out how to unlock some of them.
  14. PD just loves their mysteries. Did you know they still haven't officially published the full GT7 car list? Everything we have comes from people spotting cars on trailers, screenshots, deciphering silhouettes, etc. If the trophy does indeed end up being a reference to the GT5 trophy, it would be quite fitting for it to ambiguous, since that one also required some figuring out at first.
  15. It’s increasingly likely that there is no algorithm that decides which cars are balid and instead it’s a set list of 3 cars that won’t change overtime. Still got my money on the GT40 MkIV, XJ13 and 330 P4.