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  1. Aaaand it’s done! What a ride, probably my toughest individual trophy ever earned. A beautiful tribute to an absolute rally Legend. Lovely to see them not forgeting their roots even though it’s been 11 years since the last Colin McRae game was released. Nice to see they didn’t mess up the unlock order, unlike Uncharted 4.
  2. Absolutely no worries, mate. Just finished for the day and I’m done with sets 1-3 and all the multi-stage scenarios from set 4. I should be able to wrap up the remaining 7 scenarios by the end of next week. Certainly not giving up at this point :D. I’d say Greece 1998 was the hardest for me. I was never very good at it, so I struggled with all scenarios there. Your times were massively helpful to figure out how well or bad I did.
  3. @Alexgaara Just got those 2 done. Finland was brutal. Spent probably close to an hour on stage 1, couple of hours total. Sweden was also tough, but I was expecting that. Not a big fan of it, but happy to be done with all scenarios there. Hopedpfully it’s all downhill from now on, haha.
  4. Which challenge would you guys say is the toughest of the lot? I've done the whole first set and 3 each from sets 2 and 3 to unlock everything and I gotta admit, I've been kinda struggling with them. I'd like to get the worst out of the way just so I don't get stuck and have to give up after a week of doing the rest, haha.
  5. I suspect $599 for the regular model and $499-549 for the digital only. They have no reason to massively undercut the Xbox now that it lost its only interesting launch „exclusive”.
  6. @iNiko33 I've sent a request. Would be awesome if you accepted me. Thank you!
  7. In theory they should support 2019 at least until the next game comes out, which should be around June 2020.
  8. Not sure about InFamous 1, but Wipeout HD was given in the very first month of PS Plus (June 2010?).
  9. Trackmania Turbo (0.62%) Gran Turismo 5 (0.63%) Gran Turismo Sport (0.74%) Grand Theft Auto IV (0.95%) Wipeout HD (1.05%)
  10. LittleBigPlanet 3 is really easy. You don't even have to get all the collectibles. There's one level that requires 4 players and 3 or so that require 2 players, so if you don't have 2/4 controllers you might have to boost them, but the game is fairly popular, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I found Trackmania Turbo to not be too bad. It is quite annoying when the latter tracks can take an hour to complete, but overall not bad at all if you regularly play racing games. Dirt Rally is also rather easy. The game itself is hard, but for the trophies you can do almost everything on the lowest difficulty, which means you just have to take it easy and not make too many mistakes.
  11. Yeah, what I found is just keep it steady and clean, focus on not making mistakes. The first few races I was quite aggressive in trying to gain positions, but people just have no racing sense, will just turn into the apex when you’re alongside and probably spin you out because of the wonky collisions system. Basically only pass when it’s safe. Just keeping it clean and mistake-free allows for good finishing positions. Obviously you have to be somewhat quick, but it really is no where near as bad as the first few posts in this thread would suggest.
  12. Not a fan of short lists, but if the port is well made, I’m definitely getting it. Looks like a lot of fun.
  13. MAG. I wish I played it more when I had the chance. Was such a fun game.
  14. Mine was Dirt 4.
  15. In order to really appreciate the original Halo trilogy you have to put things into perspective. Those games are 12-18 years old at this point. Like you said, Halo CE is still a blast to play today. There won’t be many other games from around that time that are. CE was also made in something like 9 months, after they scrapped like 3 different projects that were supposed to be the first Halo. That’s why there’s a lot of backtracking and repetition in level design. Overall, I think they’re still great. Like with any other old game, you have to approach it with the right mindset. If you play GTA III today, you’re not going to be blown away by it, but you’d have to be a fool to call it overrated.