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  1. I have been with the mail for 2 hours and still have not managed to do the first part, which is to enter my main account and that I did yesterday
  2. my platinum 200 was just cause 3 and yesterday I reached 289 so I'm almost close to 300 p.d: sorry I do not know how to add image
  3. Hi, I've been playing the game for a month and I only find dopp, but the cosmic doop does not appear to me. Somebody save more or less where it appears
  4. Yesterday when I removed it I was in level 18 of the first world, and now when I entered the game I was on the first level, Someone else gave you
  5. if the problem is not that already started zero 3 times and followed corruptly, it auqne not care even corruptly heading remove the platinum
  6. the problem is that if the delete my departure would have to start again the game or could use that I have stored in my pendrive, poque start the game again for the fourth time The amazing thing is that I keep the game and I give good cargo load and the problem comes when you close the game when I restart already starting to corrupted
  7. you mean you delete also my saved game, and then start the game again or I reload that game that I have stored on a flash drive that they no longer do and had to start the partidad from the start three times
  8. have you tried uninstalling and then downloading the game again? I have done several times,and tells me loading check error loading the memory card
  9. good every time I try this mission Arms Shortage , the term and keep starting but I get error loading someone else happens , poque already started the game 3 times from the beginning