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  1. I wondered too, today while looking for the PS3 Avatar game. Many games apparently aren't digitally available, ... why
  2. Definitely 2 for sparing/killing all humans. The skill based trophies (alien, human, no skills at all) could be reduced to 1 with a good save-game placement.
  3. I only hate collectibles that tend to be invisible, like those in TLOU. Or if you're really thorough and search every corner and still don't find everything. I hate that
  4. the trophy images are really cool
  5. I'm really looking forward to playing it after work today. Guess I always enjoy games that slightly walk off known paths, and the whole mimic thing and the opening story twists grabbed me. I also like it when you're not the supposed super soldier but more like a mechanic a la dead space who has to overcome superior enemies. I actually wanted to cancel my amazon preorder but the demo sold me somehow. Maybe Arcane has some fan bonus, but I think the game looks really cool. Only thing I dislike are those trophies that force you to play it twice. Shadow and Ghost alone would be awesome though. Thats great to hear, I also played the original, but the whole teleport / upside-down-wallrunning thing was too much for me.
  6. The game is really good. I've played it already on XB1, but never got to finish it because I switched to PS4. Got it again and I still really love it. Great open world, amazing 3rd person arkham style combat, only this time visceral and brutal, there are almost no borders in this game, the desert is huge. Car combat is so much fun and this game has probably the best gazoline explosions in a video game to date lol. Upgrading Max is fun and looks cool, building your main car is super fun, upgrading it. Finding the desert legend cars is also fun, the races are tough sometimes, but also fun, "Camp liberation" is also fun, Voice acting is top notch, visuals are great, for a car-combat game the car controls are ok and it's really fun to dismantle the oponents with harpoons, shotguns, explosive harpoons, ramming, spikes or whatever you can upgrade your car with. But really, the map is HUGE. You have to have a big perseverance to 100 % this game. Totally recommend it, one of the (a LOT) better movie license games. Personally, I enjoy it more than the Batman games. But thats mainly because of the gritty and brutal Mad Max gazoline world. no, just no
  7. Not everytime here but it still crashes very often after story missions when you zone back to skyhold. Played on xb1 too and this bug is PS4 exclusive. Especially annoying if the last thing you did was killing a hard boss on nightmare difficulty. Luckily didn't happen again in the later game