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  1. Update, finished The Little Acre, decent game just think I would have enjoyed the story more if it was a little more fleshed out. Well I'll be moving on to Rime and then Dragon Age: Inquisition if I can stay focused.
  2. #254 This was a fun little game with a decent little story. If you take the story for what it is on the surface it is somewhat enjoyable, but if you are the type to ask questions (like me) there are too many plot holes to be overlooked. I enjoyed the puzzles and little tidbits of humor, I just really wished the story was more fleshed out.
  3. Update: Finished off the Platinum for Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and I've had my fill of this series for now. Not sure which game I'm jumping into next but I'm definitely ready for a change of pace.
  4. #253 Master Assassin Assassin's Creed Syndicate Pretty much just more of what was expected of this series. I still find the game play fun but the story is kinda just meh. I guess it was nice to see that they at least trying to piece together a "present day" story line but it's hard to have any interest in it because as long as the series makes money that story will never have to end. I also had an issue with one of the in game missions where I found myself asking "why am I killing this guy?", "is he a Templar or just someone Jacob was mad at?" Turns out that guy was someone who worked with the Templars to achieve he own goals, then tried to rid himself of their influence over him. So ultimately I killed a guy because he was a dick who had ties to the templars. I had other issues with the Jacob and Evie story but I won't go into them. I just hope Origins has a better structured story to go along with the many changes made to the Ass Creed formula. But knowing Ubisoft it will probably be another retread of "somebody died and now is time for revenge, or justice".
  5. Update: @Toogie53 Finished Assassin's Creed Unity (base game and dlc) and found myself in the mood for more, so I and changing my Partnership game from Uncharted 4 to Assassin's Creed Syndicate.
  6. #252 Master Assassin Assassin's Creed Unity Sometimes it's a good thing to be late to the party. In this case I missed out on most of the bugs a glitches that were present when this game launched. Pretty much what you would expect from the series, run around the sandbox, sticking bad guys with the pointy end of your blades. It was a decent amount of fun, except for the lock pick mechanic which was annoying and having to open every single chest was just tedious.
  7. Thank you for the "heads up". That is how I took care of about half of them, about to finish the rest today. I was just venting a little about the frustration that comes with thinking I was done with the co-op only to have to jump back in for clean up.
  8. Friday Update!!! Slowly pushing my way through Assassin's Creed Unity. I thought I was going pretty good till I hit a speed bump with the co-op missions. I was able to finish them easy enough, but didn't realize that there are collectibles in those missions that I need for the "I got skills" trophy. So I get to replay all the co-op missions again . But I am enjoying Assassin's Creed so much that I'm thinking about swapping in Syndicate for my "partnership" game.
  9. Hey @Toogie53, here is my list Companionship- Assassin's Creed Unity 6% Partnership- Uncharted 4 0% Friendship- Dragon Age: Inquisition 73% Relationship- Rime 0% Irish- The little Acre 0% I may change it up a bit as I go through the list, but I believe I should be able to have a good deal of fun with this lineup. And are we doing weekly updates on Fridays?
  10. Okay, I think this it for me. Looking at other scores I think I'll be lucky if I land in the top 10
  11. #251 Virginia A beautiful game with an interesting story. And just short enough to sneak in on the last day of the 2018 New Years Contest. The points from this won't push me to the top but I enjoyed the experience of playing this game.
  12. Hey, @Dragon-Archon just want to know what is the best way to post up results to make things easier for you.
  13. #250 Not sure what to say about this title. As far as One Piece fighting games go I definitely prefer the "pirate warrior" games over this one. This game does a good job in representing a lot of characters and their fighting styles. So there is a fair amount of fun to be had, as you mix and match your favorites to make the best team you can. The Platinum is a bit of a grind as you go through matches, but that's expected for this type of game.
  14. #247 King of Medici Just Cause 3 I came, I saw, I blew stuff up. I blew up sooooooo much stuff it was ridiculous, thankfully most of those explosions were intentional, but all of it was fun. This game is just so much fun. I loved all of it until it was time to clean up trophies for the Platinum and knock out the challenges. Those challenges are like a giant helping of your favorite food. The first few bites are very tasty, towards the middle you are realize just how big it is. 3/4 the way through you are thinking "no more, never again, I hate this", but at the end there is the wondrous feeling of accomplishment that leaves you satisfied.
  15. #246 I'm Batman After the recent release of Batman: Gotham by Gaslight I was in a "Batman" mood. So I played the Telltale game. The story was pretty surprising in the direction they took with certain characters. And the "sequel hook" has left me with a genuine interest to see what is going on with Season 2. But I'll wait till after all episodes are released before I jump into it.