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  1. Bonus question: Die hard
  2. Thanks, I was expecting a fairly large install but 102GB before the day one patch is a pretty big bite.
  3. How much space does it take up on the hard drive?
  4. @eigen-space Thank you for another awesome event. And thank you so very much for the beautiful new badge. It was absolutely worth the wait.
  5. I used the YouTube video guides made by JeffDawes1984. A lot of the orbs are either hard to find or just annoying to get in certain sequences. But these videos helped me get the platinum.
  6. I'm not tripping I agree the $30 I paid was a great price compared to the $100 it still costs digitally. I just wanted everything in one purchase. I'm still going to have all the fun I can playing the game. And figure out the season pass 2 thing later.
  7. Gamestop has the current "super deluxe" version on sale now for $30, and like an idiot I scooped it up. Yesterday I thought I bought everything for a decent price, and now there's going to be more. I thought I was being patient by waiting for a good sale but I didn't wait long enough. As much as I can understand that they don't have to make more stuff, and it's my choice whether to buy it or not, I still greatly dislike "everything" not being included in the season pass to begin with. I should have learned my lesson with everything that was not included in the Borderlands 2 season pass and should have seen this coming. 😒
  8. Don't recall if any are mission locked but I had a mini freak out when I had one location left and no icons on the map. My last one was in Chumbucket's area in the western most part of the area. I had to be right on top of it for it to appear on the map and needed the harpoon to open it. If your numbers are good, there is a chance you are missing one either in Chumbucket's area or the dunes region that didn't pop up because you were not close enough to it.
  9. I missed it, I can't believe I totally forgot about this. I spent my Saturday working and spending time with family. Not a single game booted up and no trophies earned. 😢
  10. Thank you for posting this. My inner child is crying tears of joy.
  11. Just found out The Venture Bros. was just cancelled, meaning there will be no 8th/final season. 2020 is slowly chipping away at my soul taking away all the little things that give me joy one at a time. 😢

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    2. monkeydluffy512


      Thanks for that, it's always nice to know there is a a tiny bit of hope left for the final season. But it still sucks that it went from confirmed to maybe.

    3. xPhrance


      i know what you mean.

    4. DaisyVilla102


      @xPhrance Thank you for sharing that!  I saw the tweets from James Urbaniak and Jackson Publick last night and was so shocked and disappointed!  There were so many drastic changes in relationships in the last couple of seasons and I really wanted to see how the storylines played out!

  12. I played the game back on PS3 and what I hated wasn't the characters or the story it was all the bugs and glitches. I had a sad/funny one in a mission with Paul Revere where whenever I tried to get on the horse I couldn't and the horse and Revere both flew up into the air and came crashing down and dying, failing the mission. There were so many glitches I just stopped playing the game for a least a year before I went back and finished it. Currently playing the remaster, hitting an occasional invisible wall here and there, but so far it seems better than the original.
  13. Kinda plowed through some ezpz stuff while bingeing on hockey. 0- 1- Cat Quest 2 2-Super Destronaut (PS4) 3- Just a Phrase by Powgi (vita) 4- Word Wheel by Powgi (vita) 5- Farming Simulator 19 6- Super Blackout 💯 7- Word Maze by Powgi (vita) 8- Farming Simulator 17 9- Shalnor-Legends: Sacred Lands
  14. I kinda suck at posting images but if this works here is my entry
  15. This seems like it should be a lot of fun. If anyone is willing to have me on their team I would like to participate.