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  1. A good friend of mine who is a lifelong Bills fan said " The Bills are going to win the Superbowl" before the start of this season. I didn't think much of the comment then, looking at where the Bills stand now I feel they do have a solid chance. I wouldn't bet the farm on them going all the way, but I am rooting for them to take the division.
  2. I would take 1 chest from my main house in Skyrim, and made sure it was jam packed with everything I've hoarded over my many hours spent playing that game.
  3. Ok, I'm going to make the "golden princess" ...... and then profit?
  4. I'll go with 53 matches. Hope it's less, good luck!
  5. The Bucs was huge shock, really wish I could have seen that game. But I had fun watching Cousins get sacked six times today.
  6. I picked the Rams to win, but I thought there would be more points on the board for both teams. But with the injury to Brees it wasn't really the game it should have been.
  7. I just saw the funniest and saddest stat for this season. Miami Dolphins outscored 102-10 after 2 games. I already knew it was bad it just looks so much worse when you do the math. 😑
  8. My Dolphins are garbage 😭 . At the beginning of the season I made plans to watch next week's game with my uncles who are Cowboys fans. At least now I know how much beer to bring to suffer through it.
  9. I am in VA as well. My area was supposed to get the Dolphins game but I got the Browns/Titans instead. At 1 pm I was pissed I couldn't watch my fins, at 1:30 I was glad I didn't get the chance to watch that brutal back alley beating.
  10. A great story with some awesome milestones to boot!! Resident Evil 5 was a pretty good game and I have many fond memories of "accidentally" 😂blowing up my brother while playing co-op. Thank you for sharing this.
  11. If anyone stills plays my code is 4434 0517 7646
  12. Update!! Summer time- Burly Men at Sea Movement- Agents of Mayhem Spend time with family- Marvel's Spider Man Play together- Borderlands 2 I was hoping to get more done but I think this will be it for me.
  13. Really enjoyed this event, please sign me up for round 2!
  14. All you need to do is have 1 Rainbow item equipped in every slot except for class mod and the trophy will pop.
  15. I just started this game last night. I enjoyed the first one and saw this for $2 so I figured I'd give it a try. I knew it would be a grind to get all the trophies, but events that are gated by time periods just seems like a new form of evil I wish I never knew existed. 😢 Well I'll probably settle for getting as many trophies as I can while having as much fun as possible. Thanks for venting a little @TheYuriG sometimes a good rant can be very informative for those who don't know.