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  1. You assume correctly sir.
  2. Update!! Finally finished Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for my bonus game. As much as I hated the multiplayer (especially that grind to level 60) I'm glad I was able to replay the story before I jump into Rise of the Tomb Raider for the next event. @Toogie53 Thank you for doing these events. I really enjoy the ever evolving group dynamic these have created. I'll try to participate with more updates in the next one as I'll be watching a lot less hockey during that one.
  3. That video is freaking awesome I'm jealous, wish some Caps fans would do something like that. I had to watch it twice because I wasn't paying attention to the lyrics. it would be kinda cool if Jets fans took 10 seconds of that and did it every time the team scored.
  4. Thank You, Here is my list so far Make friends: Mafia 3 Go Hiking: Far Cry Primal Shoot Something: Rise of the Tomb Raider Tell a ghost story: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Nightmare in North Point DLC I'll figure out the bonus game later
  5. Hey @Toogie53 If there are any spaces left I'd like to join up please. I'll make a list if I can still join in.
  6. Really late update @Toogie53please pull the unfinished swan from my list. Somehow it has become impossible to play. Out of nowhere playing that game just makes me dizzy and sick. I've tried playing different times of day, adjusting brightness settings, playing on my Vita and it's not happening. I find it kinda weird since I was able to play the game just fine years ago on PS3 on the same TV. Either way I'll be doing either Flower, which I haven't been able to get into, (really hard to play a relaxing game while watching playoff hockey every night) or Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for my bonus game.
  7. It happened Caps fans, after 20 years Washington finally makes it through to the 3rd round!!!!!! While I try to relax from a lot of cheering I'll be watching the Preds/Jets to see if the Jets will finish strong, or allow a game 7.
  8. #267 &#268 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition & World of Final Fantasy
  9. Update!! Finished the Platinum for Sleeping Dogs, and (after a massive grind) finished World of Final Fantasy. I will be kinda slow knocking out the rest of my list because it's hockey playoff time, and I'll be watching as many games as I can.
  10. Sadly, I think the pens can get the 3-peat they have the personal and experience to go all the way. Definitely the one thing I don't want to see.I would like to see the Caps take the cup, it would be nice for them to beat the Pens and finally get past the second round, but with their goalie situation who knows if they will get past the Blue Jackets. Grubauer is good but will he hold up under pressure? I would also like to see the Preds take on Vegas in the 3rd round because that should be a good series, but Winnpeg is decent enough to knock the Preds out in the second round. No matter what it's Hockey Playoff Time history will be made, and I am excited to see how everything unfolds.
  11. No idea what's going on with your account, I've only used Sony rewards since Nov. of last year. So I'm thinking some policies may have changed over the years. I pulled this from the site's FAQs There is more info in the "terms and conditions" but it appears to just be more of the same info just in "legal speak" Do my Sony Rewards points expire? Yes. However, if you have a Sony Card or PlayStation®Card, an extended expiration date is one of your advantages. Here are the details: If you don't have a Sony Card / PlayStation®Card: You earn Sony Rewards points on a calendar year basis. You can use your points at any time during the year they were earned and also for an additional three-month period in the following year. This means your points from the previous calendar year expire on March 31. For example, let's say you earn 10,000 Sony Rewards points in 2014. You use 5,000 of your points before the end of December, leaving 5,000 points unused at the start of 2015. You will have until March 31, 2015, to use the remaining 5,000 points that you earned in 2014. And, if you wish, you can combine these points with the points you earn from January to March 2015. At the end of March 2015, your unused Sony Rewards points from 2014 will expire — but any points you have earned in 2015 can still be used throughout the year 2015 and also for an additional three months in 2016.
  12. Is that one of the rewards? Because you can't use a PSN code to buy something like that from the store. yeah the controller was one of the rewards. If you look through the catalog there is a bunch of stuff you can redeem points for.
  13. All points you earn during the year expire on March 31st of the following year, unless you have a Playstation credit card then you get 5 years before they expire. So far I've earned about 7000 points($70), and was able to pick up a midnight blue PS4 controller.😁 This system should really be available worldwide.
  14. Hey @2G53 here is my list ; Spring Rolls: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition- 0% Spring Chicken: World of Final Fantasy- 32% Spring Flowers: Flower PS4- 0% Spring Action: Far Cry 4 - 63% (base game) Bonus: The Unfinished Swan PS4- 0% (there is a journey Easter egg in there somewhere)
  15. Please sign me up for this