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  1. After a bit of "research" on the Breakthrough gaming website, all I can do is scratch my head wondering why the decision was made to combine 2 episodes into one game. Zippy has 13 "exciting" levels for people to throw money at. ZJ proved that people are willing to pay $1 for 11 gold and 1 platinum for one level of a very short game. Did this guy somehow become less greedy, or are the levels in this game so short and lacking content that they had to be combined?
  2. That was God of War : Ascension There was a trophy called " Bros before hos" that was changed to "Bros before foes"
  3. No, I didn't have any issues with glitched trophies in any Naruto game so far. I was aware of the issues in the second game from the trophy guide, and had a backup game set. The glitches are said to be a rare occurrence, I made it through just playing normally, not sure if it helped that I played them on the PS5.
  4. Finished game #2 0- 1- Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm PS4 (6361) 2- Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 PS4 (6362) 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- As much as I am enjoying replaying these Naruto games, I totally forgot how much of a grind Storm 2 is. 70 online battles, 30 fights with every character, and replaying every in game battle was a bit much.
  5. First game done 0- 1- Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm PS4 (6361) 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9-
  6. This is my favorite event, thank you so much for bringing it back again. Please sign me up.
  7. I read through that long list of patch notes, and in there is a fix for buy back prices. I haven't tested myself but there are videos that show that the painting can be sold for $4000 but the buyback is now $45,000+. You can still get to the duplication screen though.
  8. Bonus question: Die hard
  9. Thanks, I was expecting a fairly large install but 102GB before the day one patch is a pretty big bite.
  10. How much space does it take up on the hard drive?
  11. @eigen-space Thank you for another awesome event. And thank you so very much for the beautiful new badge. It was absolutely worth the wait.
  12. I used the YouTube video guides made by JeffDawes1984. A lot of the orbs are either hard to find or just annoying to get in certain sequences. But these videos helped me get the platinum.
  13. I'm not tripping I agree the $30 I paid was a great price compared to the $100 it still costs digitally. I just wanted everything in one purchase. I'm still going to have all the fun I can playing the game. And figure out the season pass 2 thing later.
  14. Gamestop has the current "super deluxe" version on sale now for $30, and like an idiot I scooped it up. Yesterday I thought I bought everything for a decent price, and now there's going to be more. I thought I was being patient by waiting for a good sale but I didn't wait long enough. As much as I can understand that they don't have to make more stuff, and it's my choice whether to buy it or not, I still greatly dislike "everything" not being included in the season pass to begin with. I should have learned my lesson with everything that was not included in the Borderlands 2 season pass and should have seen this coming. 😒
  15. Don't recall if any are mission locked but I had a mini freak out when I had one location left and no icons on the map. My last one was in Chumbucket's area in the western most part of the area. I had to be right on top of it for it to appear on the map and needed the harpoon to open it. If your numbers are good, there is a chance you are missing one either in Chumbucket's area or the dunes region that didn't pop up because you were not close enough to it.