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  1. Kinda limping across the finish line with this one my word is Saints Row 4: Re-elected Horizon Zero Dawn Apotheon Far Cry Primal Tales from the Borderlands Can You dig It?
  2. I definitely enjoy American Dad. I wouldn't call it the best ever, but it does have some really great episodes. I always enjoy the Christmas episodes for the way they go way against the grain. My favorite character is Roger, just because of all the ridiculous things they have and can do with him. My favorite episodes are: A Jones for a Smith and Ricky Spanish
  3. # 279 Until Dawn Not sure what to say about this game. The story was somewhat decent, or at least interesting enough for me to want to see how it ended. The only bad thing I can say about it is after about one hour of playing all I could think about was this meme
  4. # 277 & # 278 Saints Row 4 & Apotheon Saints Row 4 was fun as hell, but a total grind fest at the end. Apotheon was fun as well until it became a total crash fest.
  5. That Browns Jets game....... Just wow Congrats to Cleveland and their faithful fans!!! Lets hope they can build on top of this. And to those near a Victory Fridge enjoy your free beer!!!
  6. #276 Horizon: Zero Dawn After hearing so many good things about this game I finally got around to playing it. After spending more than 100 hours exploring and killing every robot that crossed my path, I'm pretty sure I can say it was really fun. I'm glad i picked this up, and can't wait to get into my "ultra hard" play through to finish up for 100%.
  7. Like I said I don't remember doing that and I can't find the trophy in the list or on guides for the PS4 version. I could by blind so please take a moment and recheck and make sure you are using a guide for this version. I'm pretty sure you are putting yourself through some unnecessary trouble going for that dive. Edit: found this, looks like it was omitted from the PS4 version
  8. I had to load the game to be sure but it definitely is a tap for or . But my question is why are you jumping into a well? I don't remember doing that when I got the Platinum and I can't find anything about that in any of the guides for the PS4 version of the game.
  9. I had this same problem. To do the swan dive you have to press jump then the button for dive in very quick succession, pretty much bang bang. It will take a few tries to get the timing right, but you should get it eventually.
  10. Thanks for setting this up. I'm in, good luck everyone.
  11. Thank you so very much @PerryToxteth and @ProfBambam55
  12. Update! Finally got around to finishing Far Cry Primal for my "hiking" game. With so little time left in this event I'll have to end my camp journey here. @ProfBambam55 Thank you for keeping this event alive, and throwing in those awesome prizes.
  13. #275 Apex Predator Far Cry Primal I made the mistake of starting this game after finishing Far Cry 4, and was instantly put off by the lack of my sniper rifle among other things. So I put the game down for a few months. When I finally got back to it I was able to enjoy it properly, and had a lot of fun playing this game.
  14. @Mesopithecus Here is my list 2. Darksiders 3. Yakuza Dead Souls 8. Guardians of the Galaxy 12. Horizon Zero Dawn
  15. If there is still space left I'd like to join up.