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  1. If there is still space left I'd like to join up.
  2. This looks like it should be fun. If there is still space I would like to join, please.
  3. @Toogie53 I'm dyslexic and read DonFarahKhound as Don't f*ck around not sure if that is the implied message but that's what I see, either way @ProfBambam55 I would appreciate a heads up to know if that's what you meant. Other than that a small update. Finished the main story of Final Fantasy 15 and working on the grind to clean up the remaining trophies.
  4. #274 Rise of the Tomb Raider As much as I enjoy the new direction and story line that comes with the Tomb Raider reboot, there are always a few things about the game that kinda annoy me. The story from this one was decent, but there were are parts where I said to myself "didn't I do this exact thing last game". especially at a part where I was sneaking by a group of immortal guards. Collectibles and challenges are fun but it just seems like too much at the end of it. I'm really glad they didn't bring back multiplayer, but "score attack" though an interesting way to add replayability to the game was a little more annoying than fun. Maybe I would have liked it more if there where no trophies attached to it. Other than that I had fun playing it, and that's all that matters.
  5. Finally I have an update For cabin #3. After falling into that Fallout Shelter hole I've gotten back on track with the Platinum for Rise of the tomb Raider. I really enjoyed it up until the collectible cleanup and the score attack mode. Score attack wasn't hard just really annoying. I would like to pull Darksiders off of my list and replace it with Final Fantasy 15, which is a more appropriate bonus game.
  6. Entry #3 Wakka wakka wakka.... -Pacman
  7. Entry #2 "Kupo" Pretty much every Moogle in every final fantasy game they appear in.
  8. Update!!! Add another Platinum to the pile for Cabin #3. Recently finished off Plat for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Gonna try and polish off the DLC before I jump into my next game. As for pizza I enjoy the pineapple s long as its with ham or sausage. When it comes to tuna on pizza my instant reaction is "OH GOD NO" but I have never tried it. I would like to think that if given the opportunity to try it I'll be open minded enough to give it a chance.
  9. #272 Master of Mordor Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Pretty fun hack and slash game. Just running around killing Orcs with a decent story thrown in. There are some other good things to this game but I'm drawing a blank since there is a hockey game going on. (Go, CAPS, Go!!!!)
  10. Entry 1 "would you kindly..." Frank Fontaine, Bioshock P.S Can someone PM me as to what happened with the other thread I'm kinda curious and don't want to clutter this thread with it.
  11. I figured it may be a stretch so, I'll either find a better category for it or bury back in the backlog for another event. As for now I'll work on finishing my list and find something more appropriate for the bonus slot.
  12. Hey @Toogie53 I would like to add Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor for Be a Hermit, as long as hanging out with Gollum counts. 47% base game and if horseback riding counts as a "summer activity" I would like to add Darksiders: Warmastered Edition as my bonus game. 0%
  13. Pretty sure it would have stayed the same. Mafia 2 had a trophy for collecting all Playboy magazines, and it was really annoying. In that game collectibles were not marked on the map and the game was more linear even though it was open world. Even worse for Mafia 2 was going after "wanted posters".
  14. I actually enjoyed it, at least my first playthrough. Definitely better than I thought it would be. My second playthrough was kinda boring just running around doing the same things, and really hated that there was only the on save file. I spent my first playthrough going after the collectibles just for fun only to lose all of them when I restarted.
  15. #271 Let the Good Times Roll Mafia 3 Pretty good game, definitely better than I thought it would be. Though it does suffer from the "every sandbox" problem it was still fun to play. I really hated that it only has one save file but needs to be played twice for the platinum. I spent my first playthrough going for all the collectibles just for the fun of it only to lose them all.