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  1. I picked the Rams to win, but I thought there would be more points on the board for both teams. But with the injury to Brees it wasn't really the game it should have been.
  2. I just saw the funniest and saddest stat for this season. Miami Dolphins outscored 102-10 after 2 games. I already knew it was bad it just looks so much worse when you do the math. 😑
  3. My Dolphins are garbage 😭 . At the beginning of the season I made plans to watch next week's game with my uncles who are Cowboys fans. At least now I know how much beer to bring to suffer through it.
  4. I am in VA as well. My area was supposed to get the Dolphins game but I got the Browns/Titans instead. At 1 pm I was pissed I couldn't watch my fins, at 1:30 I was glad I didn't get the chance to watch that brutal back alley beating.
  5. A great story with some awesome milestones to boot!! Resident Evil 5 was a pretty good game and I have many fond memories of "accidentally" 😂blowing up my brother while playing co-op. Thank you for sharing this.
  6. If anyone stills plays my code is 4434 0517 7646
  7. Update!! Summer time- Burly Men at Sea Movement- Agents of Mayhem Spend time with family- Marvel's Spider Man Play together- Borderlands 2 I was hoping to get more done but I think this will be it for me.
  8. Really enjoyed this event, please sign me up for round 2!
  9. All you need to do is have 1 Rainbow item equipped in every slot except for class mod and the trophy will pop.
  10. I just started this game last night. I enjoyed the first one and saw this for $2 so I figured I'd give it a try. I knew it would be a grind to get all the trophies, but events that are gated by time periods just seems like a new form of evil I wish I never knew existed. 😢 Well I'll probably settle for getting as many trophies as I can while having as much fun as possible. Thanks for venting a little @TheYuriG sometimes a good rant can be very informative for those who don't know.
  11. Definitely agree with you on that. That is some poor wording on my part. Vegas had ample opportunities to put the series away, but nosedived hard for 5 minutes when all they needed to do was hold the line. My bracket picks for round one were so bad I feel I gave everyone I picked to win a kiss of death. Boston was the only right call I made. Doing a second chance bracket and picked teams out of a hat for that one.
  12. My Caps got beat by "a bunch of jerks"😢. And with that loss all 4 division winners are out of the playoffs. Well the unpredictable outcomes of playoff series is why I love hockey. Here's hoping for more unpredictable excitement in round 2.
  13. That VGK/Sharks game just wow. From a pure excitement stand point it was a pretty wild ride. Just all kinds of amazing watching the Sharks score 4 goals in four minutes. But at the same time I'm surprised Vegas kept their composure because they got shafted hard by the refs on a bad call. I watched that hit on Pavelski over and over, and I can see a 2 minute minor for the cross- check but not a 5 minute major. I loved the excitement but hate seeing a game decided on a " questionable" call. Anyone else see that madness? Any thoughts?
  14. Hated that TJ went down, but really loved that they recalled DSP. The energy the Caps had in game 5 was incredible. Just too bad it didn't carry over into game 6. Well 3 series headed to a game 7 should make for some very exciting hockey. Here's hoping the Preds can get it done tonight and give us a 4th 7 game series.
  15. Monkeydluffy512, Instrument of Fate
  16. I'm watching every nite. And I'm loving some of the story lines that are unfolding. Especially with the sweeps of Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. I'm hoping my Caps can go back to back but they still have a lot of work just to get out of the first round. No idea where all the hockey fans are hiding on this site. Maybe they are playing games or watching Game of Thrones.
  17. #311 Agent of the Month Agents of Mayhem I was interested in this game because of my love of Saints Row games. I went in with an open mind and enjoyed this for what it was. This game definitely feels like Saints Row crossed with G.I. Joe and that sparked some solid nostalgia. The game-play is high paced and exciting, and the lineup of characters offers a decent variety of combat styles. Other than that the humor falls flat, the character backstories are barely there so there is no attachment to any of them. I really hated that the level difficulty setting can be changed behind the scenes with no notification which left me getting my butt kicked many times only to realize the game set itself to the highest level. And that one online trophy where 6 people "work together" to complete 15 contracts just sucked. Somehow I always ended up with 5 other people just there to mooch their way through. Overall I just wish Volition didn't write Saints Row over a cliff because I would much rather play a new Saints Row title than a spin-off that tries too hard to be Saints Row that it doesn't develop its own identity.
  18. Update!! 5) Movement: Agents of Mayhem finished for the Bonus badge.
  19. I remember reading somewhere on this site that this game can be played in co-op and then single player to auto pop the trophies. And I think this game has been whitelisted because of that. If I can find the thread I'll link it.
  20. This sounds very fun and interesting, so I'd like to join in. My time zone is UTC -4 (USA EST). @CSmit180 It looks like we are reporting our scores in 5 point chunks, so question is if we have more than 5 points earned at the time of an update post can they be added too or do we wait till we hit a multiple of five?
  21. Final update Finished up Statik and Furmins @eigen-space Thanks for another fun event and I hope all is well Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Jack &Jill DX (Vita/NA) Completion 99.05% Ultra Rare Sacred 3 Completion 3.51% Platinum-Less ➡️Furmins 💯 Unpopular Devious Dungeon (PS4/NA) 1009 Owners DLC Far Cry 4 Valley of the Yetis Difficulty Akiba's Trip Game Otaku Speed Run Ratchet & Clank Faster Than a Speeding Amoeboid MP Far Cry 5 ARCADE Competitor Peripherals ➡️Statik 💯 PSVR Bad Rep Coffin Dodgers Metascore:36 User Score:4.6
  22. 3/20 Update finished a few categories and making a couple of switches Platnum-less: Switching One Piece: Grand Cruise with Furmins Peripherals: Switching Rick and Morty with Statik hopefully I can finish these two before the event ends
  23. #300 The World Wanderer Final Fantasy XV For some reason when I had this game ready to Platinum I hesitated. Not sure why. So I played something else, then another something else and so on. Which has left me with an impromptu Platinum Rain Day to celebrate #300 so here's #301-310 I really miss those Platinum Rain Day events 😢
  24. I would like to join in on the fun as well. I will post up my list as soon as I figure it out.
  25. Definitely my worse January performance, but i tried and got 391.45 monkeydluffy512 score card