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  1. Hello. I just started playing for a few days. I read that i should keep an eye on some grindy challenges. I learned that for rocket launcher, i should get to level 5 of 'collateral damage' challenge (200 kills with splash dmg) to unlock another undiscovered challenge. But i don't have that challenge listed. There are only 3 challenges listed under rocket launcher. (Undiscovered, magic missile, and get a rocket up ya). I just started the 'lets build a robot army story mission. Will that 'collateral damage' challenge appear later on? Or is there smth i have to do to make it appear? Thanks. EDIT : Nvm. Played around with my rocket launcher, and it appears, along with 2 others (total 6 challenges). I think they popped once i get 10 rocket kills (completed level 1 of 'get a rocket up ya' challenge)
  2. Copy your save to usb or psn cloud before dealing with final boss. I was in ng+, working on alt ending trophy. After beating the last boss, my game crashed during end cutscene. No trophy popped. When i restarted the game, it puts me straight into ng++ in my damn wheelchair.