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  1. How and why is that weird? Do tell.
  2. effdeegee because that guy sure knows how to dress.
  3. No. Real man earns his trophies by himself.
  4. Well, I don't understand how this works, so maybe someone can explain it to me. If you can preorder the game on Store, then I guess the game already has a price. And, if I'm not mistaken, that price is 60 dollars for US market. So, you will pay 60 dollars, on day 1 you will download episode 1 and additional when available. ...and what seems to be the problem here?
  5. I f**king did it, about an hour ago. STFUxDxD told me to use Reimi, so I did! (Edge, Reimi, Meracle and Sarah was my main party) She was so annoying; I used all 20 Resurrection Units lol. I'm glad this is finally over now. Well, kinda. I still need Lymle's 10 mins battle trophy (I will leave that for some other time and play through)
  6. ...aaaaaand I'm back! I said I will post my stats after I obtain some trophies. I lied. Currently at 601/900 battle trophies and I'm about to enter WD for final, 3rd fight with Ethereal Queen. Wish me luck, guys!
  7. Motorhead Iron Maiden AC/DC Billy Idol W.A.S.P. (would add Ovnimoon, mind.in.a.box and Astral Projection, but people here don't need to know that I like trance/EDM, too) In gamez: Masashi Hamauzu & Hitoshi Sakimoto >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest
  8. Old(er)
  9. R.I.P. legend
  10. No, because I dont want to and I spent too much time on those trophies. You can say I am "emotionally attached" to them.
  11. 5/10
  12. OK, thanks. I'll try that!
  13. OK guys and G.I.R.L.s, I'm in! My progress at the moment: trophies: 35/47 play time: Earth: 166 hours / Galaxy: - / Universe: - / Chaos: - battle trophies: 580/900 battle trophies per character: Edge: 72 / Reimi: 77 / Faize: 41 / Lymle: 71 / Bacchus: 79 / Sarah: 50 / Myuria: 58 / Arumat: 75 My goals: 1st (current) playthrough (Earth): - get Advanced Battler trophy - get Hasty Hare Handler trophy (had it on X360; it's not hard, just time consuming) - get Rapid Rabbit Wrangler trophy (same as above) - get World's Biggest Welch Fan trophy (I'm really close to this one; I just need to beat EQ one more time) 2nd playthrough (Galaxy): - get Faize's Ending trophy - get Meracle's Ending trophy - get Crowe's Ending trophy 3rd playthrough (Universal): - get Universal Victor trophy 4th playthrough (Chaos): - get Chaotic Conqueror trophy after that, load my Galaxy save and, hopefully, get those 2 battle trophies related... um... trophies I'm currently without my ethernet cable (don't ask) and my priority is Tales of Zestiria at the moment, so I probably won't start continue this so soon; probably by the end of the month. After that, I'll keep updating my stats but only after I obtain some trophies. (PSN trophies, not battle trophies)
  14. Goes great with a coffee!