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  1. This is good news, but to the contrary, I personally do not think the finisher trophy is unobtainable. There are a lot(and I mean a lot) of finishers in this game. In my hardest difficulty run I seen quite a few that I have not seen in videos. Plus I'm pretty sure your kills(and by extension finishers) reset when you hit new game or maybe even new game plus, so it would very difficult to actually know if this trophy is truly broken. Only thing I could suggest is do a new game run, try to land finishers on every single enemy you see so you could possibly get every one during your run. I'd make a back up save in between each level as well in case you think your missing some. And remember each boss has 2 different finishers(one for each phase) Also I'm pretty sure there is at least two different finishers for killing someone near a wall and a desk(stage 4) Final tip would be to play on at least hard so enemies don't instantly die from melee attacks. Would also like to say I think the Ramen trophy is slightly overhyped. It's challenging but very doable if you try it on the song Ramen King. Watch the video to know what I mean. Now the Space Run Away mini game on the other hand I'm not so sure. 😅




    For anyone that may be interested here is my runs of both Contra games for NES.

    Been getting really into doing challenge runs like this for older games as of late.

    Because frankly trophy hunting isn't all that challenging at times nor always as fun.


    I'll probably upload more stuff like this, you know video of me doing stuff that isn't really trophy related but I'm actually a gamer and not just someone who cares about stats or my vanity so I enjoy it. 🤷


  3. @Kramers001As you can see ppl are finding these videos quite helpful. And I also have messages on psn thanking me directly as well. Maybe you could consider updating the trophy guide. Send me a pm or whatever if intrested.

    Chapter 7 and 8.


    Cp.7-Pretty difficult level, you gotta traverse the section were you need to rise the connon to blow up the big door while avoiding the 4 ballistas.

    Then you gotta face your 1st galdoir, THEN

    you gotta make it tru one of the games hardest rooms.

    The Water room with the holo wheel.

    I'll be honest here I died many times here, but oddly enough I actually 1st tried the water room.😯


    Cp.8-This one is challenging, but compared to the last one it's fairly tamed.

    The beginning I just rush the glorious Legpagius dude in red get the key then it's easy up till the dark souls ish section with the troll.

    As long as you are very liberal with your shotgun.

    You'll be able to kill or knock down those cultists with ease.

    All in all it's not to bad. 

  5. A 2/10 at best. But serious answer a couldn't give a fuck/10.
  6. Didn't feel like responding on PSN, but I got the item I was looking for. Thanks for your insight.


    I don't understand why the Casca items aren't guaranteed drops when it seems like all of the other characters have 100% drop rates. I didn't have hers for Later 80 or Layer 100. Now that I got the item for Layer 80, I'll do Later 100 after work today. I'll keep this in mind in case the drops want to bullshit me for my final character, Wyald.


    Part 2 chapters 4-6

    Cp4-This one I probably should have did some practice runs because I ended up wasting a lot of time looking for treasures, solving puzzles and generally not fully understanding what the hell I was doing.

    A funny but happens at the end were I do the church puzzle perfectly...but it was upsidedown 

    @MatThaRiPP3R84 was in my party and made sure to make fun of me in share screen for it. Lol

    This will easily end up being the longest level in my run.


    Cp5-Went well enough, but I did restart alot due to Ashley being without her op Knight Armor so she got taken away probably around 7-8 times during the final village square revisit.

    I hear ppl say the cabin fight is one of the hardest parts in the game(and I sorta agree I died here alot in my initial hardcore run)

    But I only died twice and on my 3rd try I completely destroyed the bullhead dude.


    Cp6-Worse part was the beginning were you have to get past the mob with Ashley, chainsaw sisters, cheese chase(say that 3times fast) and the actual cheese himself was nothing to worry about, the fire surrounding the boss area is more intimidating then him tbh.


    Im up to chapter 12 ATM, so expect probably a couple more videos by Monday, again no one cares I know and I'm legitimately taking to myself.🙃










    1. MatThaRiPP3R84


      good job dude nice video.

    2. TheTallSamoanGuy


      I'll be using this video my S+ run!

  8. https://youtu.be/Hxm24mfcUr8

    Part 1(Chapter 1-3)


    Currently working on a series of videos for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

    Professional S plus without any DLC, Bonus weapons or items.

    Can I clear this relatively difficult task, will anyone actually give a rat's ass?

    Stay tuned to my public status updates to find out. 

  9. A trophy hunter taking things too serious. Sounds about right On topic: Nah don't care much for them. All these stats for these "difficult"games are mostly based on if someone plays on their alt or not so the data is hardly accurate.
  10. -Win the popularly contest on PSNP. -Build my trophy list in a very specific way so it will appeal to others and earn me lots of views on my profile page. -Earn over 10000000000000 million upvotes. -Make a checklist the community of PSNP can be proud of. You know the important stuff.
  11. Ok finally done, good luck to all the future Doom 2 platinum achievers. I believe in you guys.
  12. Yeah that just happened. If you get tried of running 27-29 here's a method you may find less tedious for 29(Don't recommend) Btw I'll have the last video of the Doom 2 Nightmare Run up pretty soon(if anyone actually gives a cacodemon's ass)
  13. Dude you forever seem like your doomed to leave Wolf 2, Crash 4 and DMC5 incomplete.
  14. Your very welcome man, I think they would be very helpful for most ppl(was partly my intention) Its just too bad they couldn’t be included for the Doom 2 guide oh well🥲