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  1. I’d like to sign up. Would give me a good reason to actually fully finish games and try to get closer my goal of a 100% profile. My Current % is 91% and the target goal is 97%. Don’t know how reasonable it will be for me too achieve those results, epically due to the games I need to clear in order to rise my completion number. But I’m gonna give it my all!
  2. I honestly believe its easier solo to 3 star Crushing, if you have a lv.5 FAL at least.
  3. Ok so finally after years of having Uncarted 4 but never starting the Survival DLC. I can safely say it is not anywere close to being impossible. Mind you it does seem like it in the early parts of your joungry to 100% this very fun(and tbh underated mode) At level 1 your gonna have a hard time just beating stages(epically stages with bosses) But I promise you just stick with it and struggle tru the them while learning the ins and outs and youll be fine. It should go without saying but you should start with clearing every stage on modarate 1st then hard, so you can level up, unlock stronger guns, and learn how the mode and its stages work. Once you have gotten to lv.40 and beat all stages on modarte plus hard. You should be ready to trackle crushing mode. Dont stress about getting a lv5 FAL or M14, its honestly not 100% nessusery. It just helps alot. lol Make sure to bring two other players who have done all the above steps, that why you have a good chance of 3 staring all 10 stages. So to make it simple... Step 1.Clear all stages on Modarate Step 2.Clear all stages on Hard Step.3Try to unlock a lv2 FAL or M14(I prefer FAL personally) Step 4.Find 2 other players who have done step 1-3. Step 5.Have fun and just learn from your misakes. And you will max this game out on due time. And before I end this post let me answer the TC's question. No a "completionist" shouldnt avoid this game. This is one of the finest Games on ps4 and everyone should experice it. Yes survival is step up in difficulty but its pretty fun in its own right and very fun change of pase from the more story driven main game. Only avoid this game if you(like the TC) care more about trophies then fun and are obv(based on TC's trophy list) lack the skill to obatin actual difficult trophies.
  4. Been gone awhile, but a few days ago I aquired my 92# platinum- Darksiders II DE. I dont know what it is, but im kinda strugging with the idea that maybe I should end trophy hunting for myself. Becuse after maxing out Darksiders 2 Im not really feeling it. Mind you the game isnt the best, but its still good as a whole..Idk maybe im getting to old someting. Anyways, nice job on all the progress you guys have made. I still read most of them while lurking in the shadows. Also I got myself a ps5(didnt really mean too tbh. lol) So maybe Ill start Demon Souls soon-ish. Peace out for now guys✌
  5. After 100%ing Days Gone. I would absoulty recomend you skip Days Gone. Not cus its hard mind you. More so cus based on the TC's trophy list they would lack the skill to actully be able to gold all 12 challenges.
  6. Log 019: U.Marvel vs Capcom 3- Cleared Dante's 9th&10th mission. 9 is honstly worse then 10. But Im gald I stuck with it and styled all over tho hard ass missions like a true demon hunter. 😎 Im gonna being taking a little break from Marvel. Gonna chip away at Uncarted 4 survival mode in its place. Its not part of this challenge but I figure its time to wrap it up after 4years. lol Dead Nation AE- Platinum unlocked! Made it too endless round 10 on my 2nd try, after that me and my partner CatDaFatherChaz easily scored the no damage for 1 round trophy. I tried to help him get to round 10, butttttttt we both died too a cutter. lol Ill be helping him out still tho(depite the fauct I have the plat.😊) Grinded out my last 13000 Z kills and unlocked my shiny plat.πŸ˜€πŸ† Really enjoyed my time with Dead Nation, had incredible lighting, phyics, and overall atmsyore. I know other more AAA production game compeny have put out horror game with much more impressive assets. But for indy stuido they nalied it here in that deparment. Gameplay had solid level desgin, lots of varaity. And playing a game witch entails mowing down endless hordes of undead. Having levels that dont feel at all repeated is kind of importent. Blowing up zoms with grandes, rocket lunchers never got old once.😌 Plus unlike most indy horror games, the story actully took its self seroius. With a more dark and grimm tone... Oh man the ending sure is brlink, not Last of Us 2 brlink...but you get the picture. lol Overall, I'd give it a final score of... 8.3/10 End Log. Current challenge progress: Doom(93) 100% Platinum U.Marvel vs Capcom 3 7% Days Gone 100% Platinum+DLC Dead Nation AE 100% Platinum Darksiders II DE 0% Crash Banicoot Nitro Fuled 0% Devil May Cry 2 0% Yakuza 0 0% Trails of Cold Steel II 0% Streets of Rage 4 0% Catrine Full Body 0% KH Brith By Sleep Final Mix 0%
  7. You can do a Solo "coop" run on Nightmare if you have too. By that I mean as long as you have 2 working ps4 controllers, do keep in mind that means you are restrcted to half the screen while the other half ls given to your dummy. Ive platinum Doom(93), but I would say "Coop" nightmare isnt like butal hard. It can be very routgh at the start tho. Basiclly if you make it past episode 1 it gets a whole lot more manageble. After that there only a handful of difficult missions.
  8. HAPPY HOLLOWEEN!!!πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘»πŸ±πŸ’€πŸ§›β€β™€οΈπŸŽƒπŸ­ Didnt play much tonight due to my girlfriend being a super goth girl. So you can figure what I was out all night doing. πŸŽƒπŸ₯‚πŸ¦‚πŸπŸ–€ Log 018: Dead Nation AE- Big shut out to CatDaFatherChaz for his help in helping me clear Coop. We finsh the last two missions early moring. Will probbly end up doing the no damage in 1 round of arcade/endless trophy before we part ways. He was a blast to play with and a beast player. I did do a very brief Endless run to see if I could make it to round 10. Died at round 5...but it was my falut. I dont think it should take me long at all, so I'm not worried here. After that just need to find the 9 collectibles in arcade/endless abd grind out 20000 or so zombie kills and Ill be a zombie killing master and have a cool platinum trophy to mount on my wall. End Log.
  9. Log 017: Dead Nation AE- In the end we had to start a Grim Coop run. It seems you cant play Morbid without both players beat grim 1st. Witch tbh turned out probbly be for the best cus Grim coop is no joke. We did end up clearing 8/10 missions. so I think will have it all done by tommrow. I also only got 2 missions left to perfect loot. Needless to say Im farily happy with todats progress. Now if only I could start putting a dent into Marvel.... End Log.
  10. Log 016: U.MvC3- Cleared 8 of Dante's missions. Got stuck on mission 9, but I know with time Ill clear it. Mission 10 looks scary as hell tho.😬 Dead Nation AE- After clearing my 1st run of Grim. I gotta do at least 2 more champin runs. One for getting a perfect loot bonus on every level and one for clearing morbid. Technally I do have to clear the game in coop. But I found a mate on here tru game sessions that is in need of the same trophies. So we both can knock Morbid&coop in one fall swoop.πŸ‘Š Perfected looted 5/10 levels. I ended up missing one momento at the end of stage 4 and had to restart my collectible run😀 But hey thats what backing up your save is for next time😁 End Log. P.S- Here are my current standing within this callenge. 1.Doom(93) 100% Platinum 2.Ulimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 7% 3.Days Gone 100% Platinum+DLC's 4.Dead Nation AE 35% 5.Darksiders II DE 0% 6.Crash Banicoot Nitro Flued 0% 7.Devil May Cry 2 0% 8.Yakuza 0 0% 9.Trails of Cold Steel II 0% 10.Cathrine Full Body 0% 11.Streets of Rage 4 0% 12.Brith By Sleep Final Mix 0%
  11. Ok for the sake of me not having to write anymore short novels in this topic Im going back to my(sonetimes) daily updates. So without further adue. Log 015: UMvC3- Havent been playing Marvel as of late, kinda just not feeling doing inputs for a hr n a half everyday tbh. My plan was to try to finsh 4sets a month(12characters) but with only 2sets done since I started. You csn see Im far behind my deadline. lol Still Im enjoying learning the game and seeing how Capcom desgin the characters in combat. I did clear Captain Amercias missions(1-9) Skip his 10th mission cus it was sorta dumb. But I may return to it if I have to. Next character is Dante, followed by Deadpool. Days Gone- A few days ago I unlocked my last trophy for beating ng+ on survival 2. And after clearing the(surpising long) main story. Ive revooked my opinion of saying the 2nd half is better. Cus I find the 1st half to better in trems of both story and gameplay seructure. 2nd half had more intresting characters and Decon character arc devopling was sweet. But the game got way more repetive and those characters they dont really build up or have very good pay off in the end. Plus there is the super lackluster final mission.... Overall, I think Days Gone is good, but not great. Its full of things you have seen countless times this gen and it only really brings horde battles and and a intresting MC with a nice complte arc to the table. Final Score:7.5/10 Dead Nation AE- I started this game on sunday and already finshed my 1st playtru on Grim(hard mode) its short, but man is it sweet. Fast paced arcade zombie killing action right here. Ill post more about it later on, just got off work so Im pretty beat. End Log.
  12. Alight dude cool cool, make sure to post your progress along with your own personal insight as well. We all enjoy reading each others passions in here. Oh and remember, have fun and good luck. 😁
  13. You gotta post what % each game is at too. Unless those games are all at 0%/not started then its cool. Also you cant included games that are at 35% or more.
  14. Yeah dude, just post your list and start making updates whenever.
  15. Who cares you got a plat in one of the best games ever. Dosnt matter if it was hard or not.