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  1. It’s kinda sad to say but in AC’s Combat maps you can legit spam evade and the basic strike move and easily 3 medal every single map(with all 4 characters) Obv you still gotta specific moves depending on the enemies(like heavys, or shield foes) but tbh I really find playing like that super boring. If you want the trophies the easiest that’s the ticket tho. I would add that Batman’s Square+Cross move is very good at building your combos tho.
  2. I probably will after I hit 200 plats with 100% completion(in like 5-6years lol) But tbh I don’t know what the future holds, I do know that one cant trophy hunt forever and expect it to not have very massive consequences in the long run.
  3. I don’t really have a plan per say in regards to my account. I basically just buy whatever interests me then I preced to earn all the trophies. Now with that said I do have a goal within my profile and even a end goal at that, witch is too obtain 100% completion with 300 ultra rares and 200 platinums. I actually decided very recently to limit this to only ps4 games(except for Demons Souls, cus I had already started it) I felt this was best due to the fact that I’m getting older and while I do love video games and challenging myself. There will come at time when I will tire of it none the less(of throwing myself at the wall I mean, I’m always gonna be gaming no matter the age) I feel this is truly the right way to do it, cus all great journeys need to have their endings. I mean we can’t just keep trophy hunting till we’re 60 years old afterall and expect everything to workout ya know. So it’s gonna be ps5 games on a more casual account for the unseen future and this one will be the completion account. Anyways thanks for reading this and happy trophy hunting to all.
  4. Just mix up your moves and abuse the evade move(jump over enemies heads) move
  5. Honestly if you have 300 ultra rares composed of actually difficult/grindy trophies and not just super obscure games/ps plus gimmies. Id say that’s pretty impressive, I see a few beasts in this very topic. Of course Floriss is still king of skill.
  6. I’d like to sign up as a active member, I’m currently doing the attack on Completion event, but this event would go very well with that one so seems like nice way to gain extra motivation so I can father climb the % ladder. Due to work and other releases I can only really do one game a month but I definitely will do a write up for it as sharing your experiences is part of the fun.
  7. They are, it’s the predator ones you gotta worry about this time tho.
  8. 22mins or so. I suck lol
  9. Update 1- Previous- 91% Current-91.55% Target-97% Haven't been updating due to needing to move and such but I made a slight dent in my goal to reach 97% this year. here’s some games I finished off in the mean time. -Streets of Rage 4 -Devil May Cry 2 -Castlevania Requiem -Little Nightmares -Outlast Nothing to difficult or anything but Streets of Rage 4 was a slight challenge. Been chipping away at Yakuza 0 for like the past month and I’m over half way done, throw a little U.Marvel vs Capcom 3 in there as well and you can see why I’m making only a tiny progress at best. Hoping to score both plats by the end of May while I work on other projects. Trust me both these games are major thorn in any completoniost side.
  10. Nothing, anything is possible with enough will and stubbornness.
  11. 1&4 with a little bit of 5 thrown in. I really feel this right here. This is why I’ll probably just finish up my ps4 backlog and won’t even go for platinums on ps5. Just kinda end it with ps4 and be done.
  12. I don’t really have poof(unless you search left 4 dead stuff on YouTube) But me being the #1 player on Left 4 Dead 1 for Xbox for like a year. It wasn’t what I’d call super active but everyone who played was legit solid at the game. I remember when we all made a tournament and my team won, man there were so many close matches. That’s was like 5years ago but I’m always gonna remember how much that game and community left on me. Asides from that, Id say 100% in Wolfestin 2 or Black Knight Sword would be my greatest achievement/trophy feat.
  13. Well said man. We are all on or own personal trophy hunting journey, and we shouldn’t strive to appease anyone nor should we compare or compete with anyone another then ourselves. This is why I personally do not agree with hiding games, starting new accounts or pay to platinum(games you legit pay money to just rise your rank) But like life it’s all about growing, and as gamers one could say our profiles show this growth. Just a thought.
  14. Just want to point out every single person has a very(even if a tiny bit) of ocd. Its been proven in many different studies. Now as for the argument, I personally can’t understand why you would take the time to hide your games one by one instead of just clicking a filter option(witch only takes 1 button click) I personally feel as if you just don’t like seeing your games lined up in a specific way. To me that would be ocd. But it’s ok man I won’t press it anymore. I respect your outlook and answer.
  15. Ok that could be a good argument. But why would a person need to simplify tracking by hiding games? Isnt there a option to sort games by completed and non completed? Sounds like they may have some slight ocd.