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  1. I always recomend going for the KH1FM plat. But only due to it being a amazing game for any gamer, of any age. Also sweet job man, its actully not that easy of a platinum. 😊
  2. For me it would be these three platinums Mega Man 11 Vanquish Devil May Cry HD Ive been doing this whole trophy hunter thing for a while now(even longer if we count xbox achievements) And Im gonna say this, if I was the same skill level I was at when I 1st started. These 3plats would feel like ultra rares no lie. Vanquish, I spent 25hrs alone on challenge 6 back on 360. This game single handily put me on the path to trackle challenging games. Ironicly enuff on ps4, I beat all the tactial challenges in 3hrs(inculding #6) Mega Man 11, I used to suck at mega man(and platfromers as a whole) I couldnt even beat MM10 on normal. lol So when I got tru Dr Lights trial for the 1st time and obatin the plat, I knew srright up, yeah Im a hell of alot better at Mega Man finally. DMC1HD, if there ever was a game to show me the skill improvment between my past self and now its DMC1. I maxed it out on 360 way back when...but only by playing tru the like 3 extra times. So I could fram holy waters endless yellow orbs and I think I had like 8 untounchbles. I bearly even beat the game on DMD mode. lol Come ps4 version, I cleared DMD without using a single item. Man that feels good, mostly cus I love DMC1. But yeah those are my hardest plats that are non ultra rares. I didnt really find them too bad in this gen, but Id be a fool to say they were a piece of cake another life ago.
  3. Log 013: UMvC3-Had a nice session tonight, was able to Hulk smash by way tru all of Hulks missions. Mission 9&10 being the ones that started to really make me release my inner bruce banner me.😑 With that said, Wolvrine, Ryu and Hulk are my 1st 3 characters done in mission mode. So Ill be moving on to my 1st arcade(hardest) run here soon. Days Gone- After having put in a good amount of time into DG, Ive went from finding it janking(witch it still is mind you) unispried mess. The game its self is growing on me. I didnt really like having to refill my bikes gas at 1st, but after upgrading my bike and skills. It has been a non issuse(mostly) Exploring is fun now, even tho there isnt too much of a reason to do so. Im enjoying flow of the plot, while it isnt very compeling atm. I do like the world buliding going, and Decon(or Deek for short) is sorta fresh in trems of main characters you normally controll. Hes just a guy trying his hardest to be a good person in a world gone mad. (kinda like real lifeπŸ˜…) So lets just say to me, hes relateble Also he talks to himself alot...while saying stange things... yep diffently relateble. lol End Log.
  4. Alot of ppl on this site forgot what fun was a long time ago. It can be quite a sad slight to behold sometimes here.
  5. Started Days Gone tonight. DG will probbly be my main game for the rest of october. With a bit of attenion given to UMvC3 on the side. Log 012: UMvC3- Tonight wasnt a great start, 1st off I hoped on and saw that Woverines 10th mission was not competed. Seems the game didnt award me the mission even tho I clearly did it.πŸ˜‘ Thankfully it only took me 10mins to correct that tiny bit of bullshit. I must be really improving on my inputs tho, cus I was really strugging with this very same mission last week. lol I also took a hr to clear all of Ryu's missions. Overall his were pretty simple(not easy, just simple) I hear from the FGC that his are normally on the easier side. So that means the worst may yet to come. πŸ™ Days Gone- I think this game has the quickist and most who gives a freakers ass set up for the world building ever seen in a zombie game. You spend maybe 10mins seting up that the world is under segie from a viai infection, see the main characters(and I guess plot point) The game is like, yep here the world. Its destoryed, burren, and very dangous. I kinda like it tho, after all 10005357 zombie games we had over the last 10years, its nice to have a game just get right to the point for a change. lol Now in trems how my exp is going, well...I find the game differnt, thats for sure. Its ooen world with zombies, witch those two are beyond done to death these days. But combining then does leads to some rather intresting gameplay. I like how you need to find scap and gas to keep your bike going. So if it brakes down or runs low on fuel. You gotta walking dead your way into a small town or outpost to savage for surplies. It can make for intnese moments, so even tho its a tad annyoing, Im gonna try to keep a open mind and see what the folks at bend studios were trying to chaft here. End Log. Was gonna post more, but didnt want my post to become to long. Dont wish to put my poor eng on you souls to much more, ya know. lol
  6. I remember when xbox live arcade games were only 200g. And they were usually 10x harder then AAA 1000g games lol
  7. Did you try lowering the difficulty to easy? If you have already, then try grinding in that one area that has random rooms every time you enter(sorry I forget the name) You can get really strong equipment if you put enuff time in there.
  8. Im totally not gonna read that.πŸ˜… But man, you two getting me hyped for ToCSII. Hope its even more epic then part 1.
  9. If I may ask, how did you get that spred sheet? It looks nice and super convent.
  10. I strated my new job this week so gaming has been slightly harder then normal to make time for. Plus I desided to stay at my old one in some from. So now I work two jobs, witch puts me at around 48hrs a week of work.πŸ˜… Only posting this cus it really trew off my whole rotine. Im also gonna start Days Gone once I 100% Bloodstain Cruse of the Moon, due to U.MvC3 being just a tad to repetive to play on its own. Anyways I made some progress so lets get to that little thing. Log 012: Took me a good 30mins, but I finally cleared Wovrines last mission(with a ds4) I havn't played the gane in a few days, so when I finally saw all the pieces come together and that combo fully conected. I felt pure hype. I was starting to really doubt my own skills, but now I know, regurdless how hard it gets from here. I will platinum this game! End Log. Ill probbly only be puting a hr or two a session into UMvC3 after tonight. I think Ill have better results if I dont burn myself out doing long session on a gane were you need to do persice inputs fir hrs on end. Ill leave the big hrs to the other games, like the soon to be Days Gone. ✌
  11. Alright despite my better Judgement, I settle on starting U.Marvel vs Capcom 3. I really had my slights set on MvC Infinte, but after thinking it over. I realize both games are prertty much dead. So may as well play the harder game(plus it has Vergil, so cant go wrong there) This game is most likely gonna kick my ass worse then Wolfestein 2. But if I survive, Ill have another sub 1 plat. πŸ˜… So in closing this is the final list for the challenge. 1.Doom(93)[Done] 2.U.Marvel vs Capcom 3[1%] 3.Days Gone 4.Dead Nation AE 5.Darksiders 2 DE 6.Crash Banicoot Nitro Fuled 7.Devil May Cry 2 8.Yakuza 0 9.Cathtine Full Body 10.Trails of Cold Steel II 11.Stages of Rage 4 12.Brith By Sleep Final Mix Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but dont worry list isnt gonna change anymore(most likely😜) Log 011:I havent played a fighter in a long time. Probbly since Street Fighter V 4years ago(still need to get that plat as well) So jumping into Im pretty rusty on inputs and such. Also cus this is a fighter, and one hell of a time sink at that. Its very open in how you can tackle the plat. To achive this monster Ultra rare shiny you must do 4 of the following. -Clear 480 mission(think of trials from Street Fighter IV but maybe not as hard?) -Clear Acrade mode with all 48 characters. Yes thats right, you gotta beat acrade 48times. lol -Reach 6th Rank in Rank Mode along with playing 300 Rank Matchs(100 of those must be wins as well) -A good amount of rando trophies as well(like beat acrade on hardest, get a shit load of points in acrade, fight all characters online, etc.) With all that condent to do in such a seemily small game, I came up with my own idea how to go abut this 1.Clear all missions with 3characters(1capcom, 2marvel > 1marvel, 2capcom. in that order) 2.Playtru acade mode consisting of team of the 3characters just cleared in mission mode(Ill be doing on these runs on hardest just as a nice bonus) 3.Repeat till every character is done in mission/arcade mode. Im going to proceed with this game plan, as I think it will be alot more fun to me personally With that said I got a good seesion in tonight, and was able to clear 9 missions with Wovrine. Got so close to clearing M10 as well, but man its legit hard(did I menion Im using a Dualshock 4 for this? Yes I know what your thinking. I must really hate myself. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ƒ) Hopefully I put that mission down down in the next session. End Log.
  12. Total Games:105 Total Platinum's:89 Total Completion's:93 Completion %:93.99 I just resently got the plat for Wolfenstein 2(only got one last DLC for 100% as well) Ive been talking my trophy hunting a little slow weekend, due to some instense sesions of Monster Hunter World with my gf. Also Im about to start another sub 1 plat so I really need a nice recharge. lol
  13. Thanks dude, maybe one day Ill have your 300 ultra rares. As for Mein Leben, I think blased on your trophies you wouldnt have much of a probelm. Dont get me wrong, its hard, like really hard its a sub 1 plat for a reason. But it mostly just comes down to dying over and over again till you memoize each section. Im getting old(27) so my reflexs are not what they used to be, so it took me 2 butal weeks. lol I think you would clutch it tho. 😁
  14. 1st off, super good job man, thats increadible plat too have.😁 2nd, Ipersonally found it going tru a whole game on the highest setting with only one life vert thilring. But it did make me rage in parts. At the end of the day it all comes down ti just well..dying, dying, and dying some moee atill you memorize the whole game. I legit, no lie died 4times on the final level, I was so done at that point. But I sucked it up, cus I hate giving up. There is part of me that secertly would do it all over again in a Wolfestin 3 tho....ao maybe we both just love punhiment or somethingπŸ˜…πŸ™ƒ
  15. I fully agree with this post whole heartly. Mainly cus everyone games for diffent reasons. Tho I would like to say, those rules I set are just my own personal standards. I would never expect anyone to try to achive them, due to it being complently absurd. Im just a person who always likes to go the extra mile. I know not everyone is like that, and I fully understand and repect it. Also there are Pro gamers who dont trophy hunt at all(and make bank btw lol) So most of us have no right to call other ppl out for thier skill. One last thing, you sir got a beastly profile regurdless. And I love your Mega Man Volnut Pic. Wish so badly we could get a New Legends game or a Remake of 1+2.