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  1. Great game, has some very impressive level design and atmosphere for a game as small as it is. On Topic, going for Death Stranding with a little bit of World War Z thrown in.
  2. Uh; wish you a wonderful Friday evening! Never seen you on this site but it`s  nice to meet you!

  3. Yep what he said, those 3 are most likely the ones you quickly shit on and never even put a dent in their extra parts. I would like to add Papa Carlo(the one with the wracking ball) is another boss that you could quickly dispatch too without earning the said requirement tho.
  4. Idk if I’m allowed to post this but for Sine Mora the thing baker is referring to is the challenge for destroying every boss with only your primary weapon(arcade mode) Naturally you should unlock it on your primary weapon only run but what the game fails to explain is you actually need to destroy most of a bosses parts(not just the main target to proceed to the next phrase) The parts that you gotta destroy are usually things that act as turrets, or are part of the bosses gimmick. So destroying them can sometimes make the boss fight easier, basically takes away attacks or actions from the boss. If you want to make this challenge easy to track just make sure every time you finish a boss fight, open the menu mid stage and look and see what the % is for the primary only boss fight challenge is at, if it rises you met the requirement for that boss, if not then now you know witch one you missed at least. You gotta clear the game 7times anyway. Ok hope this help(unless there’s still beef here, witch in that case, well idk, doesn't really matter tbh)
  5. Holy shit, +1 to this.
  6. Today 90’s kids movies would be considered too dark for younger viewers. I personally prefer when shows/movies were made for kids but had lots of mature themes. Your examples are probably some of the more light hearted dark kids films tho.
  7. Those are both kinda bad spots too, mighty 3 stage is pretty ass around cys you gotta do 2 near frame perfect crouch dashes. The tower one you can wait till they fall till you proceed. I think these 2 are less a issue due to them being early i on in the run.
  8. I think finally figure out why the game is a sub 1 platinum. Game is very short(maybe 3-5hrs) After you do your 1st playtru you pretty much have to do challenges related stuff for the reminder of the completion, such as 2nd and 3rd playtru. One on Hard and another on Hyper. Followed up by a speed run, and a few replays of stages for Fine play bonus’s. Thats actually a lot of M#9, witch is overalll still a challenging game on its own without the restrictions. But here’s the kicker, you gotta do a boss rush after that and clear some annoying challenges in the challenge mode. The worst 1 being clear the whole game with 1 life. Not actually that hard after beating the game so many times. The problem lies in you having to avoid dying by the games cheap into insta deaths. There’s a fair number of them and the 2 worst ones come at the end of the game. Call’s prison stage(if you have played the game you know witch one) and the Robot Factory one were you have to have basically frame perfect movement to get past it. I can see now why do many ppl said fuck this game. Dying a hr in would be so soul crashing.
  9. Start With 0 for sure, I haven't personalky played the other(yet) but given the sheer quality of the game, id alone recommended it even if you choose to not trackle the rest of the series. Be warned, its a time sink plat, and will most likely take 150-200hrs. Youll most likely love a good 90% of it tho.
  10. Only if you do the owl topic. But no worries already on it.
  11. This one of those rare times were the trophies and games 100%. Compliment each other. The trophies are fun, a slight challenge, have funny tittles and really encourage you to explore both the world and gameplay mechanics.
  12. 6-7/10 seems accurate, Idk why the game is sub 1, it’s really not that bad. Maybe it cus it has lots of things that scare ppl, like boss rush, speed run, multiple playtrus, no death run etc. I remember getting the plat when it was released years ago and thinking it wasn’t that bad but then I seen it was ultra rare and I was like… what?
  13. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=276481346507644&id=100024373433927&set=a.121968135292300&source=11 Cooloest Cat around. 😺 https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=240729993416113&id=100024373433927&set=a.121968135292300&source=11
  14. You know what, I probably deserve that. Would like to say I’m not even 30 yet, so no mid life crisis here. You should probably get started on the owl tread soon tho, just saying.
  15. Alright after reading tru the various post from my last topic, and re reading my opening post a bit I personally felt I was being to hush and for the most part mis judging others intentions as well. Ill Amit I don’t personally care to make my own checklist due to it being unessusury for me. But just cus others like to share and communicate their passions and efforts among one another, dosnt mean I should push my own behavior, views and opinions on them. I realize by doing so that am simply creating a farther gap between the community. I guess what I’m saying is I shouldn’t act like I speak for others, or understand their actions. I genuinely apologize for that, I was kinda just being a dick. I personally apologized to the following @yuber1234 @Arcesius @DrBloodmoney And I also apologize for the others who have solid checklists and put lots of effort into this hobby @Baker @Copanele @KindaSabbath @Shrooba There are others but those are some of the best I can think of, so again sorry for coming off as a dickhead. Now I also still think playing the EZ games and stacking is still a problem, but I was also kinda harsh about it, being a aggressive asshole like I was being isn’t the best way to help the matter, I don’t agreee with it and think it will pretty much continue to lower the standards of this site. But acting the way I did is just being toxic and unproductive. I don’t expect ppl to care, nor do I really want ppl to accept my apology but I know there is two much negatively in the world these days and don’t want to be someone brings that out. I mean you called die tomorrow so learning to be kind and state your views more responsibility in your words should be a focus to ensure we actually continue to thrive as a community is important. Plus no one wants to go out as a dick. Signing off.