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  1. I believe it doesn’t matter if you watch the end credits and stuff. What I think matters(and I know this Will sound stupid)but I think to earn that trophy you must beat the dlc without ever pausing the game, no death. Because the game counts it as a retry if you pause your game.
  2. This is pretty much what I’m saying, I’m just being more blunt. Some ppl just can’t separate emotions from logic. Oh well time to say how I’m leaving the tread to give off the idea that I’m taking the high ground like ppl actually give a shit. *insert needless emoji here
  3. Your aguement dosnt make since, I never skipped good games? Ok Void, we all know how you choose how to trophy hunt, so yes you can have the right. ; )
  4. Ummmm no the games are still fire(resident evil 2 remake being one of the best titles I played this gen) If you want to be given free stuff without working for it be my guest. But ppl have the right to be annoyed that they put legit effort when others take shortcuts. The worst part is these games are such high quality that the whole idea of someone skipping the games(without seeing in full glory all the enhancements the ps5 has given them)is pretty wrack.
  5. I would argue that being given a free platinum would hardly feel like you accomplished something, and your saying time is money, but your not getting paid to play/plat games quickly. I’m missing something here right? But what do I know, I’m just a low key from troll that for some reason is trying to put effort in this dwindling hobby as all these auto popping/rat stacks destroys any credibility this site could have.
  6. Thanks, but yeah I’m gonna head out to, this shit is getting too toxic for me anyways.✌🏻
  7. That really doesn’t make since, if you support ppl and have a ego. You are not really supporting them, you are just trying to flex your own achievements.🤷🏻
  8. Sorry “you’re” right, we all have this problem. Should have clarified. Ew, so “you’re” saying you don’t care that other ppl suffer. that’s messed up dude, but hey you wouldn’t be internet a Warrior if you didn’t have some corny meme to try to desperately make a joke. Also thanks for going back on your word and giving me more attention I guess.
  9. Maybe🤡 Ok I’m just gonna be honest here, I just don’t take myself that serious. But I can tell you something even tho I’m just having fun(and kinda saying things that true) The ppl replying to me are really showing what kind of ppl they really are. Or how they handle someone not agreeing with there own view points.
  10. Wait wait, so you basically just said, life sucks for us all right? No shit, it does. Anyone over 25 knows this by now. Snd honestly everyone who goes tru 80years of their life and dosnt give up and strives to be the very best they can be deserves a medal period. So no I don’t think I’m special, quite the opposite really, I’m just someone who never gives up is all. Now I don’t know why you turned this into a profile flex, because honestly 50plats is pretty ass tbh, maybe if they were all 9-10 games ok maybe you would be right, but otherwise that’s pretty weak. Either way nothing about video games is impressive, it’s all time based, if you can game at least 20hrs a week. You can have a good account. But hey nice try with that one. So I’m a pull a you, I’m gonna act like I’m some high and mighty dude by having to announce that I’m no longer going to interact with you(like it’s a honor that you even quoted me to begin with) Man you got massive ego problems dude. Ppl do back me up, they just don’t post on here so you’ll never see them, you know the ppl I actually interact with and don’t just spam them with walls of text.
  11. Ok ok, fair enough.
  12. Ok maybe I’m over exaggerating about this a little. But there are a lot of ppl on here who talk more then they do and that is sort of annoying. I wouldn’t say I care if they do but I’m a honest man, as a honest man I gotta go out bullshit when I see it, just how I do things.
  13. “You’re” it’s a inside joke for one of my biggest fans on here. lol Hey I don’t mind if you want to talk with random on the internet and think they somehow can care about a wall of text from someone they don’t really know, just don’t go around calling they “you’re” friends(unless “you’re” being sarcastic that is) Because other wise “you’re” being pretty disrespectful to real friends ships just saying. Also here again, have a emoji 💜
  14. Ok I’m not being rude here, but if you read a lot of the posts from the more active users. Most of them are just a batch of “new accounts” with hardly any plats posting like they have been in the game for along time. I mean for all I know they have actually, but their current profiles hardly rep that. Thats more why I said that, cus it makes you seem very dis genuine. That was the point there.
  15. I’m not worrying about you or anyone else, the fact that you think I(someone you have never met) actually worry’s about how you spend “you’re” rec time just nails my point home. Ppl really think ppl on this public from, who they have never met, never will, probably will never even be in a party with them. Someone how care or our invested in there mealiness digital pixels. Also here have a emoj. 👍🏻 That’s what you do when you don’t have anything really to say right?