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  1. Thats actually pretty funny, I bet you could lure the CV intro the the Tank fairly offen tho.
  2. I'm two missions away from 100%. Grand Tourtment and Everlasting Duty. Been rocking some WotD weapons the whole way tru. Man its been a butal ride.
  3. Been grinding the extra missions for WotD. Already cleared all the main missions but im having trouble on a couple of missions atm. Does anyone have any advice that could help me become stronger to help with some of these insane missions? I'm a sword user btw.
  4. For me Id say Devil May Cry 5. But tbh its really not that hard. It takes lot of practice but I think anyone can do it if they put the time in. I think I need to max out a game that is truly difficult one day. lol
  5. If I did that one I'd want to 100% it as well. Im pretty stubbon like that. lol I probbly just do FFXHD instead tho. Oh a final note, I highly recommaned anyone who loves JRPG's to play and plat FFXHD, its a Amazing game.
  6. Nearing my 75th Plat, recomened me witch game from my list should be given the spot follow sirs. lol
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=558371851651924&id=100024373433927 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=561789827976793&id=100024373433927 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=561789827976793&id=100024373433927
  8. That would only be something to worry about if you got onto gaming thru trophies or only play for the trophies tbh. Ppl like me who have been gaming pre trophies(Snes gen) wont care at all. Yeah I like having my progress tracked with my platinum's, but if it all ends I think Ill survive lol
  9. Thats alot of games to have finsh up man, but I wish you luck. If ya get to 100% much respect dude!
  10. This is the best answer. If you have to try to find motvation to overcome a difficult game, then you probbly are lacking passion. And take it from me dont ever do things your not passionte about, becuse that will always leave you not giving something your all. Ppl like me, we just natually have this drive to want to defeat ever challenge set before us. But I wont lie I also love video games. If I didnt I wouldnt ever be a trophy hunter. This is why I can enjoy hard or easier games it dosnt matter. So like the above person said, find your prefered hunting style, play games you love or are intrested in and remember one very impordent thing about this hobby... If you are not playing for the game and only the trophies, then you already messed up.
  11. Can I ask you something man? Do you actually enjoy being a trophy hunter? Not trying to hate btw, I think judging by your amount of plats(Plus the quality of them)your indeed skilled. Its just reading some of your posts you seem pretty unhappy...