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  1. Platformers on the SNES were a lot harder, I think the majority of the platinum owners, like myself, are from that era. Not trying to brag but I only had trouble with one speed trial in Crash 3, I thought it was Hang Time. Hellish.
  2. Lol, I bought the remaster because I heard it was a good game. I gave up after 30 minutes of fighting the unusual controls and camera. I wouldn't recommend that game to anyone! Go with God of War!
  3. Thanks a lot kind stranger!
  4. Been trying for 4 hours, it doesn't make sense.
  5. On the PS4 version it took me quite some time to get the 5 * unscathed trophy. Now on the Vita, that one was really easy, luckily I thought and in came the impossibility ot the 5 * blitz trophy. First area no problem, second area no problem; after the third area I take 2-4 minutes longer than I have, which voids my trophy of getting 5 blitz in one game. I shoot non stop and all my bullets hit, the 1 minute and 15 seconds you approximately get just isn't cutting it for me. Enemies take a good 15 seconds already to only spawn.. Anyone had this same issue and found a workaround? Or do I just really suck at this game...