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  1. I dont see any problem that we get Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for PS4 No matter how old the game is, its what the game is about And the game is about "Civil War" Surprising thing, we are in 2016 when Marvel release Captain America 3 Civil War and how much Civil War is controversal for Marvel fans but entertaining and good movie it was for those who just wanted to see a new Captain America movie but also a sorta Avengers 2.5 So, releasing this game is no brain, its winwin for Marvel as to continue to feed the "Civil War" current year we live to talk about it, and now to continue to enjoy it in other form of media, like in here on PS4
  2. They did for the NA Store during their own PSVita Promotion but they didnt for EU Store with the Summer Sales. If you were from NA store, you could have get it for less than 23$ but for EU you can blame both SCEE and TKE for not making a good move for it, unless they really forgive their poor move at Summer and bring the best winter sales in 4 months but i doubt so :/
  3. Now avaiable for NA user here https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-mx/cid=UP4108-PCSE00296_00-B000000000000009 16h left for EU user only as digital download for the PSN.
  4. I have never thought i'll be able to reach 100 Platinum. Atelier Escha&Logy worth the 100th one, i cant wait the others players and Atelier fan to play it once it'll be localized for 2014! =)

  5. Atelier Rorona remake confirmed for both PS3 and PSVita. Gonna focus on PSVita version first then PS3. Reason is PSVita to complete the Series on the portable, next to replace the old Rorona game on PS3 :3.

    1. Beauty Blade

      Beauty Blade

      I'm happy to hear this :P

  6. God just no, god just NO! http://www.siliconera.com/2013/08/02/report-sega-sammy-interested-in-bidding-for-atlus-parent-company/ If SEGA acquire Atlus, none of the Megaten game will be released overseas ever again... just look at Yakuza 5, PSO2 and Valkyria 3 still in Japan and look at Sakura and Valkyria becoming mobile phone game... this is a nightmare... just wake me up X_X

    1. MrCostari


      Wait, what about Demon's Souls!!! :o:O:S:S :PANIC: :o

  7. Breath of Fire 6!!! Finally! Oh thank you Capcom! I love you so.... Oh wait... Mobile phone game! MOBILE PHONE?! FUCK YOU CAPCOM! I HATE YOU AND I HATE THE SOCIAL GAME AND MOBILE PHONE POLICY!!! è_é"

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    2. CasaDeBen


      I think I just did too as I read this, youre a mean person.

    3. DEMON


      Sucks, hopefully it ends up like Chaos Rings, apparently that's getting a Vita release now.

    4. CasaDeBen


      chaos rings is on vita, but as part of the mobile section.

  8. Hum in comparaison with the EU PS+ we have (for the European people like me) JUNE 2013 Uncharted 3 [PS3] LittleBigPlanet Karting [PS3] XCOM [PS3] Kingdom of Amalur : Reckoning [PS3] ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD [PS3] Demon's Souls [PS3] Rayman Origins [PS VITA] Coconut Dodge Revitalised [PS VITA] MAY 2013 Hitman Absolution [PS3] Catherine [PS3] Malicious [PS3] Sine Mora [PS VITA] Velocity Ultra [PS VITA] APRIL 2013 Okami HD [PS3] Lord of the Rings : War in the North[PS3] The Cave [PS3] Virtue's Last Reward [PS VITA] Thomas Was Alone [PS VITA] MARCH 2013 Mass Effect 3 [PS3] Dead or Alive 5 [PS3] Joe Danger 2 : The Movie [PS3] Metal Gear Solid HD Collection [PS VITA] Puddle [PS VITA] FEBRUARY 2013 God of War HD [PS3] Sleeping Dogs [PS3] F1 Race Stars [PS3] Quantum Conundrum [PS3] Lumines Electronic Symphony [PS VITA] WipEout 2048 [PS VITA] JANUARY 2013 BioShock 2 [PS3] Guardian of the Middle Earth [PS3] Mortal Kombat [PS3] Jet Set Radio [PS VITA] Pinball Arcade [PS VITA] DECEMBER 2012 Batman : Arkham City [PS3] Limbo [PS3] Vanquish [PS3] Mortal Kombat [PS VITA] Knytt Underground [PS VITA] Big Sky Infinity [PS VITA] NOVEMBER 2012 Crysis 2 [PS3] Ratchet & Clank : All 4 One [PS3] Cubixx HD [PS3] Uncharted Golden Abyss [PS VITA] Gravity Rush [PS VITA] Chronovolt [PS VITA] OCTOBER 2012 Hell Yeah ! [PS3] Bulletstorm [PS3] Resident Evil 5 : Gold Edition [PS3] SEPTEMBER 2012 Red Dead Redemption [PS3] Double Dragon Neon [PS3] Machinarium [PS3] AUGUST 2012 Just Cause 2 [PS3] Borderlands [PS3] Retro/Grade [PS3] Dead Space 2 [PS3] Rock of Ages [PS3] JULY2012 Deus Ex : Human Revolution [PS3] Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light [PS3] Saints Row 2 [PS3] JUNE 2012 Warhammer 40K : Space Marine [PS3] Chime [PS3] Super Deluxe [PS3] Virtua Fighter 5 : Final Showdown [PS3] Darksiders [PS3] Renegade Ops [PS3] Outland [PS3] Oddworld : Stranger Wrath[PS3] InFAMOUS [PS3] MotorStorm Apocalypse [PS3] LittleBigPlanet 2 [PS3] Im proud of the PS+ service^^. Too bad that Japanese people dont have a better PS+ thought , i think that's the whole probleme SCEJ have compared to SCEE and SCEA at the Playstation Plus program. It's funny to see how jealous we can be at each of PS+ program, for example most NA users are more jealous at our EU games but im also jealous at the NA PS+. A good example is that there's more free RPG and Fighting game for NA PS+ while EU PS+ have less but have more variety such like having Thomas Was Alone day one for free or Catherine and Sine Mora.
  9. Chronos Materia, new Gust RPG on PSVita ^_^. Too much JRPG on PSVITA!!! ^^

  10. If someone need the bind list for WKC1 and 2 in a single document, here's my contribution That way, if you keep prepared well for WKC2 as well if you are intended to do it too http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/49899/t1672014-bindlist-enhancing-pre-800-binds-guide/
  11. God bless the Ebbwvalerule You have more valuable than the queen, after all you are the supreme person in Great Britain.
  12. Touhou on Sony Platform Believe in Touhou's stuff on Playstation Platform =)
  13. Jessica Conqueror Beat the Ghost Ship Level with Jessica
  14. Hot Stuff : IF "Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with IF!? You too, give all your sharing at the Hello Continent, cellphone are your best friend!." -Neptune
  15. TKE confirm it'll be released on Europe too, but for the 4th September 2013. If you know what does it means : 3rd September = PSN US Update 4th September = PSN EU Update That means both are meant to be released as Digital download ONLY * The basic file on Japanese is sized : 2.86Gb Now think about the dual audio file which is just US text and US voice addition = 3.2Gb The estimation is easy since it's also based on how they have released Totori Plus on both EU and US Store...