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  1. Its been confirmed that wrestlemania event was the last chance too get the main event trophy so this main event trophy is now untainable it was confirmed by 2k back on april 2019
  2. Your third fastest on mlb 16 platinum it was too easy
  3. Nooo just grind or just use pay to win stop bitching
  4. If the season pass aint on sale its worthless without it im sorry
  5. 100% achievers after april 2017 not 95%
  6. Died zero times and did de solo on pro mode re5 is too easy baby game
  7. Get good people
  8. Nope
  9. Do it on deathmarch without updating the game title updates made it super easy on deathmarch
  10. I have the digital version of saints row 3 german version only version thats on the eu store is the all dlcs version so you can get the 100% 👍 Disc version does not come with the dlcs digital version does so its a waste of money geting it on disc just a heads up
  11. Mine was christmas 1995 i was 4 years old it was pokemon green
  12. Dude i did this first try i have all 23 assassins creed games done 100% if you think your good come versus me 1v1 on ac 4 bf you will get rekt we dont need your stupidy in these forums ok
  13. Thats cheating i did the whole ac series legit what a shame you are for using this I hate people that use this type of shit in video games just play the fuckin game the normal way im out of here
  14. Im ac king i got 1005 trophies on assassins creed series thats earn them all title update comes out on feb 20 2018 ill send you a link