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  1. I'm stuck with the last two 5:00 min mark memories, #38 and #39. I already did their respective endings (and got the trophies for it) but since there's no way to save after you beat the game it doesn't seem to count for the memory album. Any thoughts on what to do?
  2. Mmm my save file was at 112 hours at the end but I took many many detours along the way and did alot of exploration myself. I think it can be platinum'ed within 80~90hours.
  3. np, it's all in here you can add my psn if you need further help as well
  4. The japanese wiki has the location for most of them, warp to the map and wait at one of the entrances until he shows up. If he doesn't, go outside the map then inside again and repeat this until you find him. Sometimes you may need to walk around as there are a few students who are always at the same spot, but you'll probably memorize where they are as you play. Try to revisit every map in the game that you remember seeing students walking by and talk to everyone you see until Rank 2, then use the wiki to search for the students you still need.
  5. Yea I guess... although I liked the game I don't feel comfortable recommending it at full price because of the frame rate issues, it really has the potential to totally kill off your game experience.
  6. You know when you open the Casuality Link, in each class arrangement there's always a student whose bubble has two yellow lines around it? These usually are the class leaders, rank 5 them and you get their class trophy. (sometimes you'll see there's more than one student with two lines bubbles in the same class. From the class stories I read I think that is just a story related thing meaning they have a close relationship of some sort) You can raise the digihead levels manually at any savepoint, but once you do you'll have to clear the game again in order to change it back again.
  7. It might take a little more than that actually, it depends on how much the EXP per lvl is going to increase from now on (so far it's 243k at LVL86). I'm getting around 60~70k per boss run and each run is 10~15 minutes long, it depends on whenever Thorn wants to screw up my combo in the first turn even tho I'm more than 60lvls over her lol. Finished the story mode with 32 hours, I did the character episodes along the way too.
  8. Still got about 15 LVLs to go, that should be about 7 or 8 hours or so, maybe less... but I have family over for mother's day so I haven't been playing too much these days.
  9. 28~30 I guess, you'll probably be around that level when you get there naturally
  10. Ty :). No, I couldn't find any guide when I started, I don't think there were any since the game has just been released... I pretty much just translated the japanese wiki and another blog that had some content about the game. Yes, you can do all the trophies before the final boss. When you finish the game it will ask if you want to create a clear save data. If you load this file, you can either start a new playthrough or start the post-game. If you start the post-game it sends you back in time right before you beat the final boss, so you can just keep going from there if you want. Oh I did write down what I could about everything in the game while I was playing in case it could be of any use to someone else, you can find the link to my blog on my profile if you want (I'm kinda new to the forums so I have no idea how to create link, sorry lol).
  11. It's more like a hard-time investing process. You'll have to find and rank up alot of students in order to unlock all the 21 necessary key students to do their class trophies. The quests are usually about going to an specific location, talking to someone, dropping an item (although there isn't much RNG in this game, most of the drops are fixed to certain enemies), killing an enemy... some of those fights are actually very hard if you are under level or don't have good gear. There are also a few quests that require you to match students who have certain "traits" that will be unlocked as you clear their respective quests. Everything pretty much interconnects and gets easier as you progress, but it's a slow beginning.
  12. No need to worry about missable trophies. The progress on the character episodes do reset when you start a new playthrough, but you can just do all of them before the final boss fight if you wish. You can also do the class quests before that, although I recommend doing it while on post-game since you'll have to level up alot to clear some of them anyway.
  13. I'm one of the people who bought this because it's written by Satomi and all that jazz... and I must say that I'd probably like this game alot more if I played it before Persona 5. The story is ok good, there's alot of Persona and Jung in it. The character episodes is where it really shines. The OST is nice, I do get some Touhou and Vocaloid vibes out of it. It can get a bit annoying after a few hours inside the same dungeon tho Battle system is kind of a love it or leave thing, at first it might be tiresome and confusing, but you'll get the hold of it eventually. I personally grew to like it alot over the course of the game and even more during the post game when you get to fight some tricky enemies. The thing is... the framerate sucks. Really, it's terrible. Sometimes when you're in a full party against 4+ enemies the game runs at 15~20FPS or less. At times it runs at a very low framerate even outside of battle. Overall this is the most serious problem with Caligula and it's REALLY a shame because the game could have been great. Like this, it's just... okay, I guess. Don't expect it to get fixed anytime soon (if ever) either since this hasn't been fixed in the JPN version since the release. Trophywise, the list is not as easy as it seems. I'm working towards the plat with 70% atm and I think I get it now why the completation rate for the JPN list is quite low. Aside from the long grinding proccess to lvl100, there is also all the class mystery quests trophies and those are something else entirely. It might be a bit easier if you actually know what you're doing from the start (which I didn't because there's no info and the japanese material is a bit confusing), but it's still alot of work.
  14. Oh, that worked although I'm still weak to take on that, guess I'll have to farm some stronger omega weapons. Thanks! (:
  15. I'm playing on normal already so I guess it's not... unless there's a higher difficulty than that. But even on NG+ the only options available at the lamp are casual and normal ):