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  1. Don't know about you ferryjan, but I got around 140 movies with regular gameplay. Stretched it to 150 or so with some extra work. I had to use this guide from Steam to get the rest:
  2. Empty everything that is on the desktop/main screen, including the hard drive that you are watching all the videos off of. You're welcome. Happy to help!
  3. Hypertextual: use the feature where you can highlight a specific word within a video (Mama, for example), and then click it to search other videos with that word. I think it popped after doing it 10 times with different/random words. Pointless Game: play 10 or so games of Solitaire. It was hard for me to tell if I had to reach a certain point in the game, or just re-deal over and over again. Forgot Password: try entering “password” as the password for the other wifi networks on the top right of the computer screen. I think it popped on the third or fourth one I tried.
  4. Omg, I just read the trophy guide for this game.....
  5. I was just playing this game on PS Now (streaming, not downloaded) and I didn’t get the Platinum after getting all the other trophies. Last thing I did was beat the game with the fourth and last character, which made the Gold trophy pop like it did for the other characters. But then it didn’t pop the last Gold trophy for beating the story with all the characters and then the Platinum. I replayed the story with one of the characters and it still didn’t pop. Any suggestions???
  6. Got most of the trophies pretty easily; a lot of them came from just starting a new game with the desired perk. Last few are gonna be difficult though (struggling with beating the game on Hard, let alone Hardcore). UPDATE: Beat the game on Hard and Hardcore (Total Mess and Lucky Bastard for the win!!!). Now I'm having a hard time getting the last journal note. Stuck on 51 out of 52 journal notes and I seem to be missing "Page from a girl's diary #1". Anyone else having a similar issue?
  7. Made it to 6:38! Thanks
  8. Thanks! I'll give it a go
  9. Can you upload a picture? I can get to 5:15, and then I get over-run
  10. Yeah, it was ridiculous. There was an enemy being target by a teammate right in front of me too. Saved by the bell!
  11. FINALLY GOT THIS. Had the most kills in ten or so matches before, but none of them timed out. Got lucky when this match did. I only had one more kill than the top player on the other team and our team won 99-96.
  12. Can also confirm that as of patch 1.03 it still "doesn't work". I just went 36-8 (a feat I will probably never match again), and didn't receive the trophy. Winning team, most kills on either team by 20, and nothing.....