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  1. Fun fact, I was the one who suggested this: Sooooo... quit bagging on my idea, OP!
  2. Some sites get sponsorship for running themes like this, maybe you could get in touch with a couple of publishers and give them some traffic numbers, they might want to do some business. For example, or
  3. I like the first one. What would be really cool though is if you could make the front page and the PSN section of the site "flow" with the forum section... To me, they seem like two totally separate entities right now. If the colour schemes were merged so they were the same it would be cool. It just seems like you go from the black to the blue, there is no similarities, it makes them seem disjointed to me. The first one you linked is cool though.
  4. Im now picking a NZ v England world cup final

    1. Geosmi


      Haha! I can't wait dude, been so good! Haven't been able to catch many of the matches though due to the 12 hour time difference! :(

  5. Well it just always seemed to cut out or lose connection. Either that or it wouldn't work in the first place. We used it for a few days just watching gaming videos and related content, and also had the TV mode on with the news videos if anyone wanted to watch it. It just never took off really. A great site, but it has teething difficulties. Could be great if you think of a good way to use it, I'll be happy to check out whatever stream you're going to create. was the channel.
  6. I love synchtube! I wish that it would have been more popular than it actually was, but it seems that people aren't really that interested in just chilling and watching videos together. Don't ask me why, they just weren't motivated to sit in the room after the first couple of days when the novelty wore off. Also, there were a lot of horrible bugs which made it virtually unusable at times, maybe if they fix it up it would be cool to check it out again. Your idea of having a kind of rolling news network with the latest videos is pretty interesting too.
  7. Dude I could have sworn you just added that?? Damn, I did read it, must be miles away. D/w about my n00bishness. Haha! Anyway, as I said, great new feature man, shame that my 500th/1000th were just random trophies. Perhaps you could do 1,337th trophy? Or maybe 5th/10th plats?
  8. That's awesome! Only thing I'd say is that now the "fastest platinum" appears twice. You could probably delete the second box where it is on it's own, if you know what I mean.
  9. I'm not going to lie, I have seen this feature on YGC and I think it would be an awesome thing to incorporate on your site. Also, it seems like everything you do has a sort of perfectionist finish to it so I'm sure you would make look fantastic. I see this site as the #1 place to come for all PSN and profile related information so the more you can get here the better, and if it's another reason to come here instead of YGC that's cool. Would be good news if that works. Oh and as a side, if you could have one page showing the easiest (highest percentage), and also another page showing the hardest (lowest percentage), that would be good.
  10. Yeah I think this is a cool, and necessary addition, if the "trophy tips" system is going to work and reach it's full potential.
  11. Just trying to think of new features lol. Ahh well, worth a try.
  12. I couldn't really think of how to describe this properly so here goes: It would be cool if there was a way of just typing in whatever game you wanted to see the trophies for into the search box and then the game popping up. The reason I thought of this was because I was thinking to myself, hmm I wonder what the single player trophies are like for GTAIV... rather than going to someones profile with the game, or searching it through the entire list on the games page, I figured it would be easier to just type "GTAIV" in the box. Just a thought.
  13. At this point, I don't think there is a need for any teams, and I would say that until the community here grows, everything could be handled by Sly, a couple of mods and a helpful userbase.
  14. I didn't notice those pictures on the homepage were the latest games, derp. I figured they were just random ones, seeing as though I had noticed the older ones in there too. I guess that once all the old games are filled in that will work perfectly. Thanks dude, sorry for being such a derp. Feel free to lock this.