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  1. I would wish for it. A new Wild Arms RPG for PS5.
  2. This is one of the ugliest game I have ever seen:-) At least an Easy platinum.
  3. Can''t wait to buy this one. Sounds interesting.
  4. Which system do you prefer?
  5. Thanks for the info. Meanwhile it looks better in Europe for Kemco games.
  6. I played the game and found it quite good.
  7. I definitely want a PS4 but can't buy one.
  8. I would like to see Dead Island 2 for PS5.
  9. World of Warcraft for PS5. Don't say it would not be impossible.
  10. Thanks for your answers. Yes, I definitely buy one but I must wait until a PS5 is available. I hope to get one soon.
  11. Please let me know about your PS5 feelings. I intend to buy one but I am not sure.
  12. I saw it on today as retail version. I bought it.
  13. No, I wait until later.
  14. So this is it? I'm a little disappointed. I doubt PS5 will be that great success like the PS4 was. The battle between Xbox and PS could have a new winner. According to the opinions of most Gamers Microsoft could be it.
  15. Exactly my thoughts:-)