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  1. I saw it on today as retail version. I bought it.
  2. No, I wait until later.
  3. So this is it? I'm a little disappointed. I doubt PS5 will be that great success like the PS4 was. The battle between Xbox and PS could have a new winner. According to the opinions of most Gamers Microsoft could be it.
  4. Exactly my thoughts:-)
  5. Oh, how I would like to have this one released for Playstation 5.
  6. I would like to see "Edge of Eternity" RPG on PS5.
  7. I would like to see backward compatibility with full trophy support.
  8. According to what I have read so far, the PS5 release will not be so good. I also buy the PS5 later when there are more games and when the stability is better.
  9. Definitely not.
  10. I am worried if PS5 can be as successful as PS4. But hey, you don't know yet.
  11. Yes, this is as far as many can go. The boss is too tough.
  12. This is by far one of the hardest shooter I have played.
  13. I am going to wait too a while before I buy a PS5. 😊
  14. I wonder if PS5 would offer more RPG's from them.
  15. Kemco game which has no EU release. Shame.