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  1. I'd like to hit 6000 total trophies by the end of the year. I'd need 656 so I'll race you 😛 I have two dirty Mayo games I haven't played yet so that'll get me a hundred closer.
  2. Here we go again. Why are we constantly being told how to play & how to go for trophies. I look at the people who are first quite a lot actually. I'm 2nd in a few games & I look at them like "what if" 😂 While it's not as grandiose as being the first to the moon. In our usual, work/eat/sleep/game lives, being the first is pretty cool. With all respect I feel as if you could have answered your own question, since you've been on both sides of the fence. You sound as if you fell out of love with it & trashing it is the way you're dealing with that. It's all good, we'll play how we play.
  3. I actually went to look what trophy it was, I was not disappointed. 😄
  4. I believe it's all the one list. I saw other people complaining on twitter about no separate lists for other regions. I couldn't say 100% though as I haven't tested it myself.
  5. I feel so good about it 😂
  6. Hey all, I've been following this whole fiasco & as of this morning Mayo has touched Australia's lips. I'm also assuming NZ will have the same deliciousness in store. I have paid for & downloaded it, so everything seems legitimate. Enjoy the easy plat.... umm... err.... I mean great taste.
  7. I would love to be involved.
  8. Pick it up just in time this morning. Thank you for the information & history lesson. 😛
  9. Best thing to happen to the Turtles in a loooooonnnnnggggg time.
  10. Don't think you need to understand it. Different people enjoy different things. Sometimes, after I've spent a month on a single trophy in a game I just want to play something stupid & pop some trophies while listening to some music or a podcast. It's fun. As I said though, I don't think people who solely go for easy plats need to explain anything. It's a recreational activity, not a job. If it brings some sort of joy, who cares. It looks cheap, I'll agree. That's their choice though, who cares. I hope they're enjoying themselves. Watching numbers go up is fucking satisfying, honestly.
  11. I know it's annoying when people say this but I just got the 4 babies trophy solo on my first try. It could have just been dumb luck, but for anyone struggling I played with 4 butters, on easy. Tried to keep them to the middle as much as possible. Let every abductor take them & just knocked the butters out again. I let them follow the balloon & moved them back a little so they didn't go through the door. They tended to centre themselves again once the balloon was gone. Again it could have been dumb luck & this could be the strategy everyone's using anyway. Anyhow it worked for me.
  12. There's already threads about this... but to answer the question:
  13. The devs have been informed via Twitter & are trying to fix the problem asap.
  14. It all looks a bit plain and boring. 💤 I'm very excited to play it though. It looks like a very achievable Platinum too.
  15. Not surprised. AU gets shit on all the time. Just another one to the list. These guys are a joke anyway, I'm surprised it ever got to anyone in the EU. Wanker devs.