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  1. Look before you leap.
  2. There's already threads about this:
  3. Interestingly, I got Voodoo Doll a cumulative trophy for hitting a counsellor with throwing knives 13 times while in an offline match but the trophies for killing 7 counsellors & 7 with Jarvis didn't pop even though I did them correctly. Going to try it a few more times to see if it's just buggy. At the least it might mean the grind trophies have been future proofed by letting us do things like X number of X action, offline.
  4. I echo this. Let's all let our trophies do the talking now 😎
  5. 10 trophies a day for say 300 points average. 2100 a week. 8400 a month. 25,200 points for the competition. 30% of that 7561. That's almost a months worth of points for free. Anyone can simply look at the person's leading the comp & copy the games they're playing, we can all finish them in around the same time. There is the problem. Most of us work & have lives around this regardless. We shall see though, perhaps he won't come close to winning & this won't be an issue. He seems very capable though. Anyhow, I still wish the best of luck to everyone. I'm still very excited to be involved.
  6. I'm not a massive fan of the changes once we're already into the comp. I work my ass off for the week & in return I lose all positive handicap, while the dude winning the comp still gets a 30% even though he's got more plats than me (I assume that's not what you based the cap system off, but still) I think the better thing to do would be to scrap it altogether. Work on it & use it next time. Make this a real gentlemans game. In the end I'm just in it for the fun anyway, so I'm not bothered at all. Just food for thought. I'm happy to be put in the same realm as some of the big dogs *howl*
  7. Saved those two Mayo just for you 😉 mmmhmm delicious. Really though, I wouldn't worry about me. I'm not buying games for the comp & I don't even have that US/JP account nonsense. I'm just playing through my backlog trying to meet personal goals I already had for the end of the year. Realistically I'm not a threat, I'm just going for top five. 😛
  8. Luckily enough I'm in Queensland, so no simple late night maths for me tonight. Perhaps @simpgraus will be kind enough (& awake enough) to post once the competition officially starts to avoid any stuff ups.
  9. Anyone else getting started right on 12 tonight? I'm that keen. I've got chips & a bottle of coke waiting. All my devices charged. I'm thinking 2-3 cheeky cheap Platinums before getting into some Friday the 13th & MKX grind. Then tomorrow I'll be right into my December bonus game.
  10. With everything now in order & December almost upon us. I just wanted to say thank you to 'Simp' for all the work he's put in & I'm looking forward to a fun comp against you all. May your backlog shrink, & your trophy level rise.
  11. Will get it through to you today. Still having a think, I have way too many games.
  12. I'd like to hit 6000 total trophies by the end of the year. I'd need 656 so I'll race you 😛 I have two dirty Mayo games I haven't played yet so that'll get me a hundred closer.
  13. Here we go again. Why are we constantly being told how to play & how to go for trophies. I look at the people who are first quite a lot actually. I'm 2nd in a few games & I look at them like "what if" 😂 While it's not as grandiose as being the first to the moon. In our usual, work/eat/sleep/game lives, being the first is pretty cool. With all respect I feel as if you could have answered your own question, since you've been on both sides of the fence. You sound as if you fell out of love with it & trashing it is the way you're dealing with that. It's all good, we'll play how we play.
  14. I actually went to look what trophy it was, I was not disappointed. 😄