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  1. Using the D-pad helped me. The dash should always work with the D-pad. & as someone else said there's a combo specifically for getting out of being locked in by the enemies. Just check the controls in game. Also going for the enemies that will throw things first seemed to help me. Good luck with it.
  2. How are you doing my friend? :) It's been a while i've seen you here. We must be posting in different topics 😉

  3. I'm keen, super easy 100% by the looks of it. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. I was also curious about this. Thanks for the post & thanks Giraffe for the information. Good luck with it!
  5. The price of it isn't any good in my region. I'll tell you that much. Very interested in it though, I've enjoyed all the gameplay I've seen.
  6. Fallout Shelter is now officially live on the Playstation store, for free. Along with a Playstation Plus pack for subscribers that includes: 1 Pet Carrier. 1 Mr. Handy. 1 Six-Pack of Nuka-Cola Quantum. 5 Lunchboxes. Just though people might want to know when it was available. I've been checking the store every half hour. Enjoy guys.
  7. I'm definitely down man, we seem to have the same sort of taste in games.
  8. Jumped in & popped a couple of trophies, so everything seems legit. Awesome find, thank you so much for sharing. Seems pretty fun & has easy trophies so who can complain 😁
  9. Free on the AU store. Downloading now to test it out.
  10. I've been interested in this from the start. I always avoid info on games I like the look of so I can enjoy the game, so truthfully I didn't even know what kind of game this was. I thought it was going to be another story game. RPG is a cool suprise. Although they aren't as good at making those.
  11. Day after day there are threads about "bad games" & "games the Sony let onto the system" It's easy to say that until the game they decide not to bring over is one you really want to play. It never hurts to have more in my opinion. Unless it's actually broken or doesn't work as advertised, who cares.
  12. Oh awesome news. Thanks for the info, made my night honestly.
  13. I'm so happy you made this post, very glad to have this useful information.
  14. Look before you leap.