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  1. Konami. If Sony was to acquire Konami or just it's IP & free it. Big dick energy, big good guy points. I don't even care about Bethesda but buying a company like that the was Microsoft has, has a smell to it. These games that have not had the right amount of money or time put into them over the last 5+ years & are now owned buy a company that doesn't put enough time into making anything.
  2. Anyone have any idea how populated it is now? I played this game to death on 360 & it's my favourite CoD by far (oops) Thinking of grabbing it for Extinction nostalgia if anyone still plays.
  3. The only problem with this is it's being back ordered through next year. If something special hits, you'll be waiting a long time to play it. If a second wave of Covid hits, you'll be waiting even longer. That's saying nothing of your choice personally but it's a worry for me.
  4. The question is, how long till it's Free to Play or PS+ I think I'll save my money & bet on one of them coming soon.
  5. You're taking it well.
  6. Who hurt you...?
  7. Finally dude, I had my eye on this from the original Kickstarter years ago but they said PC only. Can't fucking wait.
  8. The overreaction of a 30 second comment on a game forum that 10 people will see hehehehehehehehidbcwdvucipbv[spjepje0f-vj They released a game, let people spend money on it & didn't support it properly. Simple as that, shit move.
  9. I can't believe there isn't anyone slamming them for this, they can get fucked lmao. Seems they've built enough goodwill from saying "we aren't like other developers, we'll give you this armor for free" but I guess it might be indicative of the fact no one is playing it on console, who knows. I don't really care that much, I just think they're getting away with murder acting like they can't support massive console install bases. No worries, I'll buy Cyberpunk preowned now.
  10. Platinum 200 achieved! OVERWATCH


    I set myself a goal this year to hit 200, starting on 108. It's been a long year but I made it with time to spare. I couldn't be any prouder to have Overwatch as number 200. While I hate it at times, It's probably my favourite game of all time. You don't play 600+ hours of a game unless it's doing something for you. It often makes me feel I have those 5 other people in the room with me & we're all scheming how to win. 


    Now my only other goals are 10,000 trophies, level 50 & to be in the top 100 in my country.... also maybe 8 more Plats to make it an even 100 for the year. 

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      Congrats on an amazing milestone!

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      Thanks everyone, I appreciate it 💞

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      Well done! 💯 

      Awesome milestone ☺

  11. It generally doesn't go live on the store till the night you see it on here or the blog but if I search the games individually they are already on sale. You may already know that but just in case you don't 😊
  12. Boys don't worry, they'll continue to update it for the next three years, try to sell you another five or so $60 "upgrades" "expansions" or "season passes" & then after all that you'll finally have the game you should have got at launch.
  13. This series obviously isn't quite what Nintendo expected it to be long term. They wanted 'Pokemon 2' which it straight up was for a hot minute in Japan. That never translated over here. Nintendo doesn't let much go so it's cool to see this make it over.
  14. Yeah I just plat this the other day, the trophies are fine.
  15. My percentage is even worse lmao... I'll consider it a job well done if I ever hit 50% one day.