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  1. This series obviously isn't quite what Nintendo expected it to be long term. They wanted 'Pokemon 2' which it straight up was for a hot minute in Japan. That never translated over here. Nintendo doesn't let much go so it's cool to see this make it over.
  2. Yeah I just plat this the other day, the trophies are fine.
  3. My percentage is even worse lmao... I'll consider it a job well done if I ever hit 50% one day.
  4. All I want is trophy rarity to show it's proper value. Maybe it's just me, but that's one of the most important things that seems utterly broken for anyone with Ultra Rare plats. My numbers are a mess from removed people that still show as Platinum achievers, or whatever else the problem is. The rest is just icing, let's get the important stuff working properly.
  5. That's good to hear, as I said I've just jumped in. I didn't really expect many people around early game & hoped there'd be more around end game stuff. Could just be a region thing too. Bungie?
  6. I've just jumped into it after getting it for basically nothing. So far it just sort of feels like a less polished Destiny tbh. They seem to try to flesh out the characters around the game a bit better at least. The gameplay kinda scratches the same itch for me though. I haven't had a single glitch or server issue so far. The load times however are pretty tedious & I'm yet to find anyone through the matchmaking they seem to force me into. If I paid full price for this I'd just wish I got Destiny, but for cheap it's good fun. I have to wonder why they thought they could compete with the people behind Halo though. They clearly weren't comfortable making this game.
  7. I finally got the Minecraft platinum after 4+ years, lmao. I told myself I wouldn't rush it & i clearly didn't xD An excellent #150 ... Probably one of the most important games of all time for me when it came out. I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing it on PC. I think it's the game that got me really into Youtube's gaming side of things with all the "let's plays" & tutorials. It truly helped me through hard times. It's changed so much since then but it's still so great.   


    Now onto 200.

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      Thanks everyone for the stories & congratulations. It was very nice to read 😊

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      Well done! 💯

      I still have to play this. :P 

  8. I'll tell you this, check weekly on the games you care about. I've gotten multiple Vita games lately 80%+ off that weren't in the actual 'sales' they promote. There might be a good way of actually tracking these but non I've found.
  9. Just throwing this out there, if you haven't played a cricket game since Ashes 2009 (great game btw) you could just grab 'Don Bradman Cricket 17' which is $16 on the PS store right now or the newest 'Ashes Cricket' which I thought was great & I got from Target for $20. They probably aren't the picks if you care about online with randoms though.
  10. This is actually bloody great info. I love games that do this. Thanks a lot, I'm going to pick this game up now 😊
  11. Easily online only Co-op. Let me do it at home with a friend.
  12. Thank God it's not my Playstation. Yeah I'm having the exact same problem man.
  13. Looks a little too easy to me. They're well known for having at least one trophy that makes you want to punch your own teeth out. Which I don't necessarily mind as it keeps me playing for longer. Looking forward to jumping into it.
  14. Coming from someone who is horrible at simulation racing, for me, it was just practice. I don't actually remember having too much trouble with the Platinum. I think it's one of those games where, when it clicks & you understand how the game works it all becomes alot easier. It would be interesting to see some video of your play. If I remember correctly, time in the corners & turns is where I improved most. Understanding the speed & angle to take them at can cut many seconds of time in a whole race.
  15. I just got the game, so I don't know how hard this stuff really is. I have to say though, I hope it's hard. I LOVE kart racer style games. A lot of the ones on PS4 are way too easy, so is Mario Kart for that matter. Hopefully it ends up being an Ultra Rare.