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  1. It really could be as simple as the bandwagon. I'd like the think it's other things too. I like to think the "that's a Bethesda game" cute thing everyone says when their game is a complete mess at launch has started to grow old. I'd like to think one of the biggest developers in the industry is starting to be held to the standards others are. I'd like to think their competition has lifted the standards that we all expect as a community. I'd like to think they've chewed through their goodwill slowly with anti consumer moves. The way they pushed paid mods, the no early review stuff, the weird attempt to stop people selling their games again (even though that was swept under the rug they were testing the waters with that one) I'd like to see Bethesda put to the sword a little bit for this. It worked wonders for Assassin’s Creed. Ubi got roasted, they went away & did better. So the question is, why shouldn't the problems in a game from a developer of this magnitude be held under the microscope? Anyway, I still buy these games & generally like them, so I'm part of the problem, but all the people behind them honestly just piss me off.
  2. My code is: 3205 5433 6916 If anyone feels like helping me out 😊
  3. Sounds like a pretty decent weekend nowadays.
  4. I will happily buy a game that gives me trophies for doing almost nothing. Probably cheating myself hahaha. I will however, never cheat to get a trophy. Gross. I have several Ultra Rare plats locked because I was one of the unlucky it glitched on. Will never cheat to get them, that is what it is.
  5. So God damn excited for this. Nintendo holds on to exclusives so desperately. 3rd party games would drop on their dying console & never be allowed anywhere. It's about time they get with the times. No 3rd party wants their games locked to one system anymore.
  6. They're absolutely not finishing that game. Reports are saying it's dead. They're just finishing up their Netflix commitments because that's probably the biggest contract they had. I think it's over. In saying that, a wouldn't be surprised if a company purchased them &/or finished these products for the 'good will' Lots of licensing conflicts obviously so it wouldn't be someone like THQ too much red tape. A Sony or Microsoft though... Most likely Microsoft because they're desperate for anything. Personally, & I understand how ridiculous this is... I would love to see Sony go in on it, give it to Media Molecule & just go "work it out" those episodes can be pushed quick. With a better engine & some of the old staff for the knowledge. Cause MM is absolutely a dead studio walking as well. They need an established IP to stay alive. Anyhow, that would never happen but I'd be cool. They're a talented tech studio.
  7. Hey dude, thanks for your stupid tax comment. It was both offensive and degrading. I appreciated it. Keep up the good work.

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    2. BlackCatBurrito


      Always thought you were pretty chill man, obviously not lately. Bit too thin skinned for me. Catch ya! 

    3. Cjshai


      Lol, no worries. All the best

    4. Temmie


      One thing I'll never understand is how people don't realize every site costs money to run.  So what if Sly did it for money?  Still a great site.  A similar trophy site charges a hell of a lot more per year.  The prices here are very reasonable.

  8. That's the stupid tax, gotta be paid.
  9. I too got the premium pass while not owning the game. I did own a couple of the DLC already. That might be all it looks for, you owning some part of the game already. I suggest everyone look, regardless of owning the game or not.
  10. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I still haven't started the damn game hahahaha.
  11. Create a session on the games trophy page. Not as a forum post. This isn't the place for it. You'll probably have more luck actually creating a session anyway. *Look before you leap*
  12. I'm always down for a kart racer, always. Those online trophies make me nervous but I'm definitely in. I don't think I'm an all star just yet, but maybe one day. Also my favourite fruit is mango.
  13. A lot of people have gotten this trophy recently, I doubt all of them would have already played that character before it was locked. That would be a pretty big coincidence. Maybe I'm wrong, but it doesn't take much effort to see people are still earning this trophy constantly. I doubt it's unobtainable.
  14. Not good signs for this game. Seems they priced it too high. 'Horizon Chase Turbo' looks a far more interesting "Arcade Racer" to me, for a third of the price.
  15. My exact thoughts 😂