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  1. I’m not going to start this game without it. I followed your guide for fallout 4 and it was one of the very best guide i’ve ever used. Nowadays i feel like every guide on gamefaqs is a 250 pages book full of details with so much useless information i’m actually losing time. There is something wrong with that trend, in my opinion.
  2. @FarSideOfSaturn I've done the tutorial till i get the hyperdrive. Is there anything else i should prepare ?
  3. Thx so much. I'm gonna work on my save and then i'll contact you.
  4. I don't see any session anymore. Am i the only one interested in boosting the mp trophies ?
  5. They said the problem is fixed, and stats confirm the platinum is doable for them. I dont understand why it takes so long to release the patch. When i asked about it during a stream session it was like i wanted to know the nuclear code.
  6. I spent some time on normal mode to get used to the new quest system. I'm not sure someone is gonna do the taxi service again.
  7. I'm looking for some help too. Have you find someone ?
  8. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with the trophy.
  9. Could it be a perks you unlock on your gear or from specialization ?
  10. Nop.
  11. I'm really happy for you guys. The way you can join a backup doesnt really matter. I used mostly matchmaking system but if you hear a spontenous call it works aswell. Sometimes i got matched in less than 5 sec, sometimes i needed a few minutes. If it takes you more than that, just restart the matchmaking.
  12. Its easy, it works, and it does not require help from anyone else so its not some random bullshit method. You don't have to be that lucky.
  13. With the hive technique ? Maybe you have more information to share.
  14. Thx god someone read my post before replying here. 😎 I don't get why people still come here to say its impossible, just luck or that a perfect situation exists when i just explained the opposite. I'm sure if people put a little effort into my method, they would get it. Whatever.
  15. All i'm saying is that it works and you can farm it. Some guy said he needed 5-10 tries. I did more than 25. If you spend 2 or 3h doing this, you'll get it, trust me. 😋 I never said it would be first try for everyone. So please guys dont comeback to say it doesnt work before really try. 😎 EDIT: my guess. What i read a lot is how different were the situations when people got the trophy. Some did it my way. People got it while saved by agents, others saved the host of the party 20 mins after joining, etc... So maybe the initial trigger is, join a backup call and revive someone during this session. That would make sense when you're familiar with Ubisoft trophy list. It could be the guy that called for backup, another player, yourself... seems like it doesnt matter. The problem is its not working as intended but maybe its just a server issue. Maybe all you need is jumping from one party to another to test the trigger on a new server till you find one that works. I might be totally wrong but i feel like its more interesting to see it that way, instead of looking for the perfect trigger situation.