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  1. Im about to hit 30 on my bardin. Still available for the legend achievements ? Anyone else interested just let me know.
  2. Thx but im still pretty far from legend. Lvl 18 at the moment.
  3. I can't find any xp glitch that hasnt been patched yet. Maybe the teleport oob on against the grain with Sienna works on ps4. I heard there is a skittergate oob aswell that could help farming. Cant find any clip on youtube. If you have any idea on how to make the grind more efficient or how to do all legend achievements solo, feel free to post here.
  4. No idea how hard those trophies are, but what i do know is that there are some all achievements speedruns on youtube in like 1hour.
  5. All my trophies popped as expected so far but i’ve noticed something weird. I would say 70% of all trophies pop without any trophy artwork, just a random grey trophy picture and a 5-10 sec delay between the trigger moment and the notification. It does happen on other games but thats the first time it « glitched » that often. Any idea whats the issue ? Is this some kind of bad synchronisation with psn that could cause a trophy not to pop at all ?
  6. Seems like i was really wrong and we will need Hitman 2 no matter what if we want to play legacy maps. That makes no sense to me cause we're supposed to get a free access to hitman 2 prologue aswell.
  7. Here is the message when i click on legacy pack in hitman 1. From what i read on IO FAQ , we will get some kind of an hitman 2 launcher on tuesday when the game will be available for everyone, not just gold buyers
  8. i've downloaded the legacy pack but i can't see how im supposed to launch those maps. When i start Hitman 1, it says that even if i dont have Hitman 2, i have access to legacy + Hitman 2 prologue. Any idea ? Can we get the legacy trophies without Hitman 2 ?
  9. Almost complete all required levels except one letter or number (like 5). Then finish all of them to pop trophies very fast. No glitch as far as i know.
  10. Thx a lot mate.
  11. Any tips on which sudoku has to be done for the platinum ?
  12. Got the platinum today. I used the method explained by spiddel, just focus on 3 and 5 reps contracts. My best advice is to focus on 3 reps investigations with a silver-silver-gold or silver-gold reward. I got my last 5 crowns just doing this in less than 5 hours. I needed big nergi, small and big teostra and kushala. I even got both crowns for teostra on the same investigation (if i remember, a silver-silver-gold-gold 2 players 0 death allowed -the best possible ??-). Big nergi and both kushala were silver-silver-gold. If you dont have that type of investigation, try to find an SOS flare, its worth a try instead of farming 5 reps contracts. Just do the same for normal monsters. To make it clear, if you want to get a black diablo, its better to farm a silver-silver-gold investigation on pink rathian (black diablo should be on the map aswell) than farming worse contracts. When you farm, you should be able to notice when a monster is big, small or average. It saves a lot of time if you abandon quest, go back to camp when you're not interested. But some of them are harder to measure properly and you should kill them all if you have any doubt. I had the most difficulties for lavasioth/juryatodus, radobaan/uragaan and diablos. EDIT: i can confirm gold crown from 5 reps investigations. But you should not prioritize them. Use them to understand how to measure a monster (belly, head, legs and knee ?), get more investigations, etc.
  13. I got the platinum trophy for both wipeout and trackmania turbo and i'd would say trackmania is the most difficult, period. Wipeout is all about zico on anulpha pass and i think it took me 4 or 5 hours to complete it without the barrel roll on the bridge. If you cant do this roll, you have to execute a near perfect lap to beat zico. Rest of the game is very doable. Trackmania is something else. Hard to explain. If you watch a video, you might think its easy but when you play it you know that any second you can kill a good run. Actually gold medals are really easy to get, but you can spend like 5 hours just to be able to finish a 45sec race without a major crash. Some tracks are just insane but you have to play it to understand.
  14. Nothing so far, out of 7-8 tries. If anyone got crown from this quest pls tell us.
  15. @spiddel thx. @Happy appreciate your feedback.