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  1. Barticle has a very good guide about mahjong in yakuza. He updated it for Judgment.
  2. So i’m done with Mahjong. In my opinion it was harder than yakuza 0 so you might need some tips. 1- always refuse to chi pon or kan. Plenty of time i had a complete hand and game didnt give me the win because it considered my hand is not worth any point (han). I’m still unsure why we have the possibility to get a kan (four of same tile). It doesnt give any bonus and reveal your hand (?) 2- honestly easy table is not easier. Its just cheaper but the enemy can still have a crazy richi in 2 turns. 3- always press square every single turn if youre a beginner to know if you can richii / open richii. 4- the strategy: discard dragon if no pair. Discard winds if no pair even if its « your » wind. Then discard any 1 9 alone. Then 2 8... 5- Mahjong is basically poker. You have to think about stats. A pair of something has only 2 chances to become a triplet. 5 or 6 suited is 8 chances to become a straight. 6- you dont need the cheat item to get all achievements. The hardest one is just 6 han. With richii, fully concealed hand you already have 2 points. Then you need 2 or 3 dora and another han to get your points. Tachibana mahjong is easier because there are 2 doras in play. hope it helps. i’m still very beginner at mahjong. I have 0 idea of any special hands (except seven pairs) and you dont need to get that deep into the game.
  3. Something weird happened to me during Mahjong at Lullaby. 2 or 3 times, i had 4 melds and a pair and still i couldn't get the win. Never experienced this when i 100% Yakuza 0 so i've no idea if this mahjong is any different in terms of rules. ex: right now i have 4-5-6 red sign; 1-2-3 green; 5-5-5 black circles ; 6-6 green; 7-7-7 green (this one is revealed) and nothing i have to discard something.
  4. I know thats not the real point of your post but i might have a few questions Which character did you choose for time trial or hard mode ? I played the whole adventure with penta penguin and i feel like he is not gonna be a good character on most races.
  5. Mahjong is pretty easy actually. I was scared when i made my 100% run on Yakuza 0 but i discovered its not awful. For Shogi, in Yakuza 0 there was a way to cheese it. It might be the same here, if needed. I heard people talking about Virtua Fighter or Puyo Puyo being required. Not sure how terrible it is.
  6. I created a gaming session if someone wanna get those trophies.
  7. So i dont have to level up characters anymore to get all the skill related trophies ?
  8. What level do you need to be to access this dlc ?
  9. Thx for the quick update. i'll try that.
  10. If you can add me to process old: Kierkegaaard (with 3 A) new: Shorah- When i update my old name to test the switch, it says i have no trophies or my profile is private (its not). New name updates just fine. I just can't use it as my login.
  11. I’m not going to start this game without it. I followed your guide for fallout 4 and it was one of the very best guide i’ve ever used. Nowadays i feel like every guide on gamefaqs is a 250 pages book full of details with so much useless information i’m actually losing time. There is something wrong with that trend, in my opinion.
  12. @FarSideOfSaturn I've done the tutorial till i get the hyperdrive. Is there anything else i should prepare ?
  13. Thx so much. I'm gonna work on my save and then i'll contact you.
  14. I don't see any session anymore. Am i the only one interested in boosting the mp trophies ?
  15. They said the problem is fixed, and stats confirm the platinum is doable for them. I dont understand why it takes so long to release the patch. When i asked about it during a stream session it was like i wanted to know the nuclear code.