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  1. Basically some cutscenes will cancel your gold if you skip them. Especially during short missions in the last chapters (home is one of them). i skipped all during first 2 chapters and got everything gold. But after the infamous bridge mission i started to realize that you should not skip everything all the time. If you watch a video guide on youtube, just read the comment section to know what you have to do.
  2. Survival is hard and to be honest, almost nobody does it legit. Just look at timestamps, you'll see a lot of people having first time finishing a map and 3 stars crushing in a couple of days or weeks. Some even got boosted on crushing with level 1 character.
  3. Here is the answer from a frontier moderator. If i had to guess we wont see any CG ever again.
  4. Honestly the last mission is really doable solo without a specific build. All you need to do is focus fire the drones. Then against final boss just stay ontop and use the door to heal back to full.
  5. I bought EDF5 and i'm pretty disappointed by the wall between offline and online. I cant find a solid group to complete a whole campaign together.
  6. When they revealed this dlc, they talked about changing the way darkzone works. I have no idea if they did change something, but that would be my main concern.
  7. I have to admit, the dlc is full of bug, probably because it went live too early before weekly maintenance (tuesday morning). Especially you cannot talk properly to some NPCs but it's gonna be fixed tomorrow. Your second point doesnt make any sense. Limit level is now 40, from 30. So yeah every single gear is useless. Same thing as any mmorpg. I dont understand why you want to hate this game so much. Base game is pretty good and this dlc/season system might deliver what we want.
  8. Even the CQC trophies make this platinum almost unobtainable. That's really sad because this game is incredible, unique and the last patches are really good. But the achievement list is a big miss, forcing to do a lot of stupid things instead of just enjoying the game.
  9. I really wanna try Earth Defense Force but i've no idea which one to buy, EDF 5 or EDF Iron Rain?
  10. which studio delivered? EA? Bethesda ? Square ? Blizzard? Namco You cannot be serious.
  11. Origins/Odyssey, the Division 1&2, For honor, r6siege are just top tier games. Wildlands and Far cry 5 are pretty decent. trackmania and trials are some of the best challenging plat this gen. i found Watch dogs 2 really amazing to play and plat. Way more satisfying than any gta gameokay wise. Overall Ubi is probably the only AAA studio that really delivered this gen but still some random guy on internet keeps bashing for no reason. Online trophies were an issue back in the days but everything is fine now. i played wd1 not a long time ago and the matchmaking is incredibly alive for an old game. Instant queue for the most part.
  12. That Ubisoft bashing is so stupid i dont get it.
  13. Compared to the rest every single track can be considered easy. 198 is just an annoying one i remember because of all jumps and potential landing bugs/crashs, etc. But overall if you don't try to full speed every track, you get gold time easy peasy. Good luck, you're close !
  14. Just be careful with 198. The most difficult one.
  15. Stadium is really doable compared to Valley. Once you're done with Lagoon you can just relax and enjoy the ride.