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  1. I played the "full" game a year and a half ago, rated it 1/10 and told them it should be canceled. They choose not to but from what i see there are not many improvements made in 16 months. Stupid game design decisions are still there, the story is terrible, the open world is empty like no other game ive played (even early stage ps3). Apart from the story, i think all there issues come from this luminous engine. They seem to struggle to build what you could do in like 3 lines of code using unreal engine. They have to get ride of that thing.
  2. Anyone got the bug while playing online ? I did my plat offline and got the glitch two times but i helped a friend and everything popped for him no problem. In my opinion all workarounds like delete your save, dont skip cutscenes, or dont take hives have nothing to do with the issue. It might just be that sometimes the game doesnt register our progress properly when offline.
  3. Thx for all the advices. I suppose grim reaper only spawn in warped chests right ? I did the zwat with Tala but actually never found this attachment. Is it only available in hives, cause i use to rush through the exit without exploring much.
  4. Im interested to know how you build with Tala. I tried some supposedly OP build on youtube based on bow, its good but... not melee holly good. And if i dont find the healing attachement early i think its even worse than most dps builds.
  5. Yeah i tried alone with 2 controllers and it didnt work. Unless i did something wrong.
  6. At this point i think its just a random bug. In my case, in act 1 the bar mission bugged (no hive, no death...) and in act 2 it was the pipe cleaner 2-3 (again no hive, no death and first mission of my playthrough). I had the bug with Tala so i tried Holly in act 2 and still got the bug. Act 3 and 4 popped normally even if i used hives and a few bots down in T5. Question: all i have to do now is Act 5 and 6. Can you confirm if i unlock all difficulties if i go no hope ? Would you suggest melee or range build ?
  7. I just did a solo offline run in nightmare through the act 1, from start to finish, mo trophy or in game achievement popped. No idea what to do. I used hives, and tala as character in case it does change something. Obviously never died when mission ended. In the campaign screen it says run completed all mission greyed.
  8. Awful game from us but cant win them all easy peasy i guess. For those wondering about Kane's foul, VAR check can only give a penalty. The tackle was outside so Var gives nothing (another weird rule).
  9. Is there any weapon that you would suggest ?
  10. 22-11 2022 11h00 est fungus 10 aquarqs 193%, around 17k no infection
  11. With new season i guess we need new missions. Got two missions. 19-11-2022 22h30 radioactive 7 22-11 2022 10h30 fungus 7 time is EST 10k xp
  12. I saw some reviews on steam talking about disconnection and lag issues when playing coop. Did you notice anything like that ?
  13. What's the current state of the game in terms of trophies and would you recommend it ?
  14. Yeah, removing both panels and using air blower. My theory is that this game might increase the temperature more than most other game. Since then i didnt have any issue at all.
  15. I solved my problem by cleaning the console completely.