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  1. I did play with a team for most cata. I feel like nothing is effective enough alone to tell people they can do cata with bots with X build on Y character. Maybe some diehard fans lvl 1000+ can do some alone on consoles but for most player it's not gonna happen. Because bots are such a burden, your only chance to get the platinum is actually to message a lot of people, here and there, and hope you find 2 or 3 reliable partners to play with you. That's how i made it.
  2. So i reinstalled my game to check things out. I played mostly Kerilian and Sienna. Sienna: orange sword with Regrowth on charged attack, Endurance and Heroic Killing Blow Charged Attack. I think regrowth is really strong in cata given the amount of hordes you fight. It's really consistent keeping you close to full hp. Of course you want the trait to match with your gameplay. As Sienna, her charged attack is godlike dealing with packs of enemies, knockback and cleave super strong, also armour penetration for elites. Endurance or Improved Guard as defensive trait cause cata is all about blocking. Killing blow, why not. Could be a game changer if lucky. Compared to V2, i felt unecessary to use staff too much, so i ran red Bolt staff. Limited friendly fire, amazing range to tackle enemies, specials and boss from distance. But really you don't have to be the godlike sienna we see a lot in V2, that steals all kills and use staff every second. Friendly fire is annoying, venting damage is annoying and you'd better let more enemies to come so your mates can have regrowth proccs, than trying to be a hardcarry. Kerilian: Sword and Dagger. Cleave makes survivability vs hordes easier. Perfect Balance: +2 stamina makes a big difference. Swift slaying: attack speed and movement speed boost on charged attack, really strong. Regrowth or Bloodlust. Ranged weapon, i don't think you can pass on the Trueflight Longbow on consoles. Any trait. Trinkets: Quick foot for farming skip. For normal play i went: Explosive ordnance (better bombs can make a big difference), a healing item like Hand of Shallya, and a defensive item (bullet resistant cause ratling gunners can be the most dangerous of all specials). All orange of course.
  3. You can also dig in the monster hunter world serie. I could flag a lot of « fast achievers ».
  4. Yeah it's nothing compared to V2. Still enjoyable in a different way except all the farming to level 100 (there is a special tactic for that) and badges.
  5. I feel exactly the same and the best thing that could happen to me is finding a group like yours to go through those weaves. I watched some of your runs on youtube, really good job, always positive vibes between you. Really fair review for a game i felt would be just decent. What a mistake, it's just the best feeling i had in gaming for a long time. Would be proud to get 100%
  6. Some didn't register at all for me. The boat on dartmoor, one in chongqing and one in Mendoza. Lucky for us, there is no complete all challenges trophy.
  7. Yeah don't do that. Gold edition will be back at 19.99 in no time.
  8. I had the same picture as above with 0 mastery almost everywhere. Still transfered and got all trophies as expected. Except sniper maps, like they said. But i got my progress on dubai erased. Not a big deal but i would suggest to transfer asap and not finish Hitman 3 first.
  9. I'm confused now that my library on ps5 shows any game no matter what the region is.
  10. If i buy Hitman 3 with my canadian account, play it on my main, will it recognize i already have Hitman 1 & 2 on my french account ?
  11. I just focused on the quests in my new playthrough and everything is perfect. I'm at the end of the game, now just need to backtrack all collectibles. Took me 15h, not that bad.
  12. I have the same type of bug. I killed Hades before the Athena questline told me so. I'm stuck at the Herakles Stele, everything is red i can't do the puzzle (where they say "remember hercules labor's" and you have to do XII puzzle). Starting from scratch, 27h lost.
  13. yeah i did another run and this time no problem. I feel like one of the 5 didn't register properly. I don't think Selen in 5-2 can be get poisoned by the swamp but if she is, that might be what happened.
  14. I was talking about the guide here. I followed every step so yeah i'm surprised i couldn't get PWCT. But it seems i'm not the only one struggling with PWCT. As you say, i went for PWWT first, did all "events", then PBWT to kill all BPs and farming gold coin + pure bladestone. And for some reason it wasn't enough. The only event i didn't do was PWWT 5-3 kill BP Garl but according to wikis, it should have any effect on character tendency. Obviously i did zero online invasion or whatsoever.
  15. I made a new character to follow the guide walkthrough. Played offline the whole way, said yes to monk. Followed every step in order and... i can't get pure white character. Killing all BPs wasn't enough to shift all the way from black. I've helped at least 10 person killing a boss and my icon is kinda close to pure white but i'm not sure i can achieve it.