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  1. Got all achievements on pc. Difficulty trophies can be manipulated so it's not a problem. The main issues will be Luftballons, pizza party or the origin of species. When you go for it, you dont actually play the game, you just brute force the trophy with a special setup. If we can cheat and reveal the map on console, it would be annoying but doable. If we can't cheat, some of those challenges will imply lots of restart and countless hours wasted.
  2. What weapon do you guys use to farm crowns? Im tired of playing bow, not that good in master rank especially vs tempered monsters.
  3. What i meant is that brute tigrex, gold rathian, silver rathalos, ruiner nergi and scarred yian garuga can be gold crown in guiding lands (see snowninjaraccoon's google doc). I highly doubt you can have a crown for fulgur anjanath in guiding lands. For Tigrex i would only focus on investigations with double/triple hunts.
  4. I really like your channel. My theory about crowns is that, like in mhw vanilla, it can only drops during investigations, or guiding lands for monsters that first appear in that region (silver rathalos, gold rathian, yian garuga...). Do you agree with that or did you get any crowns in side quest so far ?
  5. Save scum ? what do you mean ?
  6. Ok so just to make it clear, it's still more efficient to farm investigations rather than optional quests or Guiding lands ?
  7. On reddit someone said he got the Sweet Melody in Wildspire waste during the side quest vs pukei pukei. Area 5, lvl 3, northern part of the map. And another guy says he found it area 6 close to the nest during daytime. I tried a few times, no luck.
  8. I can confirm the golden monkey in area 2 at dawn.
  9. Cool, first time on sales for Observation.
  10. Now that they want to promote multiplayer, i have mixed feelings about potential new trophies.
  11. Someone told me once that there are guys offering boosting services for U4 MP trophies. I don't know if it's true and how much they ask but that's the only case i heard. I'm surprised nobody ever asked me. Coming form Dota 2, i know how lots of people are willing to pay if you boost their account.
  12. I found this challenge pretty hard and random. Just a few tips if it can help. For this challenge you need to kill all 17 targets without firing directly at them. 1. You may want to focus on the 3 easy targets at the top of each towers. Everytime, use the fire extinguisher to kill them. They shouldn't be noticed or found (actually they can, very rarely, depending on where the corpse lands). 3/17 2. My setup is pretty simple: hit both Khabko's suits, then hit all barrels of water. 3. Start riot by opening the main door. Hit the red door to put the middle tower on fire. Between fire and prisoners manfighting some guards, you should be 7/17, more or less. 4. If you wait 20/30 seconds, there should be between 2 or 3 guards coming right on top on the main door, shooting prisoners. Use the water to electrify them. 10/17. 5. Here is when the bullshit begins. 6. If you open all doors, the main building is gonna be on fire and Reznikov might die inside with his guard. 12/17. If you stick with the main door only strategy, It's possible that Vitaly and Roman meet right under the red star with their own guards. Could be 14/17. At this point, all guards alive will try to evacuate. if they leave by the main path, which is north. You have 3 possibilities to hit them. The ice before the stairs. The gaz bomb on top of the stairs. And the group of gaz containers on the very right end of the main building. If they try to evacuate through the south exit, heliport, or left path, its a restart, nothing you can do. The hardest part is to get the main targets to meet outside of the building. In a lot of tries, they actually went inside, then vitaly wants to evacuate and start runing outside solo. That's not good. Also the last 3 or 4 guards can fuck you up in a lot of different ways. Try not to panic and watch if there is anything left on their way you can use (electricity, lights, fire extinguisher dropped on the floor, etc.) In the video, he does pretty much the same start but he doesnt want to riot early. I think its harder this way but still doable. I've never seen such a godlike rng so i'm not sure you can replicate what he does. Almost every youtube video on this challenge has a different approach. Mine is just what brought me to at least 12-14 kills very fast and consistently which is a good thing when you've been trying the same challenge for a couple hours.
  13. I've been playing for more than 5 hours of puyo. The best i did is around 15 and thats like 20 mins of god run. This is just luck, if the enemy has a 3 or 4 chain, game over. Btw i have no clue how you recognize you're facing a rival or not. Most of my runs are killed in the first 5 wins, and there is nothing i can do.
  14. No idea if they actually nerfed something on Razorback, but its like impossible to get it done in matchmaking. I've been trying 15 groups and it's a nightmare.
  15. How easy it is ? If i remembered correctly we had like 200k/300k dps with assault rifle or something. Not enough for normal mode. Doable with less than 8 people ?