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  1. A lot of japanese games are overrated all over internet, especially VNs like Steins Gate, Danganronpa, Zero Time Dilemna... Every Nintendo licence from snes gets immediate 90+ metascore no matter what. On the other hand, Ubisoft keeps being bashed like crazy for no reason. They released top tier games this gen, like Watch Dogs 2, Odyssey, Origins, The division 1&2.
  2. Yes it is. Game is incredible and it's not dead at all, except CQC. In early 2021 they will release Odyssey, the biggest expansion ever so the game is really alive.
  3. Last boss is easy but nobody understands how it works. They just burn the boss, wipe, rince & repeat. Basically the whole fight is first phase all over again. P1: You kill big guys to drop the key, activate the turret to hit the train. In the same time, you kill rocket launcher guys, and use it on the train's cannons (when they are up), or focus red missile in the middle of the train (first priority). P2: When boss comes, regroup under train to avoid the one shot air strike. Then every 25%hp or so the boss will do air strike again. So you should ignore the boss and do first phase again, especially kill the red missile with rockets. When missile is done, you are free to go under the train to avoid air strike, so now, and just now, you can burst the boss. And the big mistake is that at some point you'll see a phase 3 with boss hp and train hp bars. Most people will burst the boss again to "finish her". But if you do that, at 1% she will wipe the raid with air strike again. SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO ? Ignore the boss ! Focus on the train. Use RLs to hit red missile, then cannons. When train down, focus boss, she will air strike, regroup mid, enjoy the end. Most people i played with have crazy good gear (compared to mine) all you have to tell them is when focusing the boss or not.
  4. Still works, still pretty long, a good hundred hours of farming.
  5. Not that bad, just need 4 people boosting. Nobody is playing this. Each game takes 3 mins to finish. We just did it in like a few hours.
  6. They both ended. You can track new ones on
  7. I tried a few times to queue for ctf, never enter a single game in like 2 or 3h wait. I'm mostly worried about deathmatch, as i can really win by myself, especially against lvl 50 players.
  8. But if we queue together, can we go on the same game without any randoms ? I should probably create a boosting session on the website to see who is up.
  9. 2 CGs are live now.
  10. Hey guys, With the comeback of CGs, i thought it would be great to build/rebuild a boosting group for CQC. I just wanted to know the best way to organize those boosting sessions. How many players to be efficient ? fastest way/mode to grind xp ? Is there a way to avoid unknown players ? Can we queue in group by being in a wing ? Any tips you could have to make this work.
  11. The moment im about to give up they release cg again. Their Roadmap is a good sign they want to communicate more. question: do we need 10 cg with same cmdr or it does count if we had a previous save.
  12. New patchs, still nothing. I did everything i could to get an answer from dev team, nothing. I think it's over.
  13. It does. All the tips about which weapon to use, when to use super, etc are pretty smart.
  14. Greatwork, thx a lot.
  15. That's why i never understand why you tolerate platinum buyers. The funny thing is that the ones that contacted me are all premium members here.