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  1. Ah I hate glitches trophies. Right I've switched it to hd, if I reload a save that is just before the first cut scene that I need to hold down r1 in, will I get the trophy upon completion of the game? (Providing i hit all the other ones). Not exactly a fan of metal gear and don't wanna play the whole game again if I can avoid it.
  2. I have 0layed through the game and used a guide to help me with collectibles. Everything has popped other than snake eyes. I've went back to the first cut scene where needed to try again and still nothing. Is there anything I may be doing that's stopping it? Using multiple slots to save the game. Not holding the r1 down for the full cut scene. Pressing r1 multiple times because my timing is terrible. It's the last trophy I need for the platinum and it's very annoying that it won't pop.
  3. So I either suck at the game so bad or I'm missing something. I'm by no means good at this game but I'm riding the hard difficulty too much for me in the career mode. I really don't want this to be a platinum blocker after the amount of grinding I've done for the belts. Is there anything that I can do to help? And yes I do plan on getting better at the game but anything else at all?
  4. Issue I'm having is after every match I get "can't connect to battlegrounds " coming up win or lose. Now i dont know if my wins are registering because if this. This is one of the reasons I hate online trophies.
  5. So i recently tried getting an easy trophy out the way with big spender (buy the concrete donkey) i set up a game where I was playing both teams, got the correctr amount of money and purchased the iron donkey (3-4 times) I even finished the game to see if it wouild unlock however the trophy still hasnt popped, why could this be?
  6. So I'm having some trouble pulling of head shots. The auto lock is on regardless of dificuilty I play on and as I'm going for the platinum I need the head shots trophies. Is there a way I can turn it off? I can't see it in any settings.
  7. My story so far. Attempted this back in 2015 (now 2017) made it to chapter 2 got blown up by an exploded that was too close when I shot it. Insta death. Decided to give it a go later. Didn't play the game untill almost 2 full years later. Done really well on my first 're run, died chapter 5 when I didn't stasis a door (just beyond the fan that moves) but the thing coming out of it, Insta death. Try 2 killed by the big tripod in chapter 1 I think it is. Try 3 again killed by big tripod. Try 4 made it to chapter 5 and saved but died in chapter 7 after I got sucked out of a window I was standing next to. Try 5 exact same, sucked out of window at exact same spot. Try 6 got Insta killed by door in chapter 5. Try 7 once again sucked out a window in 7. Try 8, chapter 6 a slasher got up on me when I wasn't paying attention. Try 9 made it to my save in chapter 9 died shortly after by those little things on walls. Try 10 got killed by a runner during chapter 9. Try 11 killed chapter 10 by a slasher whilst ibwas covered in things I had to shake off. That's my story so far, I'm hoping to make it to chapter 13 and save then and then I only have 3 chapters to complete and platinum.
  8. Got it it popped. Deleted game and reinstalled and it popped. Massive relief. 1 more trophy to platinum now though
  9. So earlier today I got 100% in the game, or so I thought, long story short despite completing the delivery requests when I look at it it still shows up 0% now I have no way of going back to them as they aren't there. What do I do?
  10. I don't know how to make a gaming session so doing it this way, I need help doing the trophies field surgeon and all for one. I need these for the platinum, someone help me out?