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  1. Guitar Hero Live The game was launched on my profile instead of the dummy account I use in that case. It is hidden but seeing the 1% on my profile when I check my trophies still bother me.
  2. Here are some of the hardest trophies I got : Dishonored - Definitive Edition : Daredevil A lot of luck involved in this one (as most of the trophies of this DLC). I still have a few trophies missing but I don't lose hope of getting them one day. I'm looking at you By my hand alone. Batman Arkham Origins - Predator Parangon As @AK-1138, I had a boosting group which ditch me and ended up doing most of the multiplayer trophies by myself including Parangon Parangon. Very happy to got it legit even if it was a pain. Uncharted - ...It Unlike Batman Arkham Origins, I found very reliable players for Uncharted 4 who kept helping me even if they were done. We managed to do it whithout the use of any glitches on the bosses.