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  1. Hello, I bought a disk copy of this game but I can't download my language when I want to play it. When I launch the game for the first time, I got a error message "Failed to download language" and I can only continue in English (I'm French btw). I can download episode 2 to 5 with no error. Does any non-English speakers had the same issue ? Can I still download the french subtitles using a proxy ? Thanks.
  2. Update : I managed to get another copy of the game and still have the same issue. I tried on another console too but still can't download french language. If anyone as any leads to help me 😀
  3. I bought the last one from the store. I'll see if they have another one later. Thanks for your replie @HuntingFever
  4. I can play the game just fine. I would like to play with french subtitles but it seems impossible to download them. I tried The walking dead season 3 and Batman the Enemy within and can play both of them with french subtitles. I would like to find a way to download those french subtitles for The Guaridans of the Galaxy too.
  5. Thank you both for you answers. I had a misfortune with The Crew 2 season pass that was bind to the account where the code was used, I doubt every dlc/season code pass now 🙄
  6. Hi. I know this DLC is just an extra. Is it bind to the account that use the code or can it be downloaded to use on multiple accounts on the same console ?
  7. Guitar Hero Live The game was launched on my profile instead of the dummy account I use in that case. It is hidden but seeing the 1% on my profile when I check my trophies still bother me.
  8. Here are some of the hardest trophies I got : Dishonored - Definitive Edition : Daredevil A lot of luck involved in this one (as most of the trophies of this DLC). I still have a few trophies missing but I don't lose hope of getting them one day. I'm looking at you By my hand alone. Batman Arkham Origins - Predator Parangon As @AK-1138, I had a boosting group which ditch me and ended up doing most of the multiplayer trophies by myself including Parangon Parangon. Very happy to got it legit even if it was a pain. Uncharted - ...It Unlike Batman Arkham Origins, I found very reliable players for Uncharted 4 who kept helping me even if they were done. We managed to do it whithout the use of any glitches on the bosses.