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  1. I wonder if the trophy pops for every player when doing this via Share Play, or only for the host.
  2. Ubisoft already revealed that every experience point we gained after reaching the actual level cap will be added retroactively after the cap increase goes live. So you're not wasting any XP while questing at max level.
  3. You can shorten the loading times a bit by selecting Quit Game - > Save and Exit, from the title screen just choose to continue and you're back at the beginning of the level. This is way faster than choosing Exit to City and then going into the level completely from scratch.
  4. Breaking a cracked wall was the last one I needed.
  5. I really hated the Final DOOM: Plutonia Experiment levels. Because of these levels I stopped playing the game for a long time, but came back and finished them. Now I'm happy to have 100% in this game after 4 years, 8 months
  6. Or maybe they are just to busy with the Project Cars 2 release. I really hope there will be enough community events for the trophy, bought the GotY a few days ago.